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Essey-How Human Development Can Help Me - Essey[1]

Essey-How Human Development Can Help Me - Essey[1]

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Published by: nadragel on Feb 26, 2012
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Human Development is the subject that contains the scientific studies about human behavior and thoughts based

on physical, cognitive and psychosocial development of people, from birth to death. Reading these studies will help me understand my past and present behavior and to educate myself and my family how to live a harmonious family life, an external and even an interior better life. I, like probably many people, had a problematic adolescence. The research on cognitive development of an adolescent explains that when the child enters adolescence, his needs are changing, from the need of imitating others, to the need of being more personal, unique, original and even eccentric. As researchers demonstrated, my thoughts start to become more complex and abstract, more philosophical and most of time I was trying to find the meaning of existence on earth or the truth about the notion of God. Psychologists say the adolescent may want to create something new and excel his friends in everything, and sometimes can become defiant from ordinary society which also influences the psychosocial stage. In my case, I felt I needed to wear the most uncommon clothes and to listen to strangest music which my friends could not understand it. At this age, social development may be combined with the physical development by drug abuse or eating disorder. Considering myself overweight, I develop bulimia, a disorder that I hardly healed. Studying all these in great detail will provide me the satisfaction in explaining to my relatives how my behavior fit in this age category. Another use of this study will assist me in the raising of my family. Psychology researchers consider that a responsible man is formed when he is very young and their explanations should help me to build a better and happier family. Talking about their cognitive development, I agree with researchers that think it is better to let your children discover what is good or bad with their own experience, unless their life can be in danger. As Sigmund Freud said: ³From error to error, one discovers the entire truth. In addition, recent research shows, by receiving this freedom, a child will have a bigger desire for knowledge than other children. Moreover, talking about psychosocial development, studies say children should be noted since they are in kindergarten. If they are shy with children of the same age then we have to give them special attention and education. Sometimes, the situation can cheat on you, because at home children may not show

throwing himself on the floor or being aggressive with people and objects. while an ill negativist lead a sedentary life that will exacerbate such as a heart . and achieves the impossible. showing me the right methods of punishment or reinforcement needed by a child in his development. Every day we run into all kinds of situations which can have a negative impact on our interior lives such as a divorce. Researchers say that motor skills are very fast and sleep problems are normal and common. In my opinion. All these discoveries will help me to succeed in raising my children. Winston Churchill said: ³The positive thinker sees the invisible. I will trust to move forward in my education even if it seems difficult to get certain degrees or certifications.´ This quote shows me how important is to think positive if you want to succeed in your social life and obtaining a great career. Another important aspect in child psychosocial development is raising a child to become a moral person. the knowledge of human development can help and teach me how to gain confidence and fight depression in all phases of my development to come. Researchers said that I should measure how much indulgence I will show him. body weight. That shows what great mistake a parent can do by being too indulgent with his children. Even more. helping me in finding the resources and solutions to reconstruct my present and future. etc. research demonstrates that positive thinkers usually have better intellectual and psychical accomplishments what can be great useful information in my physical development understanding. feels the intangible. They may talk and play with any relative.this signs at all. Believing this. like crying loud. it is likely to adopt the same behavior when he becomes adult. They discovered that if the child gets into the habit to obtain everything by acting out and having tantrums. In addition. they cope better with illness and even recover from accidents easier than a negative thinker. but they can be very shy with unknown children their age. appetite. Divorce represents the separation from a part of your past and it is always sad. I strongly believe that a patient with positive thinking will fight for his health and will do physical activities that may improve his recovery. So this should not scare me when my child will have to meet this inconvenience. Psychologists show me how to pass these moments without becoming a victim of depression. Some people show strong characters by being optimistic like finding a reason or a way of evolution by going thru all this life¶s challenging moments. child physical development is also an important study because the need of understanding body changes.

live as if you'll die today. an opportunity and a new .´ Taking the examples of positive thinkers. Most people fear the death of somebody dear to them but they also fear the thought of death itself. Another purpose in my development studies is the understanding and combating the fear of death. Many people can present different mental issues and illnesses.. from James Dean says: ³Dream as if you'll live forever.´ Death is a normal phenomenon though people are very afraid of it.´ which teaches me that I should see any difficult situation as an opportunity of evolution in my cognitive development along time. There might be situations when I will start a friendship with someone and I will able to recognize if that person is having some mental issues or not. a year ago I fell ill from anxiety and depression which I only managed to drive away with therapy of thinking positive because the pills were not sufficient as a sole option to heal me. Winston Churchill also quotes that: ³A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. Use your imagination. Thinking positive is a great achievement for a healthy mind and life. My thoughts about the day I¶ll die combined with other difficulties in my life determined my anxiety to develop a year ago.. not an evil. I have experienced this with the fact that having negative thoughts. Coping with this illness I realize that life is not meant to be spent thinking about a single moment. As a worker in the public sector now or as a future nurse. try to visualize a world without death! . I also believe that the power of having a healthy life lies within us as Winston Churchill said again: ³everybody has the power to achieve the positive thinking if is really wanted´. I think that fear of death can affect both the social and cognitive development sending you into depression but can also affect the physical development as well as in my case it happened. having the knowledge of this course will helps me to understand how the relationship with that person will affect me. the moment of dying. Psychology of human development can help me to recognize some early symptoms in a patient and eventually recommend him a special doctor. A dear quote to me. it matters how I treat that situation as a challenge. how I interact with people is very important and necessary for me to know how to connect and tie relationships with people. An also very important knowledge for my cognitive development is the knowledge of how to observe people that I will meet. but living every moment of it. an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. it does not matter how difficult a situation can be.disease. Moreover. Charlotte Perkins Gilman explains to us with these words:´Death? Why this fuss about death. If so. Death is the essential condition of life.

a relative. a patient or a coworker with a good advice about what I have learned and experienced my life will be fully of joy. As a positive thinker I see the moment of death itself as a great challenge and a new experience for thought. If I can help a friend. Studying human development will bring me a lot of benefits. Erik Erickson used to say:´Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death«´ Human development is the subject that will reveal to me the details about dealing with death and with my aging thoughts helping me to adopt a normal behavior such important for developing my integrity as a grandmother and as a person. helping me has to occur first and that I definitely can achieve by following the knowledge of human development.experience to learn from it. But before thinking of helping other. . a curse and bad luck. or a weakness.

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