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Iperf is a tool to measure the bandwidth and the quality of a network associated with lperf to provide a graphical frontend written in Java. The network link is de lim ited by two hosts running Iperf.

link. Jperf can be OM TEAM .... Director: Bla ise Ca rre ra ....Tutorials creation: ~ Blaise Carrera ....Translaters: II Giovanni Fredducci Angel Chraniotis :::II: Moham. H. Karvan • Alexandro Silva LI Blaise Carrera _ Andrei Chertolyas _ Sergiy Uvarov _ Nickola Kolev _ t.ukasz Nowatkowski ... lvo Raisr 1:1 Catalin Bivolaru 1:1 Bogdan A. Costea - Kirill Simonov Oliver Mucafir ::.: JaeVoung Jeon :.: Seungyoon Lee • Jie Vu & Si Cheng .Tao Wei .VukiAlex • Fumihito Yoshida ~ Muhammad Takdir 1:11 C;:agda~ Tulek ....Auditors m Leslie Luthi m Joe Anderson ~ Jennifer Ockwell m Nigel Titley mAlison Rees LI Sabrina Barbey ....Webmaster: Bla ise Ca rre ra

The quality of a link can be tested as follows: - Latency (response time or RTT): can be measured with the fl.D..!I. command. - Jitter (Iate·ii·cy··va·riafion): can be measured with an Iperf UDP test. - Datagram loss: can be measured with an Iperf UDP test. The bandwidth is measured through TCP tests.

To be clear, the difference between TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is that TCP use processes to check that the packets are correctly sent to the receiver v.nereas with UDP the packets are sen'fWif"fi"oiit any checks but with the advantage of being quicker than TCP. . . Iperf uses the different capacities of TCP and UDP to provide statistics about network links.

Finally, Iperf can be installed very easily on any UNIX/Linux or Microsoft One host must be set as client, the other one as ~~.~!::!......... .




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Here is a diagram v.nere lperf is installed on a Linux and Microsoft Windows machine. Linux is uSEi"i:f"a·s··ffie··lperfclient and Windows as the lperf server. Of course ,it is also possible to use two Linux boxes. .. .

lperf Ollient

iperf Server


Iperf no argo Default settings Data format -r Bi-directional bandwidth ~ Simultaneous bi-directional ::f! TCP Window size



.:..P......:.L. -u. -b
bandwidth :..!!!.

-M .:.E.

Port, timing and interval UDP tests, bandwidth settings Maximum Segment Size display Maximum Segment Size settings Parallel tests help

Default settings Simultaneous bi-directional bandwidth UDP tests, bandwidth settings

• Default Iperf settings: Also check "Jperf section. By default, the lperf client connects to the Iperf server on the TCP port 5001 and the bandwidth



0-10.0 sec 1.i.26 MBytes 1.6.Client side: I#iperf -c 10.l!.1.1. ).Server side: Server listening on TCP port 5001 TCP window size: sec 74. kilobits(k).0-10.5 port 5001 connected with 10.Server side: openmaniak. By default.Server side: I#iperf -51 Server listening on TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 8.6 sec 1.1 -f bytes is not equal to 100 Mbytes but to 100'000'000/1024/1024 = bl Client connecting to 10.12 MBytes 936 Kbits/sec [4] local 10.05 Mbits/sec .1.. etc . If you want to use UDP tests.2.1. only the bandv.5 port 33453 [IO] Interval Transfer Bandwidth [852] 0.2 MBytes 61.1.0-10.) .2/25/12 IPERF .00 KByte (default) [852] local 10... etc .1.idth measures are displayed in bits (or Kilobits.idths..1..0-10.! ) .2.~~!..37 Mbytes .1.1.. If you want to measure the bi-directional bandv.com/iperf.Client side: I#iperf -c 10. As a reminder .6.00 KByte (default) [852] local 10..1. .6.1 port 5001 connected with 10.1 port 5001 [5] 0.1. Generally the bandv..:.Top of the page • Bi-directional bandv.ing the bi-directional bandwidth measurement. gigabits(g) or gigabytes(G).Q.2.idth Simultaneously.1.1.5 port 33453 connected with 10. megabytes(M). (See further on this ~. kilobytes(K).0-10.11 Client connecting to 10. argument. ) and an amount of data is displayed in bytes (or Kilobytes..1 -rl Server listening on TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 85.1 byte is equal to 8 bits and..1.1 port 5001 [3] 0.5 port 54953 connected with 10. and =I Jperf client arguments measure the bi-directional bandv.php 2/11 .idth measurement: (-r argument) The Jperf server connects back to the client allov.7 Mbits/sec ..1. For exam pie: 100'000'000 95.5 port 35726 connected with 10.1.1..2 sec 1359872 Bytes 1064272 bits/sec .idth from the client to the server is measured..2 sec 1.!d.26 MBytes 1. TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 16384 Byte (default) [ 3] local 10.1 port 5001 connected with 10.Client side: I#iperf -c 10.2.1 port 1640 [4] 0. use the -d keyword. port 33453 [IO] Interval Transfer Bandwidth [852] 0.0 KByte (default) [ 5] local 10. bytes(B)..idth from the client to the server..6. use the :... 1 kilo is equal to 1 0'~4T2'Ar(jJ:" .1..1.2. TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 16.The Easy Tutorial displayed by Iperf is the bandv.1.03 Mbits/sec • Data formatting: (-f argument) The -f argument can display the results in the desired format: bits(b).1. (See next test. in the computer science world..2..1.0-10... megabits(m)...~.1 port 5001 [3] 0.1.6 sec 920 KBytes 711 Kbits/sec . The ..3 KByte (default) Client connecting to 10.1. TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 16384 Byte (default) [ 3] local 10.

