.:5. The ~h'We:i uF I\llah

1JnI'IJIi~11, Z,am Zam Fubli,sher-s
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Wlit,hi firabi'c I,ext. 'l!ra,nslatio1In CI'nd cOlmme'D,ta'ry

ifUII,s,lafe4 z,g ,Manla-ui J'laltOlffe:d ,JlafroIUBdu'

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rsunna .c m
1. AU deeds are __'c - bv "n:'~~n~'l' j' udeed 0''''''' ___ J '1!It, 2. The ettribmes of an acceptedjiruld 3. ls. flam-e' any deed equal to j Ulid?' ,.•. , .. '" 4. One ws,rew.ardedL onJy (,or what one Intended in thejibid 5. The reward of tbosewhc are ,excused from] ihiid . ,.-.,•.. ' . A means of salvation from punishment ef thegrave
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i..I.:II&:J""'!!·!·iljil.i~ili ••••• "!!!I!!;!lt!i

First edition:

,J1anuary 2004

Dhull Qa.··dalh 1424 A.H.





IBy: Tr.a.nslatedllby·: P'l1blbihed by:

M:Sl'ulls'ncl, 'Abdus Samad Siyal
Mau!lani MahOiTIed Ma.homedy

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S. The fire of bell wm nottouch two eyes 9. There is double reward for be who helps ..;::·!i.;d' . 'Ioanela l'l. y . a mUJruu' , fi _ 10. Monetw:y jihid : , ~1. Mujihidin will remain. till the day of resurrection 12 Sp~rltual and material prosperity, . , .13.The similitude ofthe reward Qftbe mujihwd .•..... , 14. Preparation for jIhid and the reward rtir maintaining the m,ealillS of jihad ,,

7. If a person desires :ma~om~ he: shall certainly reeei 'lie the reward thereof



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15. Jihid~sthe monasticism of Islam



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n 6. Do not desire tomeet the enemy ••• , 17, W .1:5 .a .~eoepnon • _. .",ar .. d " , ,, , I.S..Women. and children ar-e not to be killed .. ,., 19'.The pain tha~ Is ex.pehenced by a martyr at be,wIljg illed k 20. Leave this world with some mark. on yourself, out fi,- "h:-:'d ,_ GIJI ai, , 22. There are three eenditions of'a true Muslim 2 j. He who dies witlttrut jihad. dies as .ahypocri te 24. Injurymn the cause of jihad



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zn. Amujihid's returmllghome is s~mnarto his going

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(}7'958-3·Q2606 s:des@azharacad_~my.,arg 'WMN~azharooadenw@Or.llg

25. MartyKtom is an expia.tion. fo.r'an sins ~6. The flre ofhell wil1.nattoueh the
27. An unbeliever ,md his killer ~"' th'df In he II ogel.~ . ,

'wm~~ never

feet~~,f·~·~~iahid ·:.42 ........ :..
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3 8: 40 4'~ 43

The gin of cgnc~eaJ~ngbooty "'"' " '". ..3 7. .'. Am]l1.. '" '" '"."'" '" ."d? ~nil. '.l. bock.·~' . "' " 38...:lI44 pn:Y8l Cw J~nau . ' "' "' . ..''.. "'.6' Atltihthe selection of ~he Al.. .~. . Booty is specifically pemnued to' the: followers . . ..uJilHms of tl':Ie'entire world. .' I!. .. 1. ...'.'!\f. . . 'of~fiJulla... t'O them .j ibad . . . The order to coin a code wo!rd .·llani . .$6 i ••••• ..".. .~[i'e. 2. 49 ')0 ~'1···"1·::l·t..d·' Ie. TIle prOhibitkli[l of ~illing an ." 36.'. .'.••. The selection of A. f'i....-Mru. . + •••• . "' . . .64 By MUilf NbmnldlfiD SJlim:zi: JinlrlD FarUClI:ra~.(1.hadtth concerning differe. ..if.. "'"'.wbirat's p'oenl OIl...Qjb :KllIairHlb.48 30.. n ~aSMw~ s~ '·.' •••••• 6' +. •• '.... 4QHadlth on' . I make du~'a' to AHah . May Allih .... A ...m it . The peculiarity of the subject of jihid has increased the meritorious nature of this act even further. .: .~i ms ~"'''.I!. 50 32... .."' . There Was a real need for a collectien of thiB natare in 'Q'w:' 'time.'o~Qirf :MUJl!omad l:tllrYlb lablb M/PIJilllillalll R6£OlumeJ!dl~~liIift 0 ( 'O'p1mona ·b· ou~ '11111111 31.. 3. Tc . .. lar.~ that He Recomll'enla:Uol (2). The prohibltion of. .'•. .:1' ~"" If:'.Jihtid~ 1NfiUen by Maulana .. "'.nt: aspects of jn~adj their 'tr.~ Abdu§~amad SiyiL wid 8h.. . Apart from ~ this collection behlg blessed. Special stages ~npmadise fOf the . .' '. The mling..8 60 2 '4 v" W··· ua:t mtention '...MI. KllIr.•. . • By Na.... eonceming edibles taken from the enemy .martyr wUI go direcdylJ~) hea..e is due Ii:] A]]ih ~.' .. . gUMantee:J:ng to' .. . it bas also beeeme extremely beneficial..His commentary to 'the Ah!ditb fulfHsthe needs of our tirne and are at the same time:. '" 55 ..eooad 'UttPugh this. a ..i n accordance with the Shar! 'an of M'uijatltmad ~" The A.. ..• . reward him and may 'this eelleetion prove benefleialto the M.ll and~fue C(lllllJD:t2ntru)..~ ··iIJ.. . "' . .3.....".. "' . •.nidlili toonav~...al1~lalio. .. . .convey 40 Ah§!dj~h to' the :ummeh is in itself a v~ry 'meritorious act. '. €uaibles an Muslims to take beneflt tro.. . The importance 0 f~a\Fgec practice " '.Th6! best tirnetc C!lu&e dmnage to tile enemy . I nave read every letter of this. Mawani has ftdfilied this in the best w~1.Amtn. book of 40 A.• -to HuxiitlJ em Jill ad "". '.ihidln 341 35:..~'I • '''1 . ..59 5.l~kJ:i:thnd tbeir arrrungeme:nt is done very a v.. 9. . . ..a!~fti 1 .kHling someone after ' ...fiav.. been.iUnmO!dZOfd ~.9.. 3." sbo!!JIUL oe~ ma.'... " . been done '\fiery wen ~ all plalS. l1Je srn~fi~ and honour of the wives ofthe muj..~bna~.. ."" 51 -Co ••••••••• . . . ._~ ~Ab~[dlih .. taken from authentic sources...52 34..

He wlhlo emEgra:le'o h1 cnder' \to.C0111.on aita .In adrd'~t~O.• 4 • :5 HA:DITIH N'.o:rlI will . his ern:~g'ratiQln [is m)lml5Iiidefe'o to be:] to Anih and His Nless.2 Tfte alll~IDUilm. S.MeS$'EI'l1g'e.ln" obey-.d is of two types: :[tihe first.h.tesitnd type. :I. 'type is.ed the ami'r.ami te baseless: if done wi~hout an m~e['lUon.aU nlwaill'dled".chief c'ompanion.dil. AU acts €if worshi p in Islam ate ~11. It is therefore necessary for the muJ2ih(dwh. It eJ1lrtaUsl~He whQ sOLllg'lht the.nt of h:isvalllllab[e.d His . .. [..a.rir::t aw'omiiU1!! .r to.3'tca!ptedl by AUih.C)he W.] he to diis!c:dJeyed the 8imir andl sprea. figliltillgin the causeef AUih it to set dgblt his intent] on.s. obtaiin somel!hfl'llg of this wo. .rld@'f' hI 'ardie.01 ill 1"_1'6d IlIiJJd ~U.3. Iposs. lpe.~:eeping and rewa._ __ _ _ _ _ tIlA. principle.ted his Immsohi'Ed. -s.[illltdl~ih i! . 'whQ.~d:~'Jiha.rra. [j'n .'" and $pe.~.t:.]1 he tlisla. a .Bssions.mar ibfill a~'~Khattib • nalrrates.CiTH NO.f Alhi.on ofpride'. ma.IUlIid ilhat ~B. [The s.d to gain po''.ftI!ught 'with the' i'rrteinti.llhat Rasulullih . kindly iandabstainledfromr '*' Jihad and all other deeds ~11 religion are judged under De lutlQed bJ ~nrttlUtlnlS )e.O'~1 lU d.l'ded aceord'ifllgtg wha1l he intended.h p~rs.f1!owing-o:ff' .nd ea. The. ["fo'r the Jihi.o ~g.r ~.adcUUon tothiis.Qlemigraled to AUih an.1ple .Si 1E!lrJdgir.atiorn eml grated~ r.'Ii saicl~UDee'(b3' alflejudged by in_ntiems.eng. p'easure thlis.r [is 'CJ@nsi'dered] to w:~at purpose he l Mlu'~idlh n..$.k. e.ll1ItaUs]:~ He..l1Ig U]] of such .

