Case Study - Tapovan Vishnugad Hydro Power Project By P&S Department, Dated 24.07.2009

◦ Experiences
Aspects for timely execution of projects Case Studies of TVHPP

◦ Conclusions ◦ Recommendations

◦ Geological Investigations ◦ Land Acquisition ◦ Shifting of Structures ◦ Infrastructure Inputs ◦ Resistance to blasting ◦ Use of Latest Technology ◦ Timely decisions in coherent manner

.INVESTIGATION PHASE Proper and adequate investigation averts delays during execution stage by: • Choosing best methodology of execution. • Proper investigations backed the decision of deployment of TBM at TVHPP thereby crashing the construction period. • Avoiding geological surprises. • Making realistic designs and estimates thereby avoiding contractual complicacies in later stages.

Creation of Infrastructure Use of Latest Technology to reduce execution time and mitigate environmental concerns .CONSTRUCTION PHASE o o o o Knowledgeable & Trained Land Acquisition team. Effective R&R Policy Implementation.

LAND ACQUISITION ◦ Liaison with State Departments helps in speedy approval of land acquisition and other proposals. ◦ Know How of land acquisition procedures to the executives engaged in ground work is crucial. ◦ Liasion office has been established in Dehradun (State capital) to expedite the proposals. ◦ Trained Patwaris were hired to help in ground works. .

R&R WORKS ◦ Community development works were finalized in consultation with local bodies. ◦ Co-operative societies of the same village were involved for CD works of a village. . ◦ Community development works helped villagers in terms of facilities and job. ◦ Medical camps helped in developing good-will.

Govt. Inter College. ◦ Crucial structures like Temples.R&R WORKS ◦ Shifting of Structures to ensure unhindered progress of work and to avoid inconvenience to population using the structures. . suspension bridges and houses were to be shifted from Barrage area. Ayurvedic hospitals.

Mahila Mangal Dals etc were taken into confidence. Youth club. ◦ Alternative arrangements were made prior to shifting of original structures. ◦ All Govt. ◦ Special care taken to maintain the original architecture of ancient temples to be shifted. ◦ Works of construction of new structures and removal/shifting of old ones was .SHIFTING OF STRUCTURES ◦ Public was educated about the need of shifting. ◦ Due respect was paid to local population’s sentiments with the structures especially Temples. bodies and local bodies like Panchayat.


INFRASTRUCTURE INPUTS Approach Roads: ◦ Agencies like BRO & PWD are available at the start of the project to commence approach works. the approach roads should be included in main packages. All approach roads should be concrete paved to avoid problems during monsoon . ◦ Our experience – They are not good at maintaining schedules. After the award of main packages.

OLTC transformer is installed. ◦ To tackle the voltage fluctuations in peak hours. ◦ Augmentation of Power network was done from Srinagar to Joshimath. ◦ Contract should have provision for .INFRASTRUCTURE INPUTS Construction Power: ◦ Construction power is crucial for execution especially when we are using technologies like TBM & Road Header. ◦ Un-reliability of power was hampering progress.

Phase -1 of prefab structures for office & Bachelor accommodation has been started.INFRASTRUCTURE Before the completion of land acquisition activities. . As an early solution Pre-fabricated offices and porta-cabins are being used as site offices. residences and offices are accommodated in hired buildings. Phased construction taken up for Township.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE Use of Latest Technology to reduce execution time .

TBM & Road Header cause less vibration and pollution and provide much safer working . TBM gives 3-5 times the progress rate of conventional excavation. ◦ Selection of Excavation methodology: Mechanized tunneling such as TBM and Road header have been used.USE OF LATEST TECHNOLOGY ◦ Location & No. of Adits: Normally 12 km long tunnel needs 2 intermediate adits due to lead distance and ventilation considerations. Deployment of TBM obviated the need of 2nd adit and this HRT needs only 1 intermediate adit resulting in time & cost savings. A conference was held in Delhi and decision to deploy TBM was taken after elaborate discussions with TBM suppliers.

Grabs are being used for excavation of cut off wall Raise climber being used for inclined Pressure Shaft excavation.◦ Selection of latest Equipment: USE OF LATEST TECHNOLOGY Drill Jumbos being used for drill & blast and rock bolting operations provide better progress & efficiency. High capacity excavators and dumpers for faster excavation and mucking. . Raise Borer deployed for pilot bore and reaming of surge shaft excavation.

pilot bore completed in 3 days and reaming completed in 12 days. ◦ Offers higher progress rate. ◦ Excavation of Surge Shaft close to populated area by this technology caused practically no disturbance to adjacent population.USE OF LATEST TECHNOLOGY ◦ Raise Borer deployed for Surge shaft pilot boring and reaming. .

◦ An investigation on impact of blasts on the structures in project vicinity carried out by independent agency which gave us clean chit. To tackle the issue: ◦ Local administration taken into confidence. ◦ Frequent interaction & communication with villagers and representatives.RESISTANCE TO BLASTING The project faced a major obstacle by people alleging that the blasts for excavation are causing cracks in their houses. This was motivated by experience of nearby Vishnuprayag HPP. .

