20 reasons not to talk during registration

1) It is rude and disrespectful to the teacher taking registration and may give the impression that inconsiderate. 2) If I am talking then someone may not be able to hear their name be read out and so will be missed 3) If someone s is missed in the register then the receptionist needs to search around for them which is inconvenient for the receptionist. 4) If there is a fire then there will not be a complete register and this could put lives at risk. 5) People may not be able to hear the bulletin if I am talking 6) This could result in people missing meetings and talks 7) It could mean people miss out on important notices and go to lessons at wrong times 8) People may not hear an important notice reminding them to wear their helmets 9) People may not be able to hear the lunch and so may be very disappointed with their food. 10) It may distract some people doing homework 11) It may distract some people doing revision 12) It may disrupt the flow of the teacher taking registration, therefore causing delays throughout the day 13) We may not hear vital information about play auditions and so will miss out 14) RAF people may not hear their notices and therefore get shouted at by Mr Kern 15) People may not hear if the pasta of the day is gluten free or not, causing major repercussions. 16) Shiva may not know if the vegetarian option is appetising enough for him 17) Kieran will not be able to hear if chess club is on 18) Kieran will not be able to hear if bridge club is on 19) We will not hear about Jessica Samuel (7L) losing her blazer, so if we found it we wouldn t know what to do. 20) We will not be able to know if Nikolai s sister needs more gloves or not

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