he: sneaks and eats up a11~h~ food. sacrifice.thir~..riHca] times. At night. ~f he has the fund s for his own transportation and other patieace o~h€.r qua1ily over all difficuJde. ObedIence In {be am~. must be prepared to .roml the .my. (Iv} ~. For Efe".~njihid~ then not only wiU he be deprived ofall the virtues and merits ofpmicip:a:ting in the jihad.m in jihad will ~e incruded . encountering ~he e41. snoring outaleud and dl sl:urbhig the oth~r 111ujahid$n.g is that such it • 7 spend nf these funds.c. does not return with anydl]ng .Jihad with n.aecordingto ~lis whims and fancies even wbiJee~gaged . sinAnother person. And ~f~Allih forbid. WbElther the order of the. and haedships."g.thing but hunger".on 11@the refQnna~ionami rectificati on of his \. Such a pers()I'll Ireturns f.i~ci'p]. fact he sbculdgtve preference to tbeirll:ighi~s over hi s ~wn the' laad. U he has any wealth he shmdd spend '[he beat thereof He sho1!dd not be miserly in spending·ll]s wealth .Vaiys N:wl: Jnm'ulJJEds'!lls.n. . acquire no. unity and hannony.If a rmJljih[d] acts onthese principles.e.rsl'.ev·ery moment of Ids t~me spe. $pendiltl:g of ones good wealth. it should not ha.possesskm. neeessines. wih~rII. of asking others. He should cOLltr!:)] his emotions and feelings chui.ct.l1Ig times of d. and . 'the plaee in the tent may be restricted. obedience to him .s. He should 'be: overflowing with feeliags of love. The word po:ssessious)h. tJ]~n instead. his jihad .e Tr-eaUAg ones companions with kindness andlmlLoble clla:~a.~ neither reward nor any (0) Tbis blessed HadWth provides a golden principles whereby the mujahidin can make' their jihad.[:8 abstl~LLtdy necessary.b some reward. He should not impose upcncthersnor sho'Ukl he hurtthe feelings of Dither.:ra mujabidto pay pa 1:lcular alt8nti.:::u (va]uable as "valueble also been explained explanation i$tl1a:t 'instead of returning w~t.s ar-e not taken into consideration and he acts .eB.8.fficulty and hardship. ~l1!dye~ be ~tJ'e~rih~:Ei. or giving preference [0 others. he should not 'eiXpre~H~ f:e'eli~gs of anger and almoymlc~to hJs companions. TJ~e is d'llIU he' mu~t be generous to tus eompanlons .1S an act ef wD.t~ faHgue and difficulties from t1315 participation of his.s:heeps out in eomfort ~·taJdng the place of twepeople. Another m~anin. In other words. The go~deJl pf. these pdnciple.e.ppel1 that when there is a sh.g'ausecl from this Hadlth are: row ~in~.the will return w~th the burden of He wm. affection.ottage of food.'~). he returns 'With slns. SinoeritL __ intention.orewardwhatsoever/~ (a:) "file word JILiS'" meansreward.of all his fellow :l1luj. accepted and established. During such . [11 the sight of AU® ~ • . In other words.~r. Jihad.ds. Included in this is that he should fulfil the dg11ts. and other such forms of inccnsideration. ~ir is in aeeerdance w~th: one's temperament mould be solely for the ple~11ID3 ()fAU~ ~'and ItO one and nothing els'e.tip'aud therefere rewarded for it. the person..'.• . (iii) and. ..~llfdin+ In. is waged 'with tw~ qualities: ptltience and: gene:rosity.It-is extremely ll.ecessary fa.he slould .

.:I... J" .Pi '~~jjl ~llh~~h .r' .'J J.I' The'Y pos...t J.. It....:. .llde 'a' a muj. it. . .d opinionated taJks. ~ ~'I' li~.~~ ~:.. . .ifns standingilll §"al'allill all the' thne« he·does n.J .. j. rj. arguments and misehief among the mujihidtn. J"~I_. The mujihidin should have the qualities of: HA.. ~ Abu Hura.ed the s.each 'time .ame ques. ti.}1 ~I .iI' JiI' ...: "0' IMessenger of AUih~ ts 'ther.£lJ1 J:.".emJilf.J 4J ~(9 J~) \!' j..~.:.m hijls jlihlid. #' .e' any deed tha:t is..lah for even a moment tiU the muj.t and In ~he recitatlen of 'the Qur'an.OU win not. .J 'S JJij' ~J y' ~~Uj" ... ~ J .:--.I' rC'~""~ ..c.s'turns "ra.. i~ ~ ..ful 0I ....e·cd eq_UDI '0 jihad'? ~~ ~".liied: UY.r"". is not 'becoming of a mujabid to do something that would c ause fighting.~I .ihid r.'~.A.." (48:29) 11 is particularly importnnt tha~ while on the field of j~h. !l- _.alII the. . that persen who fasts .~.p 40 HadiEl..i. .ss :ask. 6' .." . • .:0' ..Q F #' "'" . 9 (v) Abstaining fro·IT) mu1u~[ J}gbl:il)g and l1'.' 81nd r'ema. (vi) Ilflltentiol1 for jl~had. • ~ equal tC'jrhid?I'" He repli'ed: UY. JliI!:<=& .~.JW ~ 'r'~ 'Jj.ot slop frOlml this fasl.:~~h .: .· ....tion 1o him two' e. . J:_". ~ ~ . ~." '* . J" !i . JlI.~iU J' IJJ. ~I ..Iffisc~t.hie rep.8 TSU n .ou w'Ul not be' able to do.WU.. J "they are strong against the unbelievers and softhearted amongst themselves...w w.'I'~ '!o:I I. #- ai!. A mujihid should abstain from all matters that could lead to mutua! fighting and mischief... Participation in the jihad should not be OMit of pir~.. J\i • i~~ ~f ~ . ~U~Ible '~o . .!' .h J .. the mLuihiQrtn should not engage in any confrontational discussions poHdc::aian. ~'. .~ngand si3.ihid i'n 'the cause of AUah is like.-off or for wodd[y populsri ~ ~ ~ tfI"""..§d or in the different bases.... 3 IS IIbe(n8 IIQ Id... ...~ 'O~I:... it shouM be spent in the remembrance of AJhili -ff.yrah narratestnat RasCdUlJillah I: w.r three Urnes and . ~ ~ .... ~fiI...jJ II!Il ~ . .. 01.fl ?.""""! '~.. .'f a O'n being askedth is question the third ·tim'e.oiTH N"O.JA.. illa fepUed:: ··"The simnn:i.Ef they have free time. '~_.

lor..tention.ards for the ' muj8hidtn. N'O'.I... ~~.~:) ~..). The deed of the mujibid bas: been compared to thatperson who fasts and offers ~alah centinueusly. A~d AIUih increased those fight over those who sit back ina mighty reward.. the status of those ·.~ ...Ji!~' "... J ~ ~~I.~ Hatlitl~' on' Jiliad II We learn from this Hadlth (hat the act Of..el sh.. even if It be a SUUlin piece .id I ]0 TSU 4(} na . t :' <JI' "" f...". reason that Ras(l]uUib ~ said that what will you do by asking about a deed that is.. .• /10 . May Allih. ~'. .fightwith their wealth and lives over those who sit back.• . .. 'to all..:ill J.. i!I. $i. ri" ~ ~fI..~ - .. i I.§:alan as ~ong as the muji1tjd does: rno& return? It 'is for this. "'" I' ..'~ .w .son who waged jihid in the caLiS..AUi. .J.i.r.J~ .J.' ~rf' ~• I'" • f ~. - .". J:f~ in his fighting. Allah ~ says in the.. ~. ~'J ".Ij:::U ) './- JJ f·.. AJIIDl. Il j.-~:"'" . ~.lulhlh ~ said that there is JlO deed {hat is equal to jihad..lI rI'~ i" .{~.·"'·'.~ ~ J Jl..._ # ~~~1 ". or. anything like it This Hadith demonstrates thafe mujihid only receives the rewar~ ~or his intemion..r. ~ ~w 'jll A (.J.··-:rJ#''. 4 vbill ODe· :inle[ld~Hlln ~be JIhad ~ '~~~I r~ .'_ J ~ ).i "..s 'of ."::. H'ADilH One:Is rew. _ oF" ~~..f/adf/ll' on' Ji/.. " f"'T'. His jihlid was for that piece of rope.~y ~c ~Not equal are the Muslims who sit back without having any excuse and those Muslims who fight in the path of A]Hih their wealth and their ]ives.IS- •• .mUh '. ..... "'..JJ ~.F-.stops nor' pauses hjs fasts and . equivalent to jIhAd?' You cannot even do.:"+1' .said': "Tha pelf._ ~ r.II +: u ..~ ~"Y""1 ..:.h w:iU1 'the intention of ac'quiring jusf one rop. ~·"·'~-~I ':" ~'~I # ~~." JJ... J.>' ~ i~~ ..~) Jti J\l • • ~.3 mujilhid in the c-ause (If Alhih ~ is a very meritorious act." ...'". Amin.r" ~.idah There are many other Traditions on this theme wherein Rau. •~ M_r! . .aUonIIY' r!ecelY'Q what he intend:ed}~ 'Ub. It is therefore extremeiy necessary to rectifY ones in.'. 1" . ~~I I .." .Lr II.~.~ ~J. has promised good." (4:9:5) with who And who ibn a§-Ss..._ • r 'l..' i.._ t . AUib raised.\ J.-.iI '" ~'J ..".C...JJ~ . he win not receive the reward for jihad..r.J-~I it!' ..• . narrates ihat RasUllulhlh 'Ii . Is there any such person who fasts ccntinueualy and engages in opllonaJ§)aiih conli:D:u()u:sly?Who nelther ..r- ~I. .. . _.. he intended booty. • bless all (If us with sincerity eflntention. 'his Hadith also gives glad tidings of munerous rev.I~ y.'_ll 'I...• ~JJ' ~.. Qur!'an': ~ I("L ~~ ~~ •.of rope.anled on~J lor . ~.

p 40 .ere.e 'your partners lin 'the re'' aresuch people in lMadina.. sai'd: '''0 .t' Tbls Anas • u8C.I'ude.Qu traversed and' leve.ey )iI'au eroesed.ahl the said: uTbe. Although they are sitting athome./i. Ev'en though the. wtth yenJlI at . 3.nah. When he .h who w.n.d 0I 12 rsunna .." Anothe!r TlradiUon states: uYhey wer.them eempantens Iii.ry vaU.y WlelriQ in M'a. They shoutdtherefoee not gr-ieve at being: deprived of the· bo. SORlie.d with U$ j::n the re'ward~?ll'" RasUluUih ~ replied. 15 0 rll'lse 1 ' who are excu!:ed .s of TabQk.e'f' olf AUih~ They were in Madma.unty and rewards: of jihad.g fra'm the e)qJlecUtio.eiveiry p. the battlefield because of some ph_ysicat or Shar'I w. 'I .Hint.Messenl'g.hysioa11ypartidpate [and ye. . Ille reward HA. However.I!\.(lUuUih :{Wwa.(rom JliUd This Hadfth glves .com c~ose to Madin.: II[Yles]. in thelr bearts they haGve the desire and urge to participate in tbe J~hid. t.oiTH Na".glald Hdinl1gsto those who are un able to p.!h OIJJU..[valid] eX'CU!SB' !had kept .ceY'.cili.'f: they are inc. they receive the rewards that the ro~jihidin receive. - narrates that R.

