LOG BOOK (Date/Week): 26 February 2012/ 5 Students NAME: Abdullah Ali Akbar Reja

Name of the Company: Esses Fashion Ltd Name of the HR Manager: Syed Abu Zahid Hakkani Working Under: Md. Sadequn Nabi (Factory Manger), Md. Shahabul Alam Biswas (IE Officer)

Date/Wee k

Departmen t

Work Done

20 Feb 21 Feb 22 Feb 23 Feb 25 Feb 26 Feb

Planning Planning and IE

Capacity planning for new style International Mother Language Day Line Planning and m/c lay out making for style Kids Lelu
Knit Leggings


Factory closed for 3 days because of no order in hand

Learning Outcome Practically did Factory production capacity for Kids Lelu Knit Leggings, Order Qty 800, and Buyer: Lucky Brand, Merchant: Li & Fung. Where I find out Factory Capacity in Hours = Total Numbers of M/C × Shift hrs per day. Production capacity in pieces= (Capacity in hrs × 60 × Line avg. efficiency) ÷ (SAM × 100). And also find out how many days needed for this style. For this I used formula, Days need for production at 100% efficiency = Capacity required hrs / Available capacity hrs per day Capacity required hrs = Order QTY * SMV Available capacity hrs per day = M/C QTY * Working hrs per shift [ 10 hrs] And also find out, Required days at 65% efficiency = (days required at 100% efficiency * 100) / Required efficiency

Learnt how to line plane for new style and making operation breakdown for Leggings from
sample making department and then according to operation breakdown planning m/c lay out.

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