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A Sight to Behold So sad, when we get older When, questions will arise About things, not important In,

a younger persons eyes. But, as we question, ourselves And, wonder, how we got here Some answers, to those questions Are those, what we long to hear. Why am I, the one who I am? Who were those, who came before? Is there more, to where Im at What does history, have in store? Why didnt I ask those questions When, the answers, were alive? Will those things people should know Be passed on to others, and survive? When I am dead and gone And, these questions I now ask Be passed on to another? Will, they take up that task? In so many trees of life The branches will be broken And the roots of, who we are? They never, might be spoken. So many riches, not worth gold But, some go into our soul We should all ask those questions For, it is a worthy goal. To find out who, we really are And, how we all came to be Is a simple sight, to behold

But one, so many, rarely see. Dont expect to be a heros kin Sometimes simple, makes the great And, makes a little bit of living To what makes, your history, wait! Del Abe Jones 02.26.2012