. ~f~AUih fo:rb~.8JUd who stands guard in the path of Allah is gre'ady rewarded. His deeds continue [a..iUa. then the dangers that: the lie ahead are certain 'to raffl~ct him. If a person.4 m!eans ..of :!a].(~e ~ J .aid:: -"Tha deeds of ...ACin :/~'tlU ~ ~.~I ~ -a ... ...(" ~ ~ ~ e falls h ~n~o trials andtribulations ofthe grave.peo 40 I:lat/itiJ on Iillfill 14 I rsun • of thegrave.. ..11 ""." ~~!II!'" _ . iQf that pers. IHADiTH' NO.~)ithelgood deeds..}'i!! iii!" ~. well.awe/' Jihad is a deed that ~'U!tpas:sesan . death except '0r the deeds.. succeeds this: stage] he will passthroughthe ether stages as. 41 W'-..ers.. morning and evening and thereby paves the way for definite salvation from the-punishment Jli '" Il!' Ii". ~~'i iF ]lllliSllmenl of the dnnre: ... and tribuLI:ations. ~ _. .. G~ory to AHah! How fortunate is 'that luuj... .1:0 ~ .. .ati'ng] tmtlhe.r F'ucJ....'l ... 6 .A ~.r' " ~:.eiP'ing watch ii. of the.jlli iIlI..ev'ery' dead p.h ibn '!UbaY'd narrates tha:t RasUluUah .u~~'I ~. .. ~..r. gr.The grave is the first of the many' stages of the hereafter.. This ljadfth also shows: that the s m~j.~' 1"- . JI ~ l. The greatest thing about this is 'that he is saved from the punishment of the grave . day 0" rasurrectlon and he' ts safegua~dledl from thle trials..! ~ .ceumul. riJr..~~ ~ .w w.on wlho dies ke. \. - ...:I _ ~ ...... 8 _ J~J wi • ~... ~ .~ ~~.". J Ig. Jc:"':... .abjd who gmudls the Islamic borders by "*' . ... I.on are sealed fr'on'll the 'tim's of his. It contlnues even after a person ~ death. ..~ s..n 'the cause' of AUah.

g guard. death comes to him on his bed.~ J' ~ ~ ~ J\ ~.ll jjl J'~'P1' .J~ .n .r .~1o sa:fi'lguw--d one's fellow t us with a martyr"g death.vt Ifb_~ is unable to go into the spent the l Every Muslim.'e:s~sled witb martyrdom. .tat~ng the merits of keeping guard.~!I) ~ ~" ~L4 ~lj sJJ.l:n.dtth Is also a source of consolation for that mujah]d who spent his. this desire in his heart. No such d!Jitlg.dldl .IiAD..ffi. ne $hall ceria~IIJ re~lH¥e'the re'w.t~The personwhe s...keeping guard in the C·8USle . 7 Ihereol 'II .m ought to compete with each other in taking part in this act.9"muUih Ii s~dd: .ar.ITH iNO'~8 111.ld"h. saeriflclng of one's sleep.(J 17 H IlpenlD fletu-a IllJtJldom.t whi'ch crJed out lof the iiea.'" night: ..t~! .e'.u1ty ofthe solitude of the dark night.w'O eres l ~~II . .*1 .~ 0/' ~ .earing in mind the virtues and merits of keeping guard.a~I~.:.t of AUah and [the other iiS] an eye whi.~ over this notion. The di.of keeping guard is extremely difficult. that Ra:sfduUiha& said: uThereare 'twOI leyes w'hich Uin!l... bless all of This.c. Wh. J~) :J~~J'~*. They should try to out do each other in k. entire life on [he battlefield in search of marty~d()m~. It is a fact that the duty .. . He should not be grieved. yet receiving the reward of a Cm'J.iI •.rates.0 h" IS iI. Ne:jther should his companions be vex.t'there aile many Traditions Oil' Jilt. in his bea. should. the hardship of extreme cold. Anah.Iey I I Ibn Abbas ..flr'e of tJell~wUil1not ku. In the life of jihad! the act of keeping.lcerely asks AII.J1 'til> .! He will certainly receive the reward of a martyr.of martyr?' This Ha.ou~d certa~nJy have the desire for martyrdom in his heart.o.rAll§h] yet he was not b. the mujahid. Amin. guard plays a very important role. Hadlth shows the virtue of keeping guard. .1ibnl"l'aniif.AUah wm Iconvler. . tha.. 0.~~ Jf.fs.1heu Mil n611Iol~lI.. that he spent hisentire life fighting I[fo. keeping watch on the ectivities of the enemy.# Sslh.u:::h: o~e eye' ..dying in his house on his bed.' n. It is for this reason 'tlWl.EUill for martyr-dam.~ V.leUtlo 0.. hi:ml to the ranks olf the mlartylr's even If Ihe d" ~eg. Glad tidings of salvation from the fire of hell for those muj ihidin whose eyes remai n open while keeping guard 01 their respective watch points and Islamic ! loss there be to 3J person merely having.O'iTH NO.r-.yelt...lJd HA..-.. B.. narrates tha't 16 Ie rsunna 4t} B'u. i.~.. .@ sb. have the desire for martyrdom.w w.Jj~' JiH #' a.ephl. 'the de:s\~_n. May Allah.

While the person who prepared him receives two rewardsccne fiO. he sacrifices his based on all this that RasululUh ~ said that the deeds of a ullljabid w'ho keeps guard. i. We leaen from this. Hi s er:'S In the darkaess of the night when the extremely cold winds bite right into one's bone marrow and there is absolute silence and funy comfort. [9 There Is doOle liew[illd [nr hc'wllo gbldly accept :8illthese difficulr tasks entails keeping guard.ihid who fights because of the Formers wealth. is remaining awake and is aware 'Of his surroundings.ardi for ihi:s jihid and the peraon who pr. Despite all this.~d s. quietness all around." this wujtihid. [il mu)ibld UnantlaJIf 19 wlJjihldtn .ps. ll'I.8d u: HADlTH NO.e r'sw. making their bodies fresh and energetic for the next morning.haU :rec1eive his and secondly for the muj. However.ep'ares s.a]. 'Abdu.'! \\'hat can be the Hmlt of his reward! It is.rd [for' prep.'~ This Hadith explains the virtue of preparing a mujibid. Even the tired body of this mujabid [who is keeping guard] can Feel the need fOira warm bed. fOJ· waging jihad. that the muj.Jlit of the: grave.abofuirs~y for sleep.nd the' rew:ard'n.g ~n 'the eause of AUih shan re~clei've U"I. His And thatthis act of his gives him peace andtranqulllity in the terrifYing . This is because he ffis the means forthe jihid of that muj.e..[11 auy decrease in the reward ofrhe lllujihidl.e. and are sleeping a deep sleep. cont~Ii. the soldiers of Anih~s ~ reHgion~ 'have placed thelr trust in him.r' '.Ii' said': "'The :mujihid 'who is 'fig. How great this mujahM him]' a.ahid receives one reward.ih.i:SO~ii needs and desires fur big companions. narrates that Rasuh. Hadith. .www. are . i. nus 'Will nat result ..f the". the virtu€' of helping him financial]y.ue [to be recorded in his favour] even after his 40 Had'itlf' lJlJJ.I mu_jih.dla[h j.ding bis we.luch .pOleTunna.Uih ibn 'Uma..

Glory to AUah! Jihad is such a great and meritorious ac~ but its reward .pated in the jnl.s. the scholars ~f Hadith" the j urists.f thl'eJ mujitdd has pariilc.parti'c.[.)4*1) will continue right till the day of f'esurrectioll and. it is.e ~(ll the' aftaks. the person who cannot go onto the battlefield should at Ieest not deprive himself of the reward 0'[ monetary j ih§:d or seeing to the affairs of the families of the mujahldin. (b) Another form ofprotecti'o!lll of Is. \v~ll coatinue safeguarding Islam and combating the enemies ofIslam through the blessed weapons of the' tongueand 'tihat Ras. the time of political and mtenectual war.n the day of lresurrectio'n. of Musll~m.m~ly'o.e've'f remains behind in order to NO. However.a. will r..'" tm (a) It [sleamt from this Hadith that physical jihad (~~ . Then~£ore.ulluUih '15 said: uThis relligion. willl~ continu'e tightinglfor lts pfotltectio. WhO'equips a and another meaning of jihad is also this: that the 'ulamti '.ims. there wit~ never com~ a.b M s.. SOUle peopleare prone: to this mi~eoncept]on that.iduUa. physical jihad' Is not app'l~o~riate for the defence of Islam.. 11 MOJi1IIdin wiU ['emann 1111. One can gauge frornthis very Hadit]'! that the reward that is given. in the present age.ajdf: '~'Whoeve'r equip's a mujeih.~ 'r COOl.peo Ie rsunna 20 . the preachers" etc. 'to the person who is Iiterally waging jihad.bill!" ibn SaJMurah 4fp n. . wHl be waged as suchin some partor the other of the world.i1. .alr.ipated in 'the: jihi1d hlmaelf. H'AOiTH _- 21 in the cause iQf AUah has . These days.yd iibn KhaUd _. And 'that there will be no need whatsoever for physical jihad. 10 Honel'm'J JUUld. in the battlefield is also given to the person.~n Can there be any religion easier and more practical than Islam? A]lah has promulgated injunctions ~n all matters in accordance wiilithe conditions of tile people. J ~J ~ JfI' h.iin fiorever :8nd a . J~ !i ~i\H J~J' ~t ~ JJ~ ".of the f. Even the greatest of deeds are not such iliat anyone can remain deprived from their merits and rewards. . b e acquired so easuyr _ Ja. :narraJ't.:ihid or who sees to the affairs of the family that: he has left behind.w w.on the HAOiTH NO.elf.ram:s that Ras..A . time or an eta when only the tongue and pen will be sufficient for the defence of Islam. dll" 01 resDlfec1i. And 'who.

