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The Crime of Transference by a Psychiatrist By Anthony Blackstone Perpetual (C)Copyright (2012 C.E.) by Anthony J. Fejfar and Neothomism, P.C.

(PA) The Founder of Modern Psychiatry, Sigmund Freud, asserted that Transference or Projection by a psychiatrist is as serious crime. Transference or Projection by a psychiatrist takes place

where the psychiatrist engages in the sophistries of the Fallacy of Shifting Ground and the Fallacy of Hypocricy You see, when the psychiatrist engages, him or herself, in the very

behavior, or beliefs, or attitudes, or actions, upon which the psychiatrist is also basing an alleged diagnosis of a patient or client, then at this point, the psychiatrist is guilty of committing the serious crime and even mortal or cardinal sin of sophistry by engaging in the fallacious sophistry of shifting ground and hypocrisy. You see, if believing in God is diagnosed by a psychiatrist as

schizophrenia by the patient, then of course, believing in God is also schizophrenia for the diagnosing psychiatrist. If the psychiatrist tells people that it is schizophrenia to celebrate Thus, when

Christmas, then it is also schizophrenia for the psychiatrist to celebrate Christmas.

the psychiatrist engages in such hypocritical sophistry the psychiatrist is violating the Law of Law, also know as the Universal Security Law, which is based upon universally logical reasoning, employing logical positivism, which is denominated natural law. Thus, any psychiatrist who commits the sophistries of projection and transference which are forms of shifting ground and hypocrisy are committing the Crime of Criminal Insanity and must not be allowed to practice psychiatry or psychology any more.