TIMELY DECISION IN COHERENT MANNER Speed of project depends on the speed of decision making .

and also saving of land acquisition time.5 km. Provides much shorter approach between 2nd and 3rd adit of HRT thereby improving the accessibility and ease of supervision. 25 Cr.5 km long against earlier planned of 8. Also serves as approach road to SFT outfall resulting in time & cost saving. . resulting in direct saving of approx Rs. New alignment: Is 3.Decision to change the alignment of Chormi Adit approach road. At least 20 ha land acquisition is avoided.

APPROACH TO CHORMI ADIT Barrage Site Intake (3rd ) Adit Portal Alignment .2 Chormi (2nd ) Adit Portal Proposed alignment -1 .

Considerable gain in time & cost. .The decision to introduce third adit near Intake end of HRT ◦ The decision resulted in: Early opening of front – Before the opening of front of 2nd adit approx. 1 km excavation of HRT from this new adit is achieved.

.11.08.Construction of Part of Third adit through separate contract ◦ Construction of part of third adit was awarded to M/s Highway & Hydel on 31.06 ◦ Thus awarding this small contract helped in early start of work. Part of slope protection works were completed. ◦ Before the mobilization of HRT agency: Approach up to the adit was completed.06. ◦ Main HRT package was awarded to M/s L&T AM JV on 28. Open excavation was completed.

◦ Decision involved a lot of survey & geological appraisals and need of Decision to shift the location of TBM adit . ◦ The overburden was likely to disturb the NH 58 which is lifeline of Joshimath Town.◦ Earlier location involved major support works with huge amount of overburden to be removed. ◦ The decision involved well good coordination in Site & Engineering. ◦ A calculated risk was taken by shifting the Portal location closer to ridge line.

Decision to shift the location of TBM adit Earlier Location Final Location HRT .

TBM assembly in Two Phases ◦ Against the area requirement of 15X235m for TBM assembly. TBM was stopped and Assembly up to BU # 21 was completed. 294m.Adit was excavated up to 130m chainage ◦ After part assembly of TBM up to BU # 11. area available was 10X70m. ◦ At Ch. ◦ An innovative decision to assemble TBM in 2 phases was taken. TBM was pushed up to the face and TBM excavation was started. . ◦ First.

◦ This shorter length involved very small blasting and hence found no hindrance to work. New alignment: ◦ Involved only 200m length (against 1km) of fresh construction thereby resulting in cost saving. ◦ The road is being used by the villagers too thus the strengthening of road is giving goodwill to NTPC among PAPs. ◦ Pilot hole and reaming of Surge Shaft completed well within time besides cost saving. scheduled . ◦ The strengthening works were executed through PAPs resulting in improved relation with the village.Decision to change the alignment of approach road to Surge Shaft Top.

APPROACH TO SURFGE SHAFT Proposed Alignment 1 Existing Road to Shelong Village Alignment .2 .

◦ Decision to include road in PH package resulted in: Utilization of equipment and mobilization of agency saving NTPC from idling claims. Started Pressure shaft excavation from intermediate adit before schedule.Decision to include approach road to Pressure Shaft Intermediate adit in PH package: ◦ BRO and PWD were unable to take up the work due to other priorities in the district. Saved a lot of time of award & mobilization. .


the rate of concreting items became unworkable. ◦ Employer bears the market fluctuations where Cement & Steel are provided by the employer.Silting Basin package of TVHPP. ◦ A better formula to compensate for such unusual price hikes of steel & cement should be developed. .ZVS ◦ SSJV-ZVS emerged as L1 and got the Barrage & De . ◦ Barrage package is suffering.Experience with SSJV . ◦ Situation got aggravated by coinciding financial meltdown of Satyam group. ◦ Due to unprecedented rise in rates of Steel & Cement.

CONCLUSIONS ◦ When it comes to Fast Track Execution of Hydro Projects. ◦ Hydro Projects are generally constructed in scarcely/less populated areas where even small group of people can affect the progress. . speed of decision making is crucial ◦ Investment in geological investigations give high returns. ◦ Geologists are the insurance policy of project.

CONCLUSIONS ◦ Selection of good contractor with workable rates is a must. ◦ Innovations should be encouraged. ◦ Efficient construction methodology and latest technologies reduce construction time. ◦ And the most important… A highly motivated and enthusiastic team of professionals. ◦ Capturing of best practices through initiatives like this is also important. .

RECOMMENDATIONS Following can help in fast track project implementation: Effective R&R policy and implementation. Accommodations to be constructed in early phases of project. Mechanism for compensating unusual hike in rates of steel & cement. Designers should pay regular visit to . We should be open to revisions in construction methodology even at the cost of revision in TS.

RECOMMENDATIONS ◦ Following can help in fast track project implementation: Agency for survey and geological investigation should be available during construction phase. Team & designers for effective implementation of their suggestions. TOC should be accompanied with Engg. Construction power network should choose alignment involving least land acquisition & Forest patches rather than . Dispute resolution mechanism is a must for Hydro.

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