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THE ORIGIN OF FREEMASONRY THE 1717 THEORY EXPLODED BY BROTHER CHALMERS I. PATON Author of“ Freemasonry in Relation to Civil Authority and the Family Circle” end “Freemasonry and jts Jurisprudence,” WILLIAM REEVES 83 Charing Cross Road, Bookseller Limited — London, W.C.2. — PRICE 15, 64. xt, Books on Freemasonry PUBLISHED BY WM. REEVES, 83 Charing Cross Road, London, W.C. FREEMASON’S OWN RITUAL, Containing the Three Degrees, H.A., F.C., and M.M., with the Three Tracing Boards, illustrated with Plans and other Figure Designs, Full bound, leather-like binding, 6s, 6d. ; leather pocket-book edi- tion, tuck-in flap, 10s, 6d. HANDBOOK OF INSTRUCTION IN CRAFT MASONRY. Containing the Full Workings of the Entered Ap- prentice, Fellow-Craft and Master Mason's Degrees. Folding Plates of the Three Tracing Boards. The Waistcoat Pocket Handbook. 148 pages, 12mo, leather-like binding, 5s. 6d. This small but clear type edition is eminently suitable for carrying on the person for study and reference at odd moments. The size and compactness allow of its insertion in the waistcoat pocket. Size 34 inches by 24 inches. TEXTBOOK OF ADVANCED FREEMASONRY. Containing for the Self-Instruction of Candidates, the Rituals of the Higher Degrees. Intelligible to the Craft only, Size 7 inches by 4} inches. 278 pages, crown 8yo, red cloth, 12s. 0d. This volume, presented to the Masonic Brethren by the compiler, is intended to supply a want hitherto entirely un- supplied of a complete handbook for the self-inatruction of those Brethren desirous of entering the Higher Degrees of Freematonry. In performing this self-imposed task it be- hoves the compiler to acknowledge the aid he has received in the Historical and Explanatory Remarks appended to the various Rituals, from the works of such distinguished and erudite Brethren as Brothers Dr. Oliver, Findel, C. T. McOlenachan, V.S., Jeremiah Howe, and others. The Origin of Freemasonry.