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Comparative Essay

RJ Reyes Period 6 9/ /11

Religion has influenced many different civilizations in the world. Some places religion impacted include Ancient China and Ancient India. In this essay, we will compare the impact religion had on the two civilizations, and show how to completely different civilizations can be similar. Religion has impacted these two civilizations in many ways, both similarly and differently. ON way the two both share is that religion affected both of their governments. The rulers of these two civilizations favored a religion, and it affected the civilization itself. An example of this is in China. Whatever religion the ruling dynasty favored was the main religion in that period and was the religion that was mostly believed in. For instance, if the Han Dynasty was ruling at the time, then most of China would be Buddhism which was the Han Dynasty s favored religion. The religion that impacted these two civilizations was Buddhism. Buddhism made the ruler of each of the civilizations believes that you can reach enlightenment to live a better life. You first had to complete the 8-step plan to get to enlightenment. The man who spread these teachings was Buddha, who reached enlightenment through many sessions of meditation. Another way religion affected these two civilizations similarly is that it affected many of the people living in those civilizations. It changed the way people lived their lives, and it made a big impact on their beliefs. An example of this in Buddhism is that people behaved better so they were able to reach enlightenment. Although religion impacted the two similarly, it also impacted them in different ways. In Ancient China, unlike in India, many other religions aside from Buddhism had and influence on China. Some of these religions include Legalism and Daoism. Legalism had the dynasties believe that all people were born bad and had to be punished. Daoism had the dynasties believe that there was a path to good life, and to live it, you have to just flow with it. On the other hand, India was introduced by Buddhism, and hat that as their main religion. Many other religions later spread to India over time. As you can see, religion has had an impact on many civilizations in many ways. Even two different civilizations have similarities due to the teachings of religion.