1 port 5001 connected with 10.00 KByte (default) [800] [IO] [800] [852] local 10.5.1. .1 port 5001 5001 connected with 10. the kernel allocates double as much as indicated .0 KByte (default) [ 5] [4] [ 4] [ 5] local 10..Server side: I#iperf -5 -w 40001 Server listening on TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 3.Top of the page • Simultaneous bi-directional bandwidth Also check the "Jperf" section. TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 3.1.3 1.6.1..6..1 -w 20001 WARNING: TCP window size set to 2000 bytes.1.1 sec 704 KBytes 572 Kbits/sec .5 port 60270 Client connecting to 10.2.5 port 54355 [IO] Interval Transfer Bandwidth [852] 0. TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 16. TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 8.1.1.Server side: I#iperf -51 Server listening on TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 8.The Easy Tutorial Server listening on TCP port 5001 TCP window size: -dl Server listening on TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 85.1 sec 1.0sec 76..1.1.php 3/11 ..0-10.. use the argument (see previous test).1 port 1646 connected with 10.55 60270 connected with MBytes 1. use the -d argument..Client side: I#iperf -c 10.2. TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 8.3 KByte (default) Client connecting to 10.1.5..5 port 5001 Interval Transfer Bandwidth only the bandwidth from the client to the server is measured .1 port 2643 MBytes 63.2.29 Mbits/sec .4 Mbits/sec .15 MBytes 956 Kbits/sec Client connecting to 10. By default (ie: without the -r or -d arguments).95 KByte) [ 3] local 10.6.1..r .6.1.0-10.com/iperf.1 port 2643 connected with 10.5 port 51400 connected with 10.Top of the page .3 MBytes 61.0 sec sec port port 76. If you want to test the bandwidths sequentially.1.6.TCP Window size: (-wargument) The TCP window size is the amount of data that can be buffered during a connection without a validation from the receiver.1.5 port 5001 [IO] Interval Transfer Bandwidth [824] 0..2.29 Mbits/sec .2.Client side: I#iperf -c 10. See the Iperf documentation.00 KByte (default) [824] local 10...0 sec 73.0-10.6.00 KByte (default) [852] local 10.1 port 5001 connected with 10.5 local 10.0-10.1..5 0. On Linux systems. measurement: (-d argument) To measure the bi-directional bandwidths simultaneousely. It can be between 2 and 65.2.535 bytes.3MBytes KByte (default) [852] local 10.1. :.91 KByte (WARNING: requested 1..9 Mbits/sec MBytes 1.2/25/12 IPERF .1 sec 1.91 KByte openmaniak..9Mbits/sec 0..1 port 5001 [3] 0. A small window size will give poor performance. Client connecting to 10. when specifying a TCP buffer size with the -w argument.