~tis on~~·11~dsi l beUef has caused h:~m'to.t Ra. Ott [in the ease of beln.~hen in the case of surviving the jIhAd.m~ of IsJam. (c) ThisHadi~h .]. its fruitful results and its f:U-.and aU M~:I'g.1I1~erl:aIPlrosperuy We' do not deny the b~p!efit of wa!gingM academic and iIDltellectnel war..[ the Musl im community cannot be absolved of the duty of wag. •• are an explicit smtement that phyS. be wiU immed ~Ia:te].ed] (a..ilia.. nd if he is martyred. he w[]] receive worldly benefit in the fann of booty} and benefit in the herem!1er in 'the fo[[m of :re:!! ". And Allah .~ng aphysieal jihid. it is through their b~.Messen.ah ~ provides prescnpnons for s~.~ they w~U ~~o:tbe ab]eto wipe them o~a~(If existence.xjs~e:nce to an end.~ adm~thim .ah.g effect'S.cces~ in bcdlt the werlds. No k:[I. -rteed in fav.1cti. And.t of SlljcJ1ia sta:t:eme]]ltl. no true Mug.o'w.rds and bo. However ~ an intellectual VIa! alone cannot be fbught evel)l1"!Jh~t"e.mujmjd:in.pr1ov'ided that .. In.M'(}r. '!··A in Me' [:AUah] . forces of this world g€it '~ogether .g the way ~ho.• -If} Hai/iEII (tN~ Jihid • 23 22 IHADtrH NO.Si1Q'uu1y'r.. In ~h[s cause [of jiihSd] there is nathlng but victory .jm§'d will remain forever. 12 S_pljJ'Uuil.(ulr rO'f that person who 'goa. They cannot bdll\g their e.s out fall" IHi:s cause .~nto wn~f parad~se/' C:3JJs·ehim to return with re. despite' waging a Jihad with the to[lgue~ pM. Ifhe dies.t also bears glad tid~i'l.sfl. the Hgb.t ~:wm group of Mt1::d~i11S ~m . muj..ihid.a.s.fight ill!'!l thecause of AJlfih .[l!S!chm.ill order to wipe out the .• knows best. words of Rasululliili ji' t Ab:Q Hura'YIl'.d~ih ~ aald: ~~Alhih has .sfrii 'Allah.arratesthia. n. _ and. In other werds. hereare speeialplaces T and oecaslcns for it. A poet says: ~'mfhe remains aliye. Will. rationale and lntetleet. the p~e'I1ce of muji§h]d~ll ithatili is religi on will remain established till 'the day of resmuaec:~ion".s€l~I!. goes eutto wage: jlih~d in His cause . em denyllie impertance of ph:ysicaJ jihad. [or the pmt!.y beceene a A g~es~ in paradise..esss'ngiEl'f. he isa mmtyr.oc-{)(-d:m..ncnlr].gsfor the muj~hldltnj Even if all the false.) In this Hadifh" Rasmu[[..{mid . In shott. It is througb.guar . go lout ~ tlMfa." . the person who 'believes in A]l~J1''-'.wa.1n.wnby to His . he-is ali.~o'"Vim·~he.owledgeablepers~l1 CM deny the importance of physical jilmd.gers.oodthat the garden oils-lam.

g.OI8pell-"ilyand expansien in. Whe.t Anaftl ..lilarra:testtiJat RasuiuUj.and' !111'i.. but even.g]. ~ of jiMd~ then the most "cultured' and 111l0St "progressive" n£dions.Ii' s. in the deserts of Arabia.~ has promis·oo financi~l s~curity to tbemuJihid.. remams stan(:lIin. If illu::y were to ponder over'd: "The .. .m. fro. downcast and Ibackw. act of .. fasts aU theUm'9.he atm faUs under the ruling of 'that person who never evee pa:llse~o:r stJO'ljS. terrified byth.a~ih an~he time and fOin OiWS fh f!! versENs.mujEi. Russia had to admit tbathy bringing ]~S forces Into Afg]].ey were considered to be.despite all its military ea:pabili~ies" and aciemlflc and t~cluloro.. muml Glory and pralses iNC due to A]]8h!: G~ory te AUah~the Mjghty!' n is stated in Lam« ~tirthat The Arabs [of the past] usedto tend to camels. America is of the !GQnsequences of the advancing successes of the A(gham. ~ _ ~!iII.I ~ ~'~.ih and continuous fbllow~ng of the verses of AUih lit are ~corded il.activity and i[DJaG~ivity of his ls recorded "as M.e. Those peDp~ewho pr..-' '~. stop fr(llimthis f~u3ting'.rty.M as ]o~g as he d.~SJ ins.h ~ in the 'c·ause C!{ff AI. Ilvelihced of the AfghAn :mujahtdTn can haveall their objections resolved in the light of this blessed lHa.sar and Khusreea were reduced te bits beneath the hooves of the horses of"the muj. Th~8cOlltinn..• 24 • 25 (b) It is also very clear from this Ha.rewam:d. ~ha. mujih:idin.h. BI. of the: world had to bow nt (he'll' feet.en though fI.ahidim of Afghard$Uinand of 0]] the ether hru)d~He gave them worldly hcncue. __ .! his jl til ad~~!' 'We learn from this Haclltb that when a. em one hand AIHih .Afghans of today repeated the histo(¥ 0.fto'mfu[fiHin.'the name of the Afghan muJ~hid1n..rand axe astonished at the financial p. AIl the wealth and treasureB of Ca~. Today.lis fasting.U . Iife of pO'v. muj ahid J:l]lay pause ln Older to eat.. .dilh..~ protected the reJ1L].dill of Islaru. 13 '1I1e::Sillili:l:lHle II me IIWBM lolllle· muJilruld ~ ai~"i JJ""" J J\S.gUle: various act'S of worship. ~ ~ '" _: _ ~_~ 'o.tU.anismn in order to fl..r J.:l1the .J. drink and sleep.".~semOy express an.r. then a stlper~power like Russia'the M:usHms! was the most disastrous m~8~ake in its Abu HlUIrayri:d~1 .dith.a moment .~iah ~s likie that peirson returns.miiiitude· of .respecr and awe to sueh an extent that there is a.~ ~\ ~li.e Afghan<0tiladwmces ~ WtiS forced to s~bml~ before these ml~liihidi]] of Islam. .A ~~ ~ ~ .This is m announcement to those .ahi. tremoe in the palaces of !tuft by mem]y nmmg . J~ ~ J) or.of AUah aU the' f~m.ard in the eyeis of the world.~'~t1Jle ..n when they raised fhe flag HACjTH N'O.oes not return home ..cQ'ntiniIJous: sa~. not only is Russia.Every . mujihid leaves his house fbiin' jibid" rewards fo·[. then itrn.on the muj.1" their predecessors.Eli mujihJd hisllo'ry.$ a fact that those people [Afghans] were [ill yesterday IIv~ng a.e' he does not . the acts of coatin~o1i. T~o[lgh the blessing ofjil1id. 'h:i~book of dee as.h for even .Th..

..I ~~ . 14 ~ .~' .he reward I.yr.wI J:\'l~i:. person. 'On 'the day (If resurrection." ~' ~?J ~ jJ ~.IJIUUld -.JU ~-J. I~'~_.' _ " It II "...I. rears a horse with the sole intention that whenever he gets the opportunity to fight in the C:lJJJ:se f AUah ~ he will ride o this.. .. if a mujihid spends on his body so ~hat ..ACi'TH ~ NO. -Iii - .]" 'j.II!' ........lO'Uj. .. sitting at home..iiJ.... ~'" . I . the things that he had fedto that.I & r~ ~II~'''I . li:tsfood [whii:ch Iteam].WWW.i.. intention of jihad.Io.J.p 4(J 0 26 golden Ie TSU n 27 Htnfith 0'11 Ji/.. - ~ ~~~' J. for the purpose and. ..e1 'thein.... J. Ute memn g.s:Q ~u~~ilh It is learnt from this blessed Hadith that if a.a.It 1~1 JJ"""J J.. U 1:5. urine w'm all be in thesealeof deeds cd tnis person.o". 'iU. . horse and wage jihad with it" then.or majlna~n. J~ I!i .if . 1....t Ra...ts dung and its.y of reaurrectlon.. seeklngund PrepatllUOIB IOl'Jlhid lod . It is also learnt from this Hadlth that a person will be rewarded. In like manner.#' ~JcGAfJ .' \J'" 'iBsaid: ~~Whoeverfie..:: ..~ "' G' _ 'li!1 ri"" . ~! .u..J.'oJ: ~:S'~ • I'" ...iF .IJe be' His..a horse for the pUrplQ1Se Df jihid hl tJhe eauss of AUa!h whi..}I '~')' \ _ ~ J'... its water fwh~ch it drwnks.. . '~. :promis.." ~ .". fOI_[' whatever he keeps ready.: iii' I H.".a-h • narrates that there IS [10 searching for rewards opportunity greater than jihad..lI . en the da." Abu Hura. .~ ~ it Ii .~ IJ'~I ". horse including all Its dung and urine: win be weighed ill his scale of deeds and he will be rewarded accordingly. .Z" .... .nd.fS . .ving in Aillih and .

" i~n. ..~tely to...s tr:n his b~d.!IIJji~ . ~.-' .v'EH'Y t1mmah~ . "n~J" v~ .J """' 'f" my .-[ 'U:..~.tJuJ~'J~' .Wp and aothing else. .slam. YMsHadith means that ~f(::1: penon desires to leave all worldly e..r.g.''_CJ . '. 'IS JII' aa.• 28 • H.. spel1Q.emeillts fH'JJ..:l/~tM '~. .)#0 . .sl)luUih ~. .'l his favouras is IhlelDIJI!ISUI1SIl.fbr fJOod~dritlk and other needs will all 'be recorded a~ew.di free yours.[ ."''''''. "J~.: -n.~~/_f.iT1H NI'O.• l I.~'~~'.and the ·.l''! of j ihac) " ""'Jlj J' e.~.~ .. ~ J~. sa'~d~'"There has been m.~d.~f comp]. iD. ol..AD. then there is no way but jijbid.ts totaUy 211d.if!' ".# Mu 'awiyalh ibn Qurralh • narrates tJ1. ~'~ ..~j~..!I]gage. the different to acts of worship. " "h" . 15 JWIi1Id he maybe: healthy and St!.e. This is because in Mslmnt there is no way of monas-deism except by Wf..iJ' .~'J !Il[ .. . ~ pi .ro .' '\< ~ " ~~ r7' . to occupy himself in acts of W'OfS..j~~j o.I" . '1". . 'ttlen vih'8.l'1g and wil[the!leby beable to go ahead -:WD the: jihad.tever he.JI~) .ol:illastjoh.9OJ..• 'I-h -:I monas t u:lsm 0_ n Thememlil1Jl of monasdclsm is to leave all worldly ellga. for

idln.eo resort 'to artfulness in order to t cause harm to..yr.. 117 WDrlUI . wa~ is actually worn 'through artfulness and wise and judicious actions.. Deception in this context means 11}1a:l in the midst of the battle.r is a dece'ption .agaiu]. become bored and they begin supplicating [and hoping] that they gd the opportunity of facing the enemy.1.dceep~I. H one side has more weapons and.b~. '" "L~ rl--".rcli:se pati. But w.u..peo Ie rsunna . some lnll.ft . Id!~jr.e mee1'. Obviously when we I ave to face the enemy..'~ This blessed Hmdrth prohibits: nJS .. meet the enem'y'..h• narrates that:Ras:UI~uUah :II. we have been commanded to exercise patience and 'to engage them wilith full force.hl.t one's promises or breaking any covenants -these are excluded from the meaning: of this Hadith . '1'6 De 80.• " The word ~~ is used. .Go narrates that RaslLUuUah .. ... HAOITH NO. .jcTh. .r ~J J~ . 'lie . you SbOUIld ex. when there is. This "~n110 way means Chat one can resort to going ." sa. from hoping and desiring.aid:' "'Wa. no fighting [or "action"] fur several days.. 'CO meet the enemy.f'l m~JJ... y.Abu HoUlI'ayra.~~.hoe to..ah .e.6 :rJ'J' lYY .w w..ill tid IHADli'TH NO.hen YOIll meet jhem... ~..30 .I.\l 10 1 Abu H'ura. and that there bea war si tuation. means than the other side but does not know the tricks of war and the ways of entrapping the enemy j t wm lose the war [despite its materlal superiority]. 1.r· n: ri~". to refer to deception and artfulness . one l11USt be a. the enemy. \ e. 11"'1'" :... However ~ .ence. While in the battlefield of jH1ad.~d:: ~'Do not des.o!r J.Rasulullil1 1!iProru bitedus :from having such desires and enem.J-li 1 i.Hl 4fl' Htulit.

