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My True Story How I Made 3000 Daily From Cpalead Com and Youtbe Com

My True Story How I Made 3000 Daily From Cpalead Com and Youtbe Com

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Published by ChrisLarry
My True Story How I Made 3000 Daily From Cpalead Com and Youtbe Com
My True Story How I Made 3000 Daily From Cpalead Com and Youtbe Com

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Published by: ChrisLarry on Feb 26, 2012
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and YOU can DO it TOO

A no-brainer how-to guide through the whole process of earnings thousands of dollars with CPAlead. These methods might be considered black-hat by some people... I wouldn't though... It's all about Youtube marketing and viral social media marketing..



I am about to show you some of my proven methods to generating as much as $500+ every single day with CPALead.com.
The Company. CPALead, LLC is a performance-based, CPA online advertising network that develops technologies to promote incentive-based advertisements across niche websites in the following genres. They're the leading CPA network.

2) Premium Music, Video, eBooks and Art Content Sites 1) Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) 2) Virtual Worlds 5) USA Compliant Poker Websites

Recent Earning Stats (I've only been with CPA for two month below you can see a screen shot of my recent month earnings)

Before you start your business ...

Thanks a lot guys. I would really appreciate if you would sign up using my referral link. Please USE this link here -- CPALead

I'll start with the easiest method first .. Youtube. 1) Movies, Youtube 2) Wordpress 3) EBook, article pack

Youtube Method
You've surely heard of YouTube. It's not a joke. There's people earning in excess of 10K a day with youtube alone and you can do it too. The great thing about CPA is that there is the least optimization that you need to do, except researching keywords for your niche and optimizing your pages. You've already seen the screen shot above -- Yes it's CPALead.com. Not only my proof but once you get approved

CPALead.com is by far, one of the best CPA networks in the whole industry with surveys from tens of countries and not only but new surveys are added daily. Some of them can turn conversions as high as 24% from US and UK traffic. Before you start earning you'll have to get accepted into their network, if you do what I tell you to in the next few steps, you should be accepted into their network within 24 hours or even less. So you want to become a member. You'll need your own domain name, that can easily be registered at 1and1.com, Godaddy.com or any other domain registrar you like. I'd recommend having your domains with Godaddy. You can register an .info domain if you're short on cash, however I'd recommend getting a .com TLD for a more professional approach. CPALead is important because of the gateway they provide.You can use this gateway to block any sort of content you may have on your own website, game content, movie content, music, pictures just about anything .. (Adult content not allowed) .. However if you do have an adult Site then you can join their sister website called AdultAccessNow which is pretty new by the way.

The reason you block the content is because the visitor has to complete one of the survey that usually pops up on the gateway. Every time one of your visitors completes a survey he gains access to your content, that's why you're blocking it .. To Get the Lead.. In fact that's what we're all looking for right? You can earn as much as $1 - $20 per completed offer or survey. Imagine having 10000 visitors completing a survey a day that's $1000 or $20000 easy dollars. I get more than that, hence making over $3000. I'm usually using low-pay out surveys because they have higher conversions overall.

Next Step. Register a new account with YouTube so you'll be able to upload videos with descriptions linking to your site. (This is where your main traffic will come from by the way) They've changed the link location, now it's under each of your movies and the conversions have exploded, since the majority of your visitors are curios to read the comments and there you go the link to your offer will be exactly under each video.

Ok so you got the big picture. You need to register with Youtube, that's pretty easy now lets go to the next step. Take every step easily and you'll get the hang of the whole process in measly days believe me. You'll need a website with wordpress installed on it. If you're not familiar with Wordpress Installation, you can always contact me and I will give you a great resource to help you out installing your wordpress blog. It's pretty easy actually,

you can just Google "Install Wordpress" and follow a solid tutorial. The example I'll be using with this guide will be related to watching movies online for free. (This converts for me best)Find a free basic wordpress theme you can use on your own website to be able to start posting blog entries to watch movies on. So you've installed your Wordpress blog. Now what? Once you have the wordpress installed, start posting a blog entry on new movie releases. You're looking for new movies not all the outdated crap out there, as this is quite downer actually for most of your visitors and you don't want them leaving your site right away. You have to make them COMPLETE THE SURVEY or take action on your offer. Add a poster picture for better clicks. Here's an example of one of a great picture to add.

CPALead lets you edit and customize every gateway exactly the way you want it, you can change pretty much everything on your gateway.

So, once they complete a survey, the popup gateway should disappear and they can either enjoy their movie, or have it redirect them to another website. First make sure you have 10 posts on your blog before signing up with CPAlead.com. That way you'll get approved 100%.

You should get approved in no time... Don't worry if you really don't get approved then you will surely be on your second attempt, they need to see a quality site so use a nice wordpress theme wisely. Uploading to YouTube is simple, it works as on pretty much all video websites. Find a screenshot from the movie you'll be uploading a video about, try to find a screenshot from an actual scene in the movie and place it near the center of the video you'll be creating with Windows Movie Maker so that the youtube thumbnail makes it look like the actual movie when someone is searching. Add some crappy music to your video so that when they play it they'll feel like closing it immediately. (Use this tip wisely on all your videos)

Watch<Insert Movie Title><Movie Year>Online Free, part 1/13, full length movie. Doesn't have to be exactly the way I made it, you can

change things around, as long as you keep the words online, free, and movie in the title. Then enter you blog post link in the 'more info.. And your link will appear underneath each video..

Ok do you see that tiny link under each video? That gets some crazy clicks .. some of my videos have a 30% click though rate.

