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The Ritzy Restaurant

By Elton Camp The valet came out to park our car Awaiting our table, we sat at the bar The hostess escorted us to our table Reeves will come when hes able. The tablecloth was of linen so bright Fine china & sparkling silver a delight I was wearing my best coat and tie To come informally, I wouldnt try Reeves in his tux minced to our tableside Didnt try to hide an expression so snide I could tell by the way he rolled his eyes That wed never eaten there he did apprise With a voice so haughty he then did say, I recommend that you try our fine pate. We cater here to the best people in town As you will see if you just look around. Movement under a table caught my attention But I decided it would be best not to mention Since I saw that what he said was so true For Mr. Cockroach was eating there too

I eat here all the time.