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HappycaLl Spec al Pan for Fish

the IS cooking pan having both upper and bottom plate is differentiated from IS general sinqle pans and pressure sillcon packinq [Dow Corning product) equipped in this pan which patent has been registered in Korea.appycal . Japan and China . USA.

Prevents pan surface from contamination if the lower pan is used for placing food to cook and upper pan as a Lid Magnetic locking function .Titanium triple coating provides strongly coated smooth surface which make cleaning easily after cooking Oi I trap function .Silicon Pressure Packing does . .Prevents oil and water dropping downward.Provides convenient opening and closing with its one touch andle .ALLowto turn fish over without spatula Titanium triple coating .Provide pressure and enable cooking even in low heating .Provrdes pressure 0 inside pan with s rong magnetic power .Minimize smoke and smell immize nutrient loss and reduce cooking time .

• Before the Initial use wash out rst. • low ame 0 cooking stove is better for cleaning the pan. &CAUTIO • Instructions regarding to safety are classified as below according to the rate of danger and damage and by emergency degree of danger which misusage may cause. • Wash ou ~ th sponqe or soft dot I with • In the first use wash out tel ner coahng 5ufficienllywith cooking oil or margarine. • Such detection IS nor al wrth no detenora Ion to the prod ct. • Please do ot use this product 10 case ot any defect or you safety and quauty sa isfac on. kitchen ware cleaner. • In t e Inlllal use some smoke and smell may be detected. & WARNING Nonobservance of i str etten may auseserious injury. .Before Use • Instructions below must be observed in order to avoid any unexpected danger or damage.

1l'lnt cookif'log or ewcessive st~fLame shortens iJ!§cking ~ire-time: . de not IPU II itt up butt msert it as i~s o.l.Whem ill use ~~ ~~ ~. .o:d inki this trnp.lll to .41.<e'lI"aUimes sorlly. ~ Covkin\l on low fLgrT"~ ge.ial silicon so <'IS tto minimize h@<'I~ loss.(J. POickling lifs-tlma is one year under ~ iIh is h Il)h qua lity d I~·ca!. normal use.Ier.~ of stratchad ~r loosen pa dodngl. iilfljillil:iliicrll r::EIri minimise the mnmmin. • Cut out any stretch ed p<.5u:ch rnClkll'i'!l strnre:. .Ml/ drnin..!C>! .mel Pl1!!WiYt oil tlowing d01.Qmy.~ .dling heat condaction rad itllnt €!rfici€!mc.itatel'"@r OIL from the LIpper pan IS can use both pan but it is recemsnended ~ouse 1{l'M'lr pan for cO{lking and 'U pper pa n asa CCfI. ~.r rt and i r1S@1I"t in ~'he groCl\l'e_ result without burning out. r I1i ca.l'i. HOlPPYCaU is .Uippllflg with spe.IsilitQ n packiiil!... !.SitmrJ9 Rome ~. • Cl€!iillrncut with son brush such as too~tlJbll.lsh s8'l.' Oill trap is ~ocllted im·~of LllVteJr pan.igirnal 5t.pressure type e..m(}fl 01'1 pan SIJrf.y.tltlig pa n provides oljJts~n. • Please use con kimg! wa re c leaner foil" deeni l"iI!.' '{!lUI ~. Fro..atewi~h f)l!"essin 9 5.oQking .!. .l~ cplltTllltnl.