ggftl}ssiol]. h8!ve some ~nn~e:ncein some way or anodler in the banle. In faot.. War is such 11.spray of bnllets.n .bUdr-sn.anced rli3Jlions have sUpped from m.a.:i\ncd glettJng .r:i:te.aif~i'is reduced jo bits by bcmbsand bullets and it appears 'to be completely pierced by a . of ISlam.t Ras(UllIJllih of the fir. engrossed AmIn.tlJlgof womle.~ned s~m n~u'o tbe Judn t that. t{.oil' -_ -. At times it seems to be burnil' the Ikilllll':i.Wa:t we should only kmr~os~ whQ have come.€'H and children are weak and harrnless.them..andi c. "The rna.po. OWl raise bur hand oflcindness u. J) ri" r~. J~J ~ J\! • j I~ 1 tSt WlomeR iDd cbUdrenim} DOl11 be k~ned ~_ ~ ~H .l. .p.g poinlt wh~rte.e pa. ~ p. • L>C:A! !J~W~~ ~ !~ .runmany cultured and .th of equi~.4& narrates tha. Ishnn has. the p'iI.II~Na. a woman her~~eU's pm or the 81m)" or a DELild is dose to.suggestions w~mregrud to the batUe..:i .ns~UO-lls.. is the commarud. However.roih iiJ. In other words" it is permbllsible to' ki~~ womem and.Wrldin.. i IT1!twity [andpartidpaHng In the battle].ay. WOl1'. We.di.point. Among these i. 'J Glory to AU~h! The body of a.ah .onSifor 'the mUj. narretes that R.-!i:I t~ ~ '!Abdullih ibn . . Rasultrullall 1i' left omaif!. bu~ net our 1:m:md of a.s:tep.ratJ . to attack us.t _ ~~ . 19' The 1.~ .t~ '~t) tread 'the paltIDl of .rtyli" on~cyle-x.nlce'S. or if~u~y can.k.~rai: beoond: .. tumin.equity . I~Ued HADiT:H :NO. 'taught it~prOJponen. sI1 I - t.. b~tten by an ant.cdvely part:icip'ating in the batt~te~if nl:e:y voice their opinions and make 11 saiid:. However. illStruct~.I ~ 1Iii'.~ air[ exception to this if 8. Cline Qif yOIU experlences whefil.Q: inthe flames Abu Hur.e.IUmiar .1 ff:JJll1:§eQler~en~ed111)1 a IUDfl. the martyrdoes not experience ~hepa:ill of DOO1i]18ncr 1tllJ:~t being curthrcugh . $It that tim~ he is of with seeing all the [beautiful] scenes of pw:a.l"!J. 111. May Allih ~ bless all of us with martyrdom of this nature.rS' Lr.sili~Ult~ I.• 32-' • :n _HAOiTH NO.adv. children if they are I.wen atthisc .However ~there . every .~e. .

~! ~AbdllJlhih ibn 'Amr$ narrates that uR!e. to. he receives the same reward when he returns 10 his house as . ~ said: a:He. Arn~n. sign.c. jii hid. an inj U1"1.he received.g.cthl h~m. ~he dust and grh~le of the journey [towards jihad]~ phys[.'! a.•" p1a. gjt: the time: of going out towards jihad.h '. It should not happen that the enemy attacks him from the back.5a~d: "Whoever' me'etsA~~ah withollit iI.i means The meaning of this HadUh ls 'tbat even arnujahid's returning to his hOU8~ falls under the orderof going out EO jihad. Another meaning of this blessed tladith is that just as a 111ujahid is eautieus and -on th~ alert at the time (If going out towards jih&id~ be should remain cautious and on. a mark". e.n. other words. 1i1.nJi9! out -towards.there will be some The worn "an indication. the alert when. prepad. In other words.3) rra RasfHulh'U. May AUih - ." defect in him.~ safeguard us from such a .1J't 5011u ~~alll IRa ~ . 2'" . lth.rtk:ipating in the jihid to go:jl.ny ~tH:~h::at~(HiI jIhad wm b'e' m1ee'ting of IUlih in such a condit~on tha. returning home. coadi non. Alb iU H u ra)rr. if any of tru~se'things are not found in his: life. illes. then his meeUng with Allah ~ will be in such acondition that he will be incomplete .a~fatigue.a.gtilinc means for jlhad . the personwho dies without aJ1Y indication of jihid [on his body]". and.• ~ • 35 ' HACITH NIO. spending of wealth [for jihad].t!lJ:rning' horne is slmllar .tthS'fe lis some delf~.

Are we truly mujihids or fighters Inthe cause of Allah~? Ar.'''· . ~I. . financially and materially? Are vrerunJJ. "'. for' our' Abu! Umaimah . t~fe has no conneetioh with any aspect .Amin.ever ~ s.ftdfil .itphysjcal~ .Derg.a mujihitrS f~l.moiuerory .a~d: '~He''who ne'v'er pa rt~cipated ~ n . be .n.. It isgauged Hom this aad'ith tbat tbere are three~ays in ~hjcb S! person C_ml safeguard himself from divine punishment in this worldly life.2 There . nen uns rs synony.allpraiee and gratitude to AUih.e ~hQi~ldsee to 'Ol~ well-being of .mousto r inviting the wra1bhi and.I'uUih J tJ!1ej'ihii.'W1UIDJ:taruUl:.~aw ~o the w'eU~being of a mujahidl's famUYJ'A.d till's' means.a Mutd~m's.istin this shorteomlng and abstain from adopting 'the IDive"s f the muJ§h~dt[li'then we should prepare for a divine o punis.: ifJ? May Ani]] ·Iit forgive es and may He protec. then .ru:ter'-s absence and.pllier n~c~~iUes of ~ ife. a~sogauged from chis Haditb that when.~ we beJpin. Clf jihid to a muj. everything that would earn His wr8i:tband displeasure.a~e~flmewfldl~[II~ (JI.• 37 IHA. we should seek forgiveness: for this past shertcoming of 'ours and choose any one efthesethree c@.eaC:~ these three eonditions one after another.UihwiU affUct suc:ha lper-son wi'llrn Ei.ofjihad.y one of 'these three ways. ~unjshment ofAUib~" ~ 0) ern]) (W) He himself should be a muj.mity before! the day of res u>e:h:ind [from the j~had]and seeing to the welfare of me families of the llIuj dhidtn 1 U' our lives are being spent in those who are Ifemain~n.~n his l'iJs who.Btld safegnard 'i.. Of h . we could .eto bear the Ma). . ~" if this is not and punishment of AUi]:] It is. Alternatively.~b in the ~.~um COnler Let us look ateur own Iives..iti!Q:n-~s rutun:.~ .. n1eMS of tf. narrate'stihat Rasu. ·of mfwe stiU ].runeat before the day of eesurrection .d.s from.I la' [rue Mu.ahid or If1l. ensure their protection.g the mujihidin.D'lTH NO~ 2.:ll" He sbould provid. .d . Can this feeb]~lbody of ours ever be ab~..1!.ahh. ca.e a [uujahJd with the warfare' and .:t'J. nev'erprovide.

.' .':life of a. his obstacle fr-om his active participation in jihdd..sHm that b'l some ..@oOU~ for jih~d.ih ~? Let them question their bearts in this regard. are satisfied with . Ifthere is .''' po' p.It i!l. J-~'.m~e a firm re.~ fhel1 he .~rll1uniih O~e can only be surprised and astonished by this thinking of those present-day JUlSt ~> MlJs:lims who are neither active 1'1'1. ~ J. .• HADTTH NO..criticaJ life by Rat.. d~e-d on one' of the branches of hypIDclr'is'y..~ 'J ~""'" . HeshQl[]:ldi alwaysstore this. ·2:3 De WIO' .le w. incumbent on.Uj a}1id [11 nor be.. he win get ready and . ~ . veany desire' for jUlad in their' hearts.Abul H lJrayrah. narratesthat Ras uh.~.. Can this disf:'egard and a]Dofness of theirs with.~.nder ever this facttbat the life in which there is 110 active pat1[dpa:tion iJmJ jih~d or at least no desire for ][ has been ].L .. in asrta.artic~palted in j"~had nor· d:id Itl'. regardto J~hid ever he able 11:0 pilleas:eRasillHuU. ~.on or (he' other of his life he should join in the b.poni..ery Mll..s..abeUed a 11).. . Despite this.has..eth~$.ad: "If only] could be a . he should .iss.mtljah~d. " ••". .:... desire in his he.~oluliont11a't whenever this obstacle or impediment is removed.wtiiefic1d by partkipaHElI@.\f..~' From this blessed Hadith we Iearn the Importance of jihad in Uu.he·reby he! ne.r des~r.oulll eve. Muslim . t~~e.lilies:wUholul Uhad! dies las OJ hY"O€fUe • their lives. ev..'. 1l'l 'the jihatd at Ieast once ili1!.dlah ~ satd: uWh"llIQVer d~e.

