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Daily Planetary Table at 0.

0 UT (GMT) for year 2012
(Using Lahiri Ayanamsha)
Notes: Please apply your timezone correction to arrive to your time Example:India add 5 hours 30 minutes, for West to GMT subtract your timezone from this date Example: Jan 01's position for India will be 5:30 AM, for London it's Jan 1st 0:00 for New York, Dec 31st 19:00, for California, Washington, Oregon: Dec 31st 16:00 PM Alternatively you can add or subtract your time zone to birth time / time to convert birth time to GMT and then calculate positon. Example: To calculate position for March 2nd, 2009 for Seattle at 8:22 AM in morning 1. Convert March 2nd 2009 to GMT time. Time difference is 8 (GMT to PST) hours. y 2. Add 8 hours to the desired time 8:22 AM to derive GMT. (GMT:March 2nd 2009, 16:22) y 3. Notedown Positions of planets of March 2nd and March 3rd for desired planet. y 4. Find the difference This is a speed. Call it as an X. This is for 24 hours. y 5. Now 16:22 is from the midnight of GMT hence calculate if a planet's 24 hours speed is X (from 4) then How much for 16:22? Result is Y. y 6. Add the Y to the March 2nd position of desired planet. Result is planetary position for given time for one planet. y 7. Repeat this for all planets.