(-b) Ads by Google Tep UDP Iperf Windows Windows Iperf The UDP tests with the -u argument will give invaluable information about the jitter and the packet loss.0 sec 344 KBytes 1.0-18.0. default is TCP port 5001.1. The -I argument indicates the interval in seconds between periodic bandwidth reports .88 Mbits/sec [3J 6. Server side: I#iperf -5 -u -i 11 (0.1.0-10..00 MBytes 1.0-14.1 port 5001 connected with 10.25 Mbits/sec ...SrrartShopping.0 sec 208 KBytes 852 Kbits/sec [3J sec 232 KBytes 950 Kbits/sec [3J 16.1 Client connecting to 10.. Client side: -u -b 10ml I#iperf -c 10.0 sec 704 KBytes 2.51 Mbits/sec [3J 4. UOP port 5001 Sending 1470 byte datagrams UOP buffer size: 108 KByte (default) [ 3J local sec 280 KBytes 1.1. .0-10.1 sec 704 KBytes 570 Kbits/sec . It must be configured on the client and the server with the same value...11%) Server listening on UOP port 5001 Receiving 1470 byte datagrams UOP buffer size: 8..0 sec 368 KBytes 1. Client side: -p 12000 -t 20 -i 21 I#iperf -c 10.2/25/12 IPERF .0-20. If you don't specify the -u argument.1 sec 3.1.0-10. The -t argument specifies the test duration time in seconds.1.0..1. A high packet loss rate will generate a lot of TCP segment retransmissions which will affect the bandwidth.8 MBytes 9. The jitter value is particularly important on network links supporting voice over IP (VoIP) because a high jitter can break a call. default is 10 secs.6.0.1 Client connecting to 10..0 KByte (default) [ 3J local 10.com In • Communication port (-p).1.1.0 sec 264 KBytes 1..00 MBytes 1..0-12.0 sec 232 KBytes 950 Kbits/sec [3J 18. The jitter is basically the latency variation and does not depend on the latency.5 port 32781 connected with 10.0 sec 11. Top of the page • UDP tests: (-u).0-16.1 sec 3.1.l.0 sec 224 KBytes 918 Kbits/sec [3J 2.0-20.The Easy Tutorial [852J loeall0. Iperf uses TCP.617 ms 9/8409 .l.08 Mbits/sec [3J 0.6. The -b argument allows the allocation if the desired bandwidth .0 sec 208 KBytes 852 Kbits/sec [3J 14.-\~{~ Top answers for Iperf I www..1 port 5001 [3J 0.89 Mbits/sec [ 3J Sent 8409 datagrams [ 3J Server Report: [3J 0.php 4/11 .41 Mbits/sec [3J 12. Server side: I#iperf -5 -p 120001 Server listening on TCP port 12000 TCP window size: 8. the packet loss should not go over 1 %.4.8 MBytes 9.6.15 Mbits/sec [3J 8..2.00 KByte (default) [852J loeall0...1.1 port 12000 [3J Mbits/sec 2.6. You can have high response times and a very low jitter.2.0 sec 11. timing (-t) and interval (-i): The Iperf server communication port can be changed with the -p argument. bandwidth settings Also check the "Jperf" section.2.1.com/iperf. Top of the page Searching for iperf? Iperf . To keep a good link quality.l port 12000 connected with 10.2.0-10.5 port 51400 [IOJ Interval Transfer Bandwidth [852J 0.5 port 58316 connected with 10..00 KByte (default) openmaniak. .25 Mbits/sec .5 port 58316 [ IOJ Interval Transfer Bandwidth [852J 0.0-20. TCP port 12000 TCP window size: 16.8.0.

