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Published by: Sairam Paladi on Feb 26, 2012
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Write brief notes on the following in respect of GUI design (a) User focus (b) User tasks (c) Presentation elements (d) Navigation (e) Interaction (f) Response time (g) Visual style (h) User assistance. Write brief notes on the following screen components (a) Captions/labels (b) Data fields (c) Headings Compare and constrast the graphical user interface and the web user interface Discuss about users tasks and needs which are also important in user interface d esign (a) Discuss the history of screen deisgn (b) Compare a 1970 s screen, a 1980 s screen, and a 1990 s and beyond screen (a) Discuss the importance of good design, and also benefits of good design Discuss the following in screen design process (a) Screen navigation and flow (b) Grouping for visual pleasing composition (a) Discuss the impact of ineffecient screen design on processing time with an e xample (b) Discuss the chronological history of the internet Discuss about the popularity of graphics. (b) Discuss about the concept of direct manipulation.

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