.la...0 Hadilli.l.. n OJZ Jiil.y U-.www.N'O~25 MarIJf.and AUih krsews best who is ilnjured··fo'f His. narrates that: RasUluUah '. paeentheticel clause.. cauae ~ win come on the daY' of resurrection .Its colour win be that of blo. AccordirllJg.h.ce wiU be. a It is learnt from this blessed Hadith that itis not.l1g' eX.e.ibad~ testimony against the person who caused the injury.s. ..doDl J'~an 8X]Ji6JfionfOtI' a~1 sins y £I •.AbduUih ibn ~Amr li:bn a~ '. the person coming on the d'ay of resurrection with b100d 'flo\-\f. Therefore.011 I 40 Jil'iidc_ 4.I!c.U Because debts fall under b:uqu:q al. of thi s person before everyone else because everyone will be attracted to the' fragrance of musk that will be 'emanating from his body.ihid should.As • narrates . that 'the Prophe"ta s.aid: ·'Martyrdom iln the cause.agran.uSfl Abu Huray. j[llad !""!!'!!!!l!!' - tlAniTH ..tl1. .d (the rlghts that are due to one's fellow humans).'{ba." "and AUah knows best who is injured for His cause" is. that of mus..a.od [i.e.e of AUih: ....d 41 HACiTH NO'~24 bljuy 10 Ine eause I. 1(2) it will serve to. ati. It is therefore very necessary to ensure tha t one bears in mind all tbe huqiJq al. a. a good habit to take debts and that debts are a very huge burden that cannot be I~ght~ned even through martyrdom.. The C. It is broughtto draw our attention to the importance of sincerity.peo §. due doesnot forgive the person. abstain from taking debts.the Icau. of AUah expiates everytl1i'.ing ffi)tlQ his injury has two meanings: (l) it wiU serve as. t'l • such a state' that blood wi'U be nClwing from his ~l!1Ijur) .aid: ~~Whu:nlPI.()Hndttll . they cannot be forgiven as long as the ~]leto whom the rights an. to 'AUamah Una Daqlq a]~"Ld ral1luatulM'hi 'alayh.cept debts. red] whUe its fr.ri'.s lnjuMid In . as far as possible.~ "''". displ~y the high rank. especially a muj. person.. "..

~.JJI . .' . .er' t:ouch him'.~~.. walking> atlackjn& tethering a horse" etc.heU WUI no. one cannot even gauge the high stetus he win be accorded far fighting with fun force and courage In His "". It is gauged from this Hadtth that the dust that touches the feet of ~the illujrulid will be a cause of'hisprorection from Ilhe' terrifying fire of'hell..WWW.p u. '(Hie) IIle Je. He rewards the m'l~HUridwah numerous rewards for every act and deed of his.~' l Abul Hurayrah .'. Allah ~'Win never allow this: muj§h~d [who killed the unbeliever] and lhc one kmed..e ~lr'e oj ..ev. a M·U&H. cause of Allah WI and for His pleasure.~'I_ ~_~J'dJl'l . to be together in hel L Some scholars are of the opinion that this act of his killing wm be an expiation for the 11l.nw.. -~ .p 0 H'AOITH INC.. sitting.['In hen I~. Jr' ." :kiUer[who is . HAOiTH NO~27 IlIbeUe1ier' and IUs R~ller'". --.)" Yc ~ - - -- _l _. ~ J.. Ie" <II'~ -$ ..' .. 'AlliIttah • :l.J 27 . J~ .' . 11--:.illiidl i~i cause of AUih the ~.[who !s kiUed] and h.ob~ained in the cause (.'ii :j~..J'~" ~.' narrates that RasCdulhih • saJd: lilAn u.ahicps sins..mmuJahid kills an unbeliever in the battlefield This blessed Hadith shows the: merit of tile dust that is: ." solely for~he pleasure of Anah ~ and for no worldly reason whatsoever. i1i1'-" io!~ ~-.tulldhi 'al:ayh says that If this: is 'the virtue of mere dust touching the muj. Abu jAbs ~ narrates that Rasuh..J~• ~ . Since the waking 43 Ui DlIJIJdd ..3 Imujihid] win never be tog:ethe':1I'in hen. [FF - . 26 lh. IJ I 42 nna ."' I~~ "..lI1ibeliever .f :..~ !.~Ji . are all acts for the.el-0" ~ :~ 'I~.~ ~i!I'~ .1I.uj. Ibn Hajar ra!J.III never be UJQ'el'he.j 'F. J~j. [0" ben] can n.dhihl ~ said: "Whe'tiIthe ~eet 0" a person become dusty in the cause c. When.if Jihad..1J In .f' AUah" the fire.

.g.a..19iUulliih ~ is taking 'o'. I would Eot have remained behind from joining a .~ -> ~flJ' _ "" _ _ _ • . whe is going to undertake all these other n.arty." Glory to AUrul~ WhaIt ~'greaf~ thiil'l_kingthese people have! Is their setting the priorities with regard .ga~n. . becomes v~ry dear fromthis Hadith.. 'we want to remain bebind and -to save our lives from every banle field.a)'~"Brother. under whose .ri." '~'!J.y for jihad.g:a. "I take an CNi. ~_.w'h@ do.spons.' ".. prediearneut.des.n for this.jj.1illis.ibiliHe3: of our 1i{digi.1I11 of the. Rasruulli.. an which js flg:ht~ngin the.'. Thereare two parts to thns b~'eS'Sed:tl.again.n .Ra:slUuUah ~ said. takesau act and greatest desire . the fh'st In part. then.~'.a..PJ' .'~I' '~. I be glive. .rJloath by Hjm under Wlt·HJSe c:ontr-ol is my Urn" I . and ag~hl~d thereby cQnvinc:~n. .on 'or eertain Ablll HU. desjr.I be m.y fromme" and I atso d.• • 45 Ufe . Musnms.ray'rah3 InanratJe!'." if '.I" ~ ~ ". is this Hadfth when ~ R2l.r ~ The smalleststatemeat of Rasf!!lwl§h ~: has the level of faith and conviction for us.~' . ~.escurees [~Q' ta k.. . ~:? RasfUuUih .h.. If 'would not have lremaiined behiii. 3'...h~B !!i vle'Wpoin~ Mth regard to physical or mUiwy jihad.~ take .th O]/' Him.~ eiXpre5:Se8 :hi.o not have.'!il _ ~ . Rasmu]1rut ~ says: I take an oath by AUih in whose . nlOl: ml(ie' to' IrB'main.ol Ii's my Ufe" had it.wa.!nltrol~8 my nrc that I 'remain behind in Madil1d." r -.contli'.red a9a~n" ~ be 9~v!e..~be m'artyreda.r be g~'ve'fil . not be-e.n In the secondpart to ~h~sHadil II Rnsu la ~ ]ruJI oath and informs us that the most beloved ~ again. only because I do n01 have sufficient means wh~reby I 'oQuld (lquip the .lI1d l[from ji'oiningl]' any batta n. .~ -.3J9I'sin!.irr:Jl. ~ JJ'.again fur the purpose of W-g axe stm needed to remain behit~d here.e and wish to JOAn every battalion and be present on every battle field.d1th.t:ci beM sitt~ng at heme while I am gone out for jihM. On the other hand.tly accerdlng [0 the viewpoin~. __ J. Uf<ea~fail1. J.agaiil1.ion.ire that I i:u~.'' ' ' -' ' .. decisiveness and vtruthfulness of this statement.' J -' J. and that this must happen tohim again and again. ~'L .M~Hm8 and take them with me [for Jihad] and neitber would the'ybeaible. Had It not bee..J.!).Yfied in the' eaese of AU:ilh. Howimportant.AI~a. c :J' ~ ~ ~I .(! them! wUh me[. cause of . ~.&. M:ayAWm '~Ai .s that . some of our friends s.single 'battaHon.of his ~[11 that he be blessed wlthmattyrdcm the necessities of our religion e~ac.A . X would have personallyjcined every single t:ua:ttlld.• grnven life ..'1 . if we go . of RasfLlull§h fa?' Is their Iife more valuable rhan tbe blessed life of Ra8Q[uJlah.m.. .awa. '. ..rtyrecia.. suffic ient I'.

yow' shop. You are fully.1. your that ulJ.e has come ~n your comfort and leisure. lndiu.lmah is being beaten black and blue. You rhonour. Today. Today. he spent days and nights in mountains and caves crying before AUilh ~ and falling in prostration before Him.. we have so much popularized this word ~~ibad" that every eook and. to kill us . No djffereuc. And still the person will be called a mujAhid. .perscn is unable to participate in the jihad because of n shar 'i reason. The l~olrizon wishes to see the subdued ember of your imin raging once again. he will participate in the jiiiad. of Muslim are you???' By ~nah! You will have to wake up.]On to pender. The' enemy is .peo 46 change our way of thinking. As a result of this. the real form of jihad has remained concealed. the honour of lts chaste and pure mothers and sisters is being rendered asunder. Wbat kind. and various other p]aces.fully armed. an.who are the beloved fellowers (Jf Muhamnlad ~~ for whose forgiveness. III every part of the world. then he should consider himself to be among those who are' excused but at tile same time he should always have this. That very ummah which is the bes-t. standing on 0111. the pleas of the wives [for their husbw.scenes" yout heart did not tremble. AFgbrul~stan> Caeehnya. of nations. There is 110 doubt whatsoever in this . its religion and Qur"an are being mocked at and ridiculed . o .. yo~ freedo~11:and your independence ]ies in the thunder and ro~mg of m[~slh~B. mothers and sisters in Afghanistan and Palestine.8 trembling with the screams of the orphan children of Afghwjstan [for their fathers]. Just ponder! Because this is the OCC. Neither does a drop of blood have to be shed nor a drop of perspiration.lcs.. Today]. not awakened. You will have to fall onto the palaces of kufr like lightning. Do we have the courageto analyze the excuses and pretexts which we offer for not participatlng in jihidin tbe Iight of this Hadith of Rasalullah if? It is aJSiJ worth mentioning that if e. the henour and sanctity of Islwn and Muslims m-e being snatched away. The Muslims of Palestine. and Uli])kil'lg of ways. Even after wibleSS~llg these . That very zunmah wbose progress and rise can never be forgotten. 'engrossed ill your business.' doorstej .ds] and the terrifying cries ofthe mothers [fhr their sons] unna .~ct. intention that once tlris excuse is no more. The se1f-t espect o~your imAn has.. Neither does a sword have to be lifted nor a gun .! Yes! AJJ this he win attain quite easily. Yet> 0 Muslim! This bas not affected you in any way. Islamic zeal has net caused a single crease on your forehead. your occupaJtion. in the Mast of bullets. corner has become black with this eo H1J:dltD on Jilliid 47 who ate being slaughte. and in the beautifuL life of a mUJibld. There is 110 one to cover the exposed heads of our. The' Land 1. You will have to abandon this heartless life and adopt the raging life of Islamic zeal. To add insu1t~o mjury.~.. ~e~f~~esp.