Client side: I#iperf -c MBytes 9.84 Mbits/sec 1. unknown interface) .0 sec 1.8..2.1.0 Mbits/sec 1.0.12%) [904J 5.40 but to 1500 . unfragmented TCP segment..0 sec 1.1 port 5001 [ 4J local 10.2.576 bytes Generally.19 MBytes 10.1.1 to change the MSS.1.1.2.TCP & IP headers The TCP & IP headers are equal to 40 bytes.1.0 Mbits/sec 1. TCPport 5001 TCP window size: 16. (See the previous -M 1300 -ml WARNING: attempt to set TCP maximum segment size to 1300.0 sec 1.0-10.2.846 ms 5/850 (0. Top of the page • Maximum Segment Size (-m argument) display: The Maximum Segment Size (MSS) is the largest amount of data.1500 bytes: used in a LAN.5.13%) [904J 7.0.19 MBytes 10.831 ms 0/850 (0%) [904J 8.12 Mbits/sec openmaniak.5 port 41532 connected with 10.9.com/iperf.12 (Timestamps .94 Mbits/sec 1.0 sec 11.846 ms 1/850 (0.19 MBytes 9.35 MBytes 1.40 .1.6.86 Mbits/sec 2.0.58 Mbits/sec [ 3J MSS size 1288 bytes (MTU 1328 bytes.841 ms 0/850 (0%) [904J 9. TCPport 5001 TCP window size: 16.1 sec 1.0 sec 1.802 ms 2/851 (0.0 sec 1.0 KByte (default) [ 3J local 10.6.1 -P to run parallel tests .5 port 41533 connected with 10.98 Mbits/sec 1.4..0 sec 1.2.0 sec 1.830 ms 0/850 (0%) [904J 4.2/25/12 IPERF .19 MBytes 9.98 Mbits/sec 1.806 ms 0/851 (0%) [904J 6.0-10.1.17914 bytes: old technology developed by IBM.1.0-10.6.0 Mbits/sec 1.24%) [904J 3.. TCPport 5001 TCP window size: 16. Dial-up .6.0..The Easy Tutorial [904J local 10.6..19 MBytes 10.618 ms 9/8409 (0.06 MBytes 8.1.1. PPPoE .0-10. that a computer can support in a single. 21 Client connecting to 10. but got 536 Client connecting to 10.1.1 sec 4..1.6.19 MBytes 10..87 Mbits/sec 1.5 port 32781 [IOJ Interval Transfer Bandwidth Jitter Lost/TotalOatagrams [904J 0..1.0. Top of the page • Maximum Segment Size (-M argument) settings: test for more explanations about Use the -M argument the MSS) I#iperf -c 10.0.12 Mbits/sec [ 3J 0.801 ms 0/851 (0%) [904J 0.0 Mbits/sec 1. a higher MTU (and MSS) brings higher bandwidth efficiency . Server side: I#iperf option) = 1448 -51 .0 KByte (default) [ 3J local MBytes 10.0 Mbits/sec port 5001 connected with 10.0 sec 1.04 Mbits/sec [ 3J MSS size 1448 bytes (MTU 1500 bytes.7.1.803 ms 1/755 (0.0 sec 1. in bytes.18 MBytes 9.1.59%) [904J 2.1.35 MBytes 1.1 port 5001 [4J 0.1 port 5001 [3J 0.php 5/11 .3.11%) . Token Ring (16Mb/sec) .1 -ml Client connecting to 10.5 port 41534 connected with 10.1 sec 1.1..2.0-10. Server side: I#iperf -51 . The MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit is the greatest amount of data that can be transferred in a frame. It can be calculated as follows: MSS = MTU .0 KByte (default) [ 3J local 10.5 port 41535 connected with 10.27 MBytes 1.2 sec 1. Client side: I#iperf -c 10.1.1 port 5001 [3J 0. Here are some default MTU size for different network topology: Ethernet .830 ms 0/837 (0%) [904J 1.0.1492 bytes: used on ADSL links.0 sec 1.1.8 MBytes 9..29 MBytes 3.0-10.1.1. ethemet) Here the MSS is not equal to 1500 . Top of the page • Parallel tests (-P argument): Use the -P argument .1.

. Insta Ilation: Download Jperf .Server side: I#iperf IPERF .40 bytes) set TCP no delay. .. for multicast (default 1) run in server mode run in single threaded UDP mode run the server as a daemon Test Network Bandwidth Monitor Available Bandwidth Assure Network & App Performance www. If you have the following iperf" message.The Easy Tutorial 2.. MBytes seconds between periodic bandwidth reports length of buffer to read or write (default 8 KB) print TCP maximum segment size (MTU . connecting to "host" Do a bidirectional test simultaneously number of bytes to transmit (instead of -t) Do a bidirectional test individually time in seconds to transmit for (default 10 sees) input the data to be transmitted from a file input the data to be transmitted from stdin port to recieve bidirectional tests back on number of parallel client threads to run time-to-live.appneta. Linux Uncompress the downloaded file: frontend for Iperf IM"itten in Java .o. Mbits. KBytes.TCP/IP header) server port to listen on/connect to use UDP rather than TCP TCP window size (socket buffer size) bind to "host". I#tar -xv.~~ Iperf Top answers for Iperf www.o...T --ttl Miscellaneous: -h --help -v --version .0-10.. bandwidth to send at in bits/sec (default 1 Mbit/sec. Top of the page print this message and quit print version information and quit #[KM] "host" #[KM] # "name" # # # for UDP.. jperf2.2/25/12 [SUM] 0. Top of the page Searching for iperf? .24 Mbits/sec -51 ~dCtllllCe5 .com JPERF Jperf is a graphical • 1.com a I I • Iperf help: Usage: iperf [-sl-c host] [options] iperf [-hl--help] [-vl--version] Client/Server: -f -i -I -m -p -u -w -B -C -M -N --format --interval --len --print_mss --port --udp --window --bind --compatibility --mss --nodelay --IPv6Version [kmKM] # #[KM] # #[KM] "host" # format to report: Kbits. disabling Nagle's Algorithm Set the domain to IPv6 -v Server specific: -s --server -U --single_udp -D --daemon Client specific: -b --bandwidth -c --client -d --dualtest -n --num -r --tradeoff -t --time -F --fiIeinput -I --stdin -L --listenport -P --parallel .1 sec .70 MBytes 2. an interface or multicast address for use with older versions does not sent extra msgs set TCP maximum segment size (MTU .zipl Launch Jperf.. implies -u) run in dient mode.php 6/11 ..SrrartShopping. it means that you need to install Iperf with: "apt-get install [perf is probably not in your Path! openmaniak..com/iperf.

