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Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologa.

English III. Teacher: Krissia Cantillano Prado. 17-2001 ICO 2012. Group 4.

Essay #1 Bethany Hamilton.

Student: Guido Mora Vargas.

Monday, February 13th, 2012.

Bethany Hamilton Bethany Hamiltons story is a courageous one. It is about a teenager surfer girl. She was attacked by a big shark; she lost an arm. But, she is not a disabled person; she is a winner. The most important things of this amazing woman are her familys love, her perseverance and her faith in God.

When she was a kid, her parents taught her to swim in the Hawaiis beaches. Bethanys brothers always cared about her. They share together many things or social activities such as surfing, dinners, friends and parties. In her family, Bethany found a real home. When she had the shark accident, all her family stayed with her every minute.

For Bethany the word QUIT doesnt exist. She started to learn surfing with passion and love. Before the accident, she tried and tried to win the local surfer competition, but sometimes she was the second place. After the accident, the real competition was with herself. She never gave up her dreams; she is successful.

She grew up with great faith in God. Her values and behavior with people were always correct. She helped poor and Latin people. She could overcome her condition because she believed in god. She found happiness in helping needy people and not herself.

This is an awesome true story about life and how to overcome big issues. She is an example to teach in high schools and colleges because teenagers need a guide to learn about the value of health and love. Now, Bethany is a complete woman. Her family is the happiest in Hawaii. Now, I can see life in another way.