!: • 48 t1AO:ITH 49 N'O~ 2:9' UADITH' NO.tes: ~ hea.i ~ M. ruu·lf.~ .~J I'Jl. jf a person gives all tws UJ) or forge:~:s it~thcJ1R. it } ~ ~ J~ ~ Wi . There are lnmJIYbenefits In thls. envoynormaUy Domes with a.~f JUq'bah ibn' ~Am. blessed Had:ith W~ also learn the Importance tmget-sh]ootLl1. 'l' From this b~.. .' se.h . """.' two persons who came f.Jg.'ud . ~ #' ~ ~ 'I.!J ~ it ~ ~~ii ~.of ~he vari~us sciences of war. It is tWterefo.a'1les that RasCUuni. .eciHadhh 1.~. OlJis will be eoasldered to bea breach of this lit is leamnn10lu covenant..~~. An. letter on behalf of .lUJUf! an Ie:n. thi sb[es. Jihad is such an ac[~ that. after acql~iring know[edge !he]"e~f [archery.rj .!...~.f ~UJ # ~ - ~_ ~ }~. shouldnot be killed.'. .uld have 'certain~)!chopped off YOlUI' .h.mdfucestile Jetter to the Mus]im ruler.ess~dHarlith we leam th~importanc-e of preparing for jihad and the imp ortance .~ ~'Usten'~II tarrm' .ed instead.s.lI1iEM:::ks/' J ageinst him.g for the muj. When lie p.u:m Nu"aym ani oath by AUi hthat had n .rom to.• The IIDJOrl'aneeoj ~ilr~~'lpracUce.vay dilsobeyed.a. ~arget-shootrn. 30 me DliOIl~bUhll!H 01'. it becomes the duty of the' ruler to' replyte nnJS ]Ietler.ra.Jt§ ti ~H J~J ~f ~ j.s cOWltl"y." U! • 'f .ever learns allchery i!u!lldthen g~vesit up jis net O\f LfS!I 01' he .s.aylamah. If the envoy is kU].].a:sr(UuU§:h fi has Issued a.are not k.Midul.H'Jt been the norm that envoys .illlled J wCI. From U~e:a covenant to fep]y 'to thisletter.r ~ 0".ying': nWhQ.rd RasllI'uUihM g.g~ goos" ete.h' "tiIa.b<111 envoy saud atnlba$$ooors.. severe warning -_ ef :"'iJ~j ~." r'i~. ~ ~:.' and then kins.rl.p 0 leo 50 m lJU~orlle. such a tMusUm] 9!v sn the~'flag of 'tJrea. him. u It Is also learnt frern this blessed Hadlth that i1 is sunnah to devise code words during J'li:ght opera.:.he.rd Raslu!~uUih :1'. .mtiloeln.! ~ 'your code word in order 'to re. saying.n' aJ-l:!umq • says~ I he'a.rn should l resurrectlen.~o.clo.c. attention to using code words during their it is learnt from this blessed Hadith that the nmjah.prDmises net to .gnwze.eWlrd AI-Muh:aUab ~ naril'atces that Ras..e each other.w .IdI: ulf the ene'lmy attaeks you at night" yOU' "Amr ib. . win b.g 51 __ HAD.ohllJlUon OlldWme someOIBO arrer''il.kUl an unbeUev.a~ r.ry01\11 the day 'of sh. 32 _ __0 .!:lADiTH N'O." pay particular operations.u~unah ~ sa.tions in order 'W recognize ones comrades.ITH N'O. ~:'~fa Mu:s..Quld make the 'words ~J::.n~ .31 1IIJe~r.g Ids Ule p coin II.

Iastead of the enemy being killed..ftl1L1JUih 53 (2) A gun should not be ~oaded with. m:ur. in Uke manner.~.~s ~h. he' will be more guarded and become more + .~ 0c "'. 33 I""'rij .'~naf1! race. or tamultuous situation. Before lIlts.31' t.J ... you must ShOD. There are two lessons for the nllujiSJlrudin from this blessed Hadith of Ras...y..e D'fJ Badr: ~'Whenthe ene'my cernes near to ''ou. chambered from before hand. there is the possibility of an accidental discharge and 'the fear of at bullet striking one's fellow tnujlhi.d !on~y unaheathe yOlur .BI I~ < ~IU '-s. . U Rasulu]]fuh til: was also a gr-eaJ1!military leader of the h.'w... there wm be no benefit._r . begin firing: froma distance.. And yOU' shoul. close and he is within the firing range....ay. in thb. (1) The D1ujih~din should only five when the enemy comes.words 'whenl they attack yOlu [i.. the gun should not be loaded.~J ' ..Jj said on the d.BU'tj (IUS.~I. ~_..t your arrows fo. IL. \..At.rlIJ.olur I.'1'10'( . Just as there is the danger of hurting one's comrades if the sword is unsheathed from before hand. when they come w'ithin reach cd y..ld' remai conceaaeu 18 tnear tortiticanons an d walt remain for the enemy to come within the firing range..• .e.~ T'''I.. around in the chamber from before hand.~..f': ifl wai s '1IOU..a. they l .IJ\J' .din.cause damqd:8 loIBl' o Ie S2 unna . 'Ab .. If they do not do this.e.sw'Q'rds]."'fi! IjJ~ .~~lj .'I'U' d -$. As long as it is. and instead. . c J8 ' .ay o.H'AD'FTHNO'~33 The besf Ume 10 . ..ll~)'i 1.cnem.f l[the banl..ards theml..t nasu -I' U III "'h --. if 8! gun is..1""!A'' :~'J r. not yet the time [0 engage' the enemy or it is not arioWmi.s..

~slam 'has made '(his booty permissible for the Muslims aI... .Bo()qt not p'ermis. i F:a . 35 84iJO~i [S' SJn~CIUCaJlf irellllllled ~o tile IOUOW'Bn .1l:rtn~l1_ ll ~f a it.o:uJ' 01 the Wive5: 01'ID.. ..eakness. .8.. .iid:: i"...c mujahUlfDl £b! ~ ~ . ..Iik.ewh..s. Allah made iit ·p'e'rm:is.a. .".r.~ !5~J J w\.sibl!lie..1'£ '!!~...e . .'.d'~r. 34 - Ttim sOlnen~J and' hoift. Jli . and im::ap. tor us..was not accepte d ~~. of w'2ull W'...e for anyone befor.~own and . If a fire did not come down aI'IIdburn II.ah j..uray'dah." J~J .r .o are not p.peo 40 Had/til 01:1 I 54 nna HADITH NO. com...0. They used 10 gather all the booty at .. Ugu:.. " S... mothers in their sanctity and honour?' Abu Hurayr.a..!i ~ _.. ''!!Ii "l .t.' r ic '.f . A~1~''''. The wealth of the enemy which comes hll0 the hands of the mujahidin is referred to as. sa. * uy .) narrates that RaslCUuUah ~ .. ." '*' En".ancfity and honour of their' own'ter It has been divided and place.PI!l'n~hos." Through the blessing of the husbands partlclpating Jn jihiidt Islam has conferred their wives with grea.J\JI ..'ulaym!ill1 ~bnl B. .: UThe sanctity and hon'QU'. it was a sign that the .abiUty."h"d 'the w~v.!.. '" .he mluj.JI that the Muslims are ordered [0 treat them as they would treat their own.e·s '0" t.d Is this a trivial feal for the wives of the nmjahldlr.. narrates that Ra./ ~ 4.ofBasiUulUUl ~ Jihad Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii HADfTH NO.On ~ seei'ng· our w.ibl.e the s.sulunah M s.'..ihid i~s. The booty was not per:missib~e for the previous nations.ty [or the spai1~ of w~JI.A)'::".patrng in the jl. sanctity and honour. .-~~..... A fire from the skies used to..~ .~- ....m.. . b~o. G~oQ' to AHM.iidiin u.

the col. ghee..J" ~ ~ <I' '.r}_ 57 '. We did HOlt ta. t. ~}I . clothing and other snlldar n{~~essitie'SEke a: blanket in order to protect himfr.consumed. If ~hen:::are goats.lli:. full short..~?.ctio'1'lcol1cerning the third and fourth types is that 1th?' shouldbc' immediately gathered at headquarters. However. be And Alltnl knows 'best.• 40 Hadith Dl1Jilra'd leo 56 nna .i t cou ld be goats.')\..~~~ r" etc. he can consume the food that is obtained as booty befor-e' i.t medication.11..e te R."bo~m:se has died. Or if he needs warm. :.e~iIlf his . 'jJ' ~'La.h~se t. Details in this regar-d are as follows: Present day booty can be of two types: (a) those ~hat can be . honey. ~'" ~aJ'~J' .he r:-lIine £Ioneernfnl! edibles..for .. (2) Meclkat~ot1_ (3) Weapons. laken ~ '[II t!AofTH NO.$. (m) Food. ~ The iqjw}'ctioll concerning the first type: is that as LoOng.a.enlJu.J:. Those chat canner be consumed can be s:ubd~vid~d ~nto Or . .veve:r.jih ~ for' All 'the'j urisrs are unani me LIS '[ bat as ~ ongas a n'luj'. . and nonweapons.. This coosumption has to be according to his needs {and not more]..b u'ti o.. of them and has obtained the permlssio» of the amirto utilize them .dJ~trI..magazinfl or agun~ he can use the same ~0n:".~~ Ibn tUmar • says:'~['hJf'. . he win be held responsible and wUl have to pay comp ensatian fOil them. ./J' Jildi. Or ·if he needs a conveyance. bread.ingiour battles 'we used to find ho"nelY and Q'rape's [o. If these it. if a :muj.l is distributed. goods).f the' enemy) and so' w'e used to er-atthese.36 ~ri!JRIthe (4) Non-weapons: such as clothing.wo types. ~ oi'" .. he ean s·~alilghte:r hem. keep these dungs withhi~~ prior .. ~ o.I'. the above eases.em. for exam~' -Il} Hadfill O.. etc" enemy _~h ~J~ . these items will have to be ha~de~ over at headquarters. Hl.n". C~~'~h etc. on~ IS permitted is in dtwl' al-ho""} (a enuntry against which Muslims are waging jHlad). (b) those 'that C:aUlllot be constlmed.Mid's rounds are finishedor I~ he 1~' m need of a . fresh :fruit. cows. etc . over. However. the skin of 'these t animals will have to be gathered [and handed over to the leader for dlstributionj. he may use thereof The injml.f. The first type can be: subdivided into food. \Vrue:h can be slaughtered and eaten. d'istr i. a muj. such as meat.. the ~ mujahld is in dar al-barb. The moment the battle i~. booty is of four types. and] medication. thes. he can consume these according to his needs before the distribution of the booty.J\J. The injllillctlO1:1 concerning the second type is that no one should interfere with this medication. It should be ?oUect:d immediately because there is no immediate ne~d . onions etc. are lost before he can hand them over.ihid may utilize these' itemstill the end of the battle on condition that he is in need.. dried fruwt. :fu.if anyone is Ill and is in need of tna.