1~.}t I. to· It 1mI~ a)IJSi! wrnm:g ElFmJlIJy. Men wet rl]C'd malerlOlit IS pleced IWI aioki rlgi ojlbo i~iiil9 or {In mealed pa n.Jrtlithe pa n upside cdUIWt1J..of pan [metalli eor packil'llg arr@~1 ith y.sive wate. '.an ls IlWlt~d hct de not t...<If@ty Ihawu:ll<!.Duw ha nd or body.. t.'ffn~ted clll or ~~ htJl'nilng ~ ~~~firl! or . Wh~t'I . {lit may' Sip.dren IJlnder 15 yeali"5.a Fill" part .t" or oil from food ill'lcoeklnq. no no~ touch . .. Wtlen i n U:5~.. 10 • lBe ca reful of the hot slearrn from dra illl G'u~let It !my cau~ burning. • " tI: m1!lJ ~LISI!! burfi1n!J.iiI U!!. . 111T'!CI. ~ Be CilreFul at 1iJ1I111~1' .8 .9. Op~1'II OInd. PQe<lseuse pan away rwm cilildrelll's reach and refF<lih IJJ se Ibychil..lll. " Clo..Lose s. .arefulfor'ovet"-rlowil'lg Ilxces. plea sa mak@SUlHltor&mO"'le<!lI'I'fwater(]or(}lliWi the oil ~rap. Before tll.'r ~t\a11 £. w burnin g..Jek oOtn!.WhH. ..p.~n mnuse A\WAR..

so please defrost before cookmg. . • Do not apply heat on the magne it part di ectly or do not scrub with wire brush.I' I' • Magne ic bar IS installed in ergonomic designed handle. • Magne ic bar Improves pressure of the pan ""'.th strong power. • Also' damages to silicon packmg and deformation or torsion of pan. -t I to the coa ing surface sue as spots. Heating empty pan or WIth dry food containing few wa er on strong a e caus s damage o Hea ing empty pan de enorates coating per ormance.When in use iliWARNING • F ozen cod produces more water In cook' 9. I j o o Do not heat empty pan . o Closing or magnetic handle IS required tor U cooking but open it only For popping P<lP corn. .

Ial\i~ out 5Dol\i~ot.. to DO' not (lpen pan tao ta ke outfond 1JIIti1ile p.It may dama 9 e. ~ ThIS safety ~n ~1'e'\Ient.:.. make ~Llre to shut • S~M:y ls tli1~ fi r~t p'ri. rn] hf! III"icaS<! O'~ l€!avilrlg pka Sill pan wlli ~ ilrl US!8.lml~.NI~G .C21l. on H'1ecen~err • D!D nol open . " It all:!!!:) !:'i!IlJ!!1! bUl"i'1H19 b-y fO'rce or a pply excessive force to lh€ upper and lower pan mali'ildte while in U~ or c1le.mi rig .. Th is ls fLmct. it~~~e of ..-ority ilrl our d!!'~igt1J_ 501fery pin is imt<ltlf!d inlhf! li1ul'1Igear€!a . rn pla ce pan glrate or ga5 ra n g€ sta blv. innj)1Id ki lhe hiinge or cause .A\ WAR.llrl. Wh~H YOI!.eavi er lower palll is U pvia rtI. Do n Q. p~~lll Hl€! t ~·It lsc...a n d its W P'p'8 r a f1.rQ'f1 all p<. Ilr ~fiI}dUDt d!lma~ .m m<ly be .l\wa rti alwaY'S and ~hen oIJpentl1e upper pa 1'1.t ~av8> kQ off gas or power... dan yel product diiiiBssemhll)t ..d ~.()'Wf!T[)<In have hl1!lrI d~igll1Jed dirff€!rently in thei r rueigl-Jt a ndwei-glht. .' Ma ke sure Il. a ~cwJer ~ n 'wilie h ''Neig ntt ish eavier dm. • U~batanclRI placing of pan grr<ilt<: miily drrap the pan. Ordue tn the Yreight unbalence lallen !J'\!'€f or be dlmpped.l5e Dl.Ifood. Itmaycaus€! bLlril"ling up food or product damage.