Q5I!1D!-H -110 .... bandwidth measurement: Also check "Iperf" section for more details. tr .-Jt.2 . iln.tl'"!o 0.--":~ hJ:r&... l21 Ifl1l "II':" Jftl"'ll'Ili! de"lI. ij) Z 1"1i 3J -..1:RI ...10'''0 ""..:zoo Ip.iIt.N'iI'ftI!U on "jperf..umullic i "1'1:. ."} tU.''.tlIJ/I.:lll..Windows server: openmaniak.oJ (ll~ ....-t ]J 1........Jt .t til UC :. • 2... rt!4 ftUilll'OM .. 5:.0" and double-click Note that the iperf utility is already present in the fbin folder .-. x IJiml1 f!l4UI ..1'''~ eor I .b .iL~..gIltbIrLlQUM n .net/Projects/lperf/' and put the executable in your PATH environment variable. t iii.Ili(1~ :311'" -oiI ...o.-. d'lt\Ii..nlanr. ... C..l'tMl..Linux client: ·1 IIDil'IIi-{Ul Lilif Jl.0.'!I-!-! "..The Easy Tutorial Please download it here 'http://dast. n:II"""lI~ '..~'Il~ ioa!.~"") ~t:ot. Examples: ..2/25/12 IPERF ..j~:lnUL II ~ Illn IOIrI:pft(Kmft ":11!~ KfI4'I'IlJiitnll lHUIlIli!'NlCldlf: 1l~~"'4"IiI!.php 7/11 .~( l.0-. Access the uncompressed folder called by default "jperf2.nljll! 'MI' .nl'!IIi"'\' ~~It C."In .Ir I 10l.11... ~ ~Ol~d "-1. 1 lQ'lJUIt. Default settings.l. 1 NlI ~h'l ~uviPrtjl ilMlml1latllll tAjj j ... '''."Kh.cdr ullllir.<iII!tIIl.1H Ini..J ..li l-el 110000' •• ~1 t1 f(.LI1II.lllIW"" n] (1. -ll..~ Ul"'lt ktM'Ie-t ~l -4 G . Microsoft Windows Uncompress the downloaded file with your favorite program.. IIIlJi .~ ~tlili:1"~ '"0-1 r) [~~ItjI .l. Uil lon_ lO7'GQ .t 'fOCli ~~lto..r.n.OI't .... 11 __ ~OOI ~1~111i11 •• " l~ lil!i .. 'M'(i!lIt J.. JI'I... [EJ .~d. .t.M''I:IQJ101tt ]J '1 O~ I jJ l-fl 11040 lOoIA'O' 1i1ll'/IH :U l1..I!l ii( .olI~t...i!• .com/iperf.: O~ 1 'IIII-tI O-". 'tuwa''In. ". :nIljO.JtJlill:l! TCP'''fIIiI ..." )J 0 G-Ill 01...-mn. aflMC'III'QUI IlIITnl.J!lll ~U.11lI(" IU l] 00<-1 1Il.~ .bat".

oellgilil ~.kIiiE EQ'~IIIIti't:!.The Easy Tutorial _~T'CP' Deurr~·l.SrrartShopping.i(j'JN~.. ~1E:1..O·~ OMi':: IflaN~.3.ii:i.tlsl-s~. o M...~[I~~ '11J.Linux client: openmaniak.2/25/12 IPERF .. [sI!llIIi.3 'Tr. 1j].l{l~1Ci7J.com/iperf. .I::!~~ 'HI·.11].t~.!::!~~ ..:JTr(:P'~ftiL'f!lSi~'. Jperf ~i1.:.:.com .j!'l~1 [I~liWidi! ! [I set i [UI H~~ ~! :'liIi.jM~~ E:S:i~lle" l.(J~. Simultaneous bi-directional bandv.lII :HUW111 O'I\GP"lllti~ O.es I for Iperf www.:i~rt~Ci~ CDI'JI"JQdM wih 1~l:1M1..o :=.:!ph'5~1J5:.j Top answers I Searching for iperf? Iperf In Io. Top of the page .Q' StUi o!lJl·'5:[1:r.idth measurement: Also check "Iperf" section for more details.Itil..AdCh~lc.php 8/11 .1~:oME:~"f :il(i. 1f15N~.

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