m that 'were ~n his hand and began fighting UIIIhe was a 'martyr is to paradise! There is no barrier between hjm and paradise apart from becoming a martyr.p 40 Hadit/~ O'nJillad 0 leo.Fiouslyi'n the bo. any booty.M. kmed?'''' paradise.aU and insignificant item of th~ boo~y~he should understand w~U that he has destroyed all 'the gains of his jihad.o 'the ." IRas.J'u. wbat a great crimina] that person wiU be who himself acts treacherously in the booty?'!' Samul".~ and how desirous they were ill.liJIuU'i."/' When any mujdhid acquires. The above Hadith labels the person who covers ~p for the treacherous person as a criminal.ndub • narrates 1ha.ty wU11be just Ilke U1"elatter in the .Q booiy ~bnl .t.sQluUah fi used tos.r that [p'ersonl who acts ires. 37 me sin ID~IC'oICUlln. Even if a person conceals a sm.e: C3l1 also gauge from this Hadith the extent of the conviction of the Sa. Ra.reviol. 58 n 40 Hm1Jth D:lZ m Jilliifl 59 fjAD'TH N'D. of'Rasulullah .o.ay: "~Whoever cOlv1ers up fo'.h:abin • on the words.che.81ih JAbir ~ narrates that a Iperson aaked: no RasUluUahl Wher'e wdl ~ be jr la. words" . As long as the booty is. acting upon his. replied. W.. "~n S.per-so:nthrew the dams Just see how €ia. he should immediately hand it Olver to the amir. it is not permissible to utllize it except under special circumstances described p. If this is the case.h .JS]Y. not distributed.w w.

~ ).e!~ ~ ~ ~~ ... Abu W..' v 0·.jJ]. J .lI'el'.oever ls p~e.ndl the' heav'eln!s..~ti:) ~'.~~. I.. a Ras.qual to the 0: a pe'f$.$ ...~ I.d in the cause of .elPeat this state..J' :. . f tiJ.f" IIJIIi ~ .a$ed' with AI'litl .) _ . Ii.!f' '_'. ~'J~ . ~ f-~IJI.. "a' R.l ~.J. ...iIi.'I) . ~ ~ ~ .peo HA.'".? ):W~~ ~ ~ ~ _~ -:: • ts an. . .'u l. #' 11Ii . i#'_" " " ~.J1J ~4~' J~J' ~. :J I- ~ I" J..''' J.t. I~ i:l!i I~' ~_.L '~Jc ~.1 .h?" He' replied: "Wa'ging' ~ "~~ r:. .' I".r'...) .othier act . '0 ~ .h. I (Hl n dEstance m 61 betwleen raJsed by a huneked leve~:s..- ill .u [AbO Sa~idl said: UWha't iis 'th..I Jlij..u1 . ~ ..i..' \J .a.~.on 'of wh'i1. .radise becomes incumbent upon lhlim.hi pilrald~seIBrlhe! DluUUUd ..w w.ment to rna.: "0.0 Ql" '• .-' (...u. . .tes then account .' .dl J"~.r'lpr'...'l':..On"s s.AUih. 39 'SDedDl 51..t ~ J~" ~ ~'!I!' ~ '" iii oJ' '!' .UA ".taf.rj - 0.~.. j~'~1 ~ .'" Abul Sa'id was s. ~.. ~~ ~J~ .Esed by this $.Al11 ~ .JP.~ ~ ~J J'u . ii .D'iT'H NO..mlm.tatus is AbQSa fid Khudri..u'The..on a. ~. narr.' ~ ~) ~ r . ~ I~CI .Y .:J..•~ / u J\J ~ "'" :: Jihad j'lM! 'the cause 0'" Ani"ht~ wa:g~ng j'iiba. IEdam ift as his P'lfo'phe't then p.a~eS:..J.. ~ ~ ~ '\ ." his Sus:tai' . .uluUih said the' same tnin~ga secend ti::me'.. JI ."U ~ . lit 'w1 "'" ... . _'J---J.rY' .Tbe' dlstanee beMaen each levell is e.iii!" "j ~.e'men~t and saJd. II! .j.. 0 RasUluUa. He added: .t:hat Sat~dl _".~ .. aet.'--iI LJ J 't!i!'.r J~ II) oJ....II II' ~.I.. !Ii ~ ...t..' L\lU..u e<arth .I~'~UJ..j'9'i'.! . _ ~ j.8.'! .lnd M~~ha...8JSIU:lumiihI "".uluU'ih M: sa. ~~ . ~ .j~'''~.. his .r.

i'IQlhts 5·10 th~a'this.JS' ~. IOf AUih/' the cause of A]Jih·~ win only be considered as such when their intention in waging jihad is solely to raise the word of AUa:h. Another person] Ima'Y be dispJa. ..peo HADITH NO..ame to Ras(UllJllih ~ and said.' . ..~ . ~' J ~ 4U .erso'nwho..1. I I .: .... If~ A1UUl forbid..:II I....rtl"<'lu. ~ "" QAU ~ .....~ .w w... o/!" ~ J\!' ~..1:1 ~~iLi: I'I·!. o· - t 0 .-" . this win not This ..... .y. ~:~ J. '. ~. so' il:hat:the word I(d AUih Irnay ..l wi"" i!" JJli :." Abu Musa.1 - I 62 na . a bra. sa..' u-~ ~ J-i~ ~:i(.. . '~"-"c I J":~ ~~'. ~I_.s: A man Ic. '.. for fame. it will be a cause of one's destrucrion .' .. _. A.J~ ..tber f.. ~. be considered to be.~ ~..11 #." ----~- U ". . 40 Whof ~nn~nf1odsb')lUld IJIlll:madleflor jihad? . BlUthe mujahidtn that their jihad in ... On the contrary.It should not be to amass booty.HacU'th is a warning to.. 'I .. ~ oil' It.pierson fights [j'J:11 'lhpe caus"e 'of A~Ilsh] in (lllr'de'ir t. "'~ Jl1 t.a! ~jlli' :JW I~~· "". nor should it be in desire of name and fame.yed.C) obtain bo.~ '.. "J:::..lhting ~'nthe cause. ' .. 'J s'. . any of these unlawful purposes are found. iii i ".t. ~..1 .I' ~ ri" " . a jihad.T- ~!i ~ .. ~ ...oty. ~ . fights. POSWCl. Whh:h .reign suprema is the one who is fie'aJ~y fig'.-J' r . III'~~......~.: ~il~ .. J .. tSp ~.nQ.crl thesle.. not to display one's bravery and valour.. is flighting in the cause of AUah?U Ra~u!iUUiih " replled: "The p.. j ... '...-. UA ..J1_ [as.~ ..

iI" """ A."A l~~.iI .-:' ~'".y~ ~ ~J~' ...'... ~W!.we prefer tr~qll J~tJ ~~II ~) .... 1iI!lITlllIIIIJilil '~albPDemIon jlltid The great scholar of L_adlth and the great mujahid~ 'shayJkh '4.~ _."".iI."... . . statement of our p:r.a.'. .p .~ ~ _ ' - ~. He mote tbis poem addressed to the' great iufi of'tbe Har. iIoooI '.w w.j .:.. "'" .~ ~ .. martyr is not dead.'" .'. ~ J '. r" - ..~ ~'I .r Iftha:t persons' (who is: engaged in 'worship] neck is moistwith tears [on account of crying before: AUah S£]~ thealook... ~ .. '_"I. '..€! morning.-..r..... ~ .llC.:. - jihid.. . :J 6.yh.J.11 -c: _J.t I I.'''' ". .~ J loU ~.~"f ..J _ ~ " ~.bduUab ibn aI-Mubmak ral1matnllahi 'alayh wrote -the 1 JUowing heart-rendiag poem 'While in the battlefield of Tfisus.ayn (Mecca and Medi:nah)~ . . your worshipping would appear ~ . t. ~ Jt . If you .l).. •. 9 ~ • ~~~." . ~ ." .:..40 Ha.- Ifyo'u ·~ik..aybefore you. ..-' ~-.. It?m~ ~~ It..~ J!l.J. Thls statement is not false.I '-rT .rship in -the Haram.~. horse' istired in cornbati ng his desires and .' . \ J"!!"" . autbentle and true .' ·iI'..~I ' '.Ji.:)..'. JIJi ...6f' _.. our necks have' turned red with our blood. -# the dust that flies off the hooves of the horses when engaged in 'lllo. ~ A statement that is.'_~ ~I ~". !I! iI'Ii ~....~ o\S' '.eto shed your tears ill 'the Hamma:__yn. .h' onJiI~itd' 0 Ie 64 n 65 'lbdllJlil'ill ImlnaI~MUlJiraJI'$ ~c.. ShaykbFuda:yl ibn "Ay. 9".~.. ~ -:. Or if that person's Satan.. ..J. '~' .'~. o you 'Who are fully engaged in w.II .. were to see us [mujibidin]... .amayn (Mecca and Medinah). "'''~.." ".'Jw- 'JJl" ". ~~I ~... ..~I..ophet ~ ~ _ oF .iii" ~. Ii!i ~r 10 be a p.." ...:@..h! ~". in the then O!Jf horses are ~ired and fatigued due to fighdng baulefield in tb. _.that cannot be rejected.~ ~..AI.JI There: bas come 10 us such ral1maluli'tihi U::J .J~I~J .~ii!!!~....... . _.

" .ykh Fugayt ibn 'Ayig r:ahmalulUlhi .bdullah ibn id~Mubarak) has spoken thetruth. 'A.aiayh read this poentJ~ar:s begM flowing from his eyes and he said: uAbil 'Abder Rahman (i.yn. Harama.When. 8ba. 'the great ~ufi of the.e.