Call for IPSF Critical Appraisal Essay 2012

Aim of the call This venture of IPSF aims at identifying and encouraging potential successful pharmacists at an early stage of their careers to be provocative, idealistic and passionate about their thoughts towards pharmacy profession. Call description IPSF is inviting all you enthusiastic students and recent graduates to share your knowledge, opinions and views on the following topic: “Global Pharmacy Career Paths” Through this topic, we are expecting you to discuss the various career opportunities a pharmacist can undertake upon graduation and how a pharmacy student can be prepared for the path they have chosen, illustrating the tools that can help the student excel in their career. It is important also to have references in your essay. You can find a guideline to writing an essay enclosed for your convenience. Prizes

1- The prize is finalized as being one free registration and accommodation to the
first IPSF African Pharmaceutical Symposium (AfPS) hosted in Algiers, Algeria during the period 14-21 July 2012.


The reception committee of AfPS has offered a free accommodation during the period 21-31 July 2012 if the winner is also attending the 58th IPSF world congress hosted in Hurghada, Egypt 1-11 August 2012

2- Prof. Ian Bates, Editor-in-Chief of the Pharmacy Education Journal (PEJ), has
agreed to publish the winning essay in PEJ. PEJ is a peer-review journal and open access to all, register for free and you will be able to access all the articles published.

3- Winners of the first, second and third places of the compeition will receive a certificate of recognition during the closing ceremony of the 58th IPSF world congress. Collaboration IPSF is collaborating with FIP WHO UNESCO Pharmacy Education Taskforce (PET). Once you have submitted your essay, an IPSF executive member and a PET representative; Prof. Futter along with the IPSF Chairperson of

Pharmacy Education, will choose the winner of the competition and forward it to Prof. Ian Bates, who would suggest some minor edits for the essay to be able to be published.

Deadline In order to enter the competition, please email your essay as a Word document to by April 15th, 2012 00:00 (GMT+0).

Correspondence Marwa Beltagy, IPSF Chairperson of Pharmacy Education (

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