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14776 · Nitrite

Measuring range:

0.02 – 1.00 mg/l NO2-N 0.010 – 0.500 mg/l NO2-N 0.002 – 0.200 mg/l NO2-N

0.07 – 3.28 mg/l NO2 0.03 – 1.64 mg/l NO2 0.007 – 0.657 mg/l NO2

10-mm cell 20-mm cell 50-mm cell

Expression of results also possible in mmol/l.

Check the pH of the sample, specified range: pH 2 –10. If required, add dilute sulfuric acid drop by drop to adjust the pH.

Pipette 5.0 ml of the sample into a test tube.

Add 1 level blue microspoon of NO2-1.

Shake vigorously to dissolve the solid substance.

Check the pH, specified range: pH 2.0 – 2.5. If required, add dilute sodium hydroxide solution or sulfuric acid drop by drop to adjust the pH.

Reaction time: 10 minutes

Transfer the solution into Select method with a corresponding cell. AutoSelector.

Place the cell into the cell compartment.

Important: To measure in the 50-mm cell, the sample volume and the volume of the reagents have to be doubled for each. Alternatively, the semi-microcell can be used.

Quality assurance: To check the measurement system (test reagents, measurement device, and handling) ready-for-use nitrite standard solution, Cat.No. 250477, concentration – 1000 mg/l NO2, can be used after diluting accordingly.



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