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For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I pledge and agree to pay the total sum of $___________ to benefit the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity.

One-Time Gift


Date: ________________

Please make checks payable to: Epsilon Delta House Corporation I acknowledge that the Epsilon Delta House Corporation may reasonably act in reliance upon this pledge to, among other things, borrow moneys, incur expenses, enter into contracts for related services, undertake projects or obligations, and solicit additional donations or pledges. Unless otherwise requested, all donors will be recognized in plaques and publications appearing by category relative to the size of their gift or pledge. Signature: Print Name: Address: City: State: Today's date: E-mail: Phone: Zip Code:

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Epsilon Delta House Corporation MAIL ALL FORMS AND PAYMENTS TO: Epsilon Delta House Corporation P.O. Box 1680 Lubbock, TX 79408