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Marist Offense, Allison, Marist (or) HS, UO Clinic '04

Marist Offense, Allison, Marist (or) HS, UO Clinic '04

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Philosophy - Have a balanced attack with the ability to run and pass the ball from anywhere on the field from various formations, motions & shifts.



Offensive Goals

2) 3) 4) 5)
,6) 7)

1) Win - Score more points than the opponent Perfect ball security

Keep momentum on your side (Treat all set backs as temporary).

Eliminate Penalties - Mental Mistakes "No Excuse" S1rive to maintain and establish field position Make Big Plays 100% in red zone

System needed.

1) Latitude to access whatever aspect of off~ens, needed wh r3!'~.~q_.~~ffp:~~e:cJ~ A) Co;&gOut -):/

B) RedZone .} C) Short Yardage/Goal line D) 2 Minute Offense E) 2 Point Plays F) Last Play from previous offensive series - What worked - What hurt the defense (what did they have a hard time adjusting to) 2) User friendly terminology for communication purposes A) Formations (multiple) B) Motions C) Play calling-Clear and concise (protections, Route Tree, etc.) 3) A run game and pass game that compliments each other equally from all formations and motions. 4) Utilization of an effective cadence. A) Quick Count B) Long Count C) Audible system D) No Huddle or 2 Minute Offense Mike Allison Head Coach Marist High School Subj: Spartan Offense


G:\ fiJ ~

r~ j ]-S-IO:·~L , r d '-J


Formation Types A) Uncover heavy tendencies of fronts - Run game/Protections B) Uncover heavy tendencies of coverages - 2 DeepfSingle/3 Deep Motion Types A) Do we get an advantage run/pass (personal Match-ups) .Down & Distance Tendencies A) Frontalignment"'M~









B) C)

Blitz tendencies
Man/Zone tendencies and techniques

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


A) C) 2)

Formation/Motion Run Game


To secure a numerical advantage - ~ Create better blocking angles Disguise blocking angles

..... ,. .J.i;A.r--~ .;Ja-:-t

1 -,

A) B)

Run From Passing Formations Break the box down

Spread a defense to create better running lanes

Run Audibles or Checks A) Attack a more desirable side because of numbers B) Attack a more desirable side because of angles C) Attack a more desirable side because of techniques.


Use Misdirection A) Take advantage of fast flowing defenses (Z-Counter).



Play Action Off Runs A) Attack defenders too aggressive on runs (Lead Pass, Waggle). ~




~ 'T~? --r."Jb.

Protection- Most Important
1) Use various protections to allow 5,6~7,8 man protections, 2) formation the defense (make them adjust). .

3."- ~ ~



3) Vary the launch point - 3 step, 5 step, 7 step, ~ roll, and full roll.
4) Utilize play action. 5) Use same route concepts from various formations. 6) Routes good vs. any coverage. 7) What if-Adjustments and Concepts.

Keep It Simple- (A lot of two-way guys)
A) Six main running plays 1) Dive

2)· Trap
. 3) Lead/Blast 4) Counter

5) Sweep
6) Option (MOILead)

Each Position runs each play (QB must be a run threat)
A) Q-Trap, Q-Sweep, Q-Lead, etc. B) Because defenses feel when there is only 1 back in the backfield there can't be a lead blocker-that one back can lead the QR

FormationsWe have quite a few but it doesn't affect the linemen and are learned in spring and during summer passing league. We use formations to gain an advantage but we don't try to,FINESSE anyone. It's the one reason opposing coaches' think we run so m.uch stuff.

Motion for each positionMake motion count-if they don't respect it make them pay, and if they respect it

too much make them pay.
A) Rip/Liz B) Short Motion

Practice BreakdownA) We have a lot of two-way guys. Practice hitting each area one day a week and that's it. Don't come back to it unless they really screw it up or it's completely new.

Gun is for 5 and 7 step drop, but is just as much a Running formation as anything else. Play action passA) Waggle (X post, X post-comer)

B) Lead Pass
C) Boot

Screen Packaee ...
A) Middle Screen (Y) B) Bubble Screen ;_-----C) Waggle Screen D) Boot Screen

o __JJ.



"Special Plays" for your Offense ...
1) Trick Plays
-These are the kind of plays that are fun for the kids and adds to their enthusiasm. Sometimes we'll even let the kids maw up a play that week that we'll run in a particular game. . -Work on special plays for special situations that can help win a game.

2) Why use Trick. or Special Plays
-Need a lift or change of mOrDl!Dtum. . -Opponent may not be able to adjust to an unfamiliar formation. -Fnture opponent will have more to prepare for the following week.

3) When to use a Trick or Special Play
. -First play of the game -Right after a turnover -Right after a big gain -When least expected by your opponent (like 3~ or 4th and short, depending on field position) -After the opponent has called a timeout

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