TIP! While making your video on Windows Movie Maker, state something like you see in the picture above. “Movie was removed due to copyright issues” or something... Be creative, that's the key. Ok so you've got the big picture.. In fact you're half way done. Thousands of people are searching everyday on youtube for free movies online, why not take advantage of it and make a quick buck?

Let's all hope Youtube won't be shut down some day..Hehe.. No it won't. Ok .. you might be something like.. When will I be able to upload so many movies? You can always outsource the uploading with as low as 0.10 0.20 per movie and eliminate all the hard work that can take your a week or two.. If you're the "hard working" type then you can do it all by yourself.. You'll get bored quick, but once the money start rolling in I'm sure you'll be open to invest some of it .. Trust me you can make as much as 3 Grand a Day using this technique! The more traffic, the more money... it's obvious... You might wonder why there's so much money to be made with CPAlead.com. Well since most of the surveys are free and people usually are looking for "FREE" stuff online they take a change to either WIN an Apple Ipad or $10,000 to remodel their kitchen (just two examples of some surveys) It's all free in the end and they've got nothing to lose.. It's just like scratching a lottery ticket for free.. Last time I've checked with the lottery they weren't free. A lottery ticket costs about $2 in Europe.. :)

Not you got all the tools in place to start earnings thousands with the CPAlead.com and Youtube method. Great huh?

Template Method
This Method involves giving out wordpress or joomla templates for free. It's actually even easier than the first method but we won't just be giving away a new template, instead we will modify some template scripts and insert our gateway in them, it's a no brainer actually, even my son can do it. So here is how you do it.. follow carefully.. Register another domain with Godaddy or 1and1.com, that if you don't already have another domain. Set up a new wordpress blog just like the one you've build in the first method .. Create a new gateway and call it tmpl_website. This gateway we will use on the new blog you've just created. Create another gateway and call it tmpl_referral. This

So to say, steal their traffic, quite blackhat but don't worry you won't get hurt in any way. Remember to disable the gateway on CPAlead website and only activate it after a month or so. Give it some time. Find a good source from where you will get the templates, whether they are wordpress or joomla. I prefer www.portaliz.com or www.yagbu.net Download a wordpress or joomla template, open the main php file should be called (template.php or smth similar to that) now insert the gateway script code line in top of the php script, save the file, zip the template and upload to rapidshare or mediafire or any other file sharing websites you like. Post new posts with templates, repeat the steps with different templates. The sky is the limit. You get my point. :)

SEO the website. If you're not familiar with SEO, then what you have to do is to start building links to your uploaded templates. You can submit to hundreds of social networks instantly using OnlyWire.com, Ping.fm or SocialPoster.com. Send your blog to a few blog RSS aggregators. Comment on dofollow blogs.

Again remember to activate the second gateway after some time. Give people some time before you suck all their traffic.

eBook Method
This method alone make me a couple hundreds a day and it's been used for years now and it still works. The Method basically involves giving away free eBook's in different niches, you can choose any niche you like. It can be a guide or it can just be blank. Regular internet users don't know what's inside the book and they'll hurry to complete your survey right away just to get the information in the ebook. It's that simple... The next step is to build another wordpress blog. Again use an attractive title and theme.. Don't forget to use tags. Create an account with twitter or use your existing account. Write some articles about marketing or smth related to your niche. Create a new post in which you give away a free ebook “How To Become Rich in 3 Easy Steps” etc something that would get their eyeballs stuck on your article. You can submit your articles to some of the top article directories and link directly to your newly created blog, remember: write something related to the guide you're offering in exchange for the "LEAD".

Insert your gateway in the post. To do so, you need to switch to html tab and just insert the gateway code in the top, easy huh? That's why I love wordpress blogs... Now share that post on twitter or other places like facebook, youtube, myspace etc.. Use facebook and myspace wisely you don't need to get banned... You can use "Twitter Search" to find people interested in certain niches and add them as your followers then rise and repeat. Create as many accounts as you want, more accounts = more money. You can even use PPC or other methods, but that's another story that needs some investment.

So now you know how to use CPA, these are just some methods, there are plenty more. Just give spin with these methods to see that you can start generating $100+ on your first day. Even a kid could it.. and it's a lot easier than promoting digital products, trust me. And then again, always look at the big picture. You'll not get rich quick, but you can build an on-going revenue, as high as $10,000 or even more per day. You can always add me on Yahoo Messenger and if you get stuck with any of these methods just send me a message and I'm open to answer it anytime I am online (Only for those that have used my affiliate link to sign up with CPALead.com)

TIP! I'd stick to the YouTube method as it's the easiest to implement and then move on to the more advanced ones. Once you've started earning a stable income ($3000 a month) is pretty easy then you can start scaling up and outsource all the dirty work. And finally get up to $3ooo days... Why am I selling my method? I've always liked to help people earn money online and that's what I'm going to be doing no matter what.. PERIOD

To your success, Alexandru Thanks for reading! ================================= What now? (If you have purchased the guide and signed under my referral link you can .. Use my guide to offer it FREE in your email lists, or re-sell it for any price you want. I'd highly appreciate if you can share it with everyone you know WITHOUT changing any of the content. Here's some other things you can do with this guide, apart from using my methods to start generating hundreds a day easily: Share the guide on facebook, twitter, myspace, upload it to your favorite torrents sites, file sharing sites, add it to your blog, give it away for free, share it with your friends/partners. The guide is subjected to Copyrights, please don't modify any of the content or links.

Thanks again, to your success. Al.

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