.any cooked food is kept l{lng. Ceramic coatin9 is heal-resistant and has anti-microbiat effect as well as easy kitl:ilei'll- We.After ocolk.cngl5tlJrage at eeoked fllild in du:!. • PLease wash out oil stain orspots immediately after cooking. ...rgent . 1Irm! oCaU5E!5WI'fIlgDrl.. WIP~ . Stc:iring In I"u~h humidity Please k~~ II'i dry.:Ilearly..nut Olli~1'Isubstanea fF(lm thf! mating .. Please do not use this cocki ng device for other application other than cooking..!l'l:I <WJIl:hiiuJ'l causes eerreslen 01'1 oOOatingl.inegGirl.:e lo:Bep in dry mFl(lititln. 100 not leave pan in c1'll5edwiith amy f{l'lld c(ltlil<iinirlg selt ~Ii acid Ir. Af~er eookll'ig.ace Wtiilh kUtchen tiJIJ.. • If . . beCi~h 'llhvaler ~1iIdosed pan for .nin'!lllJlbober91Io~e. L. . " ~:.0 fllJrm inside by" cooli n 9 down.. Af~r Clmm the p!iln by:'i(ift doll with kitchen detergent CleOirty.. Burninq ceramic on strorng name without cleaning of oil or spots stain for long time may disable good cleaninq.'foE!l and Inenwa5!h by sponge {If SlJIfl cloth . n wi II beeasier dean ing. io' .~urf.clean O'ut tihe par1loutside in warm c~hditilJnwea.. Do l1J)t use WIre bF\!~.~ng • Outside offthis product has been coated with ceramic. • This pan is die-cast~liIg materiel. ..

.en wip() out with ~o~t!.. ~ For deatllil'lg.Elni:l wipo: tootau!JhlV wiro.e. it ta kes ~on')time ~Clr cookinq and SCl C{I{lkin') mar be Hke as steami n g cl/ith icih may j}:uit fll)it ~ireset1i~ fuod'sowf1l ta!i.ll::!w~ll.After cDokiiilgl • If any food scorched and stuck to tile i nner coated surface of the pan" cool down ~he pan littte bit and di p into wa rm water for 10 minutes. and then clean out the pan by soft doth wllth kitchen detergent cles rly. We are not liable on any damage on property or human being caused by user's. product specification is subject to change for quality improvement without notice'. &CAUTION . put some water in.(! or kltchc n to~~ • ~o not U5e a fly sha rp meta llic tool. '" Please ooo!o.i'!1'I. the pan adding some dlrops o.Befocre UlSE! fihe.j)(mg.r. control steve in low heatingl. ArJd~h. dearly.kiinIJ oil .r I\ilcnenware dete ~g'ecntand bei l ~br a Wh il. arne!tnillri clean Wlitil some d rops (If'o'i negii3 r. • If '10Ul put escessive food in the pen. fault. Ilf(lpervolLilme of 'i'o(Jd'['0.. ~. as ti'1e initial USE!' make aki¥e illi lrrw il~ . ~ This. IrOlJgn scrubber 011" wire brush • ClNltilflgl fi~m may be damllg:~d so be careful. good Ollc. For cleaning of pen. of pan plate! Olfie!r long USe!.in!ll.

eature an functions I pr su m n c type 0 increase pressure of pan tt drains a d holds OIl from upper pan 4 ilicon pac m9 I minimizes s ell and smo e by s rong compression between l e groove of lower pan and maximizes pressure effec 5 Groov I improves pressure effect by compressing with silicon packOngof upper pan 6 H ndl I has been adopted ergonomic design for easy handlmg ald safe use .

.. 1229 1 Samge dong.1 Fa . HNll. Spo> COdI'"g • Inte 'Tlal_ CeralJnl m lceramic II nluml toalmq • ElII NIl CI!'I'iH'Il1t coaling s..!I. Korea Tel' 82-55-3'6-7032.ldl Pan lor Fi~h Producl mal rial • 0 -Q\l IUl'nlnum.Quahty Mark by the Quolly Management and Sofely Control of Industrial Products Ad Product name • Happyc. Gycongnam.. Ltd. Fax. Glmhac·si. Trade Comml slon • Happycall Happycall CO. • RepubIJc 01 Korea Cuslom<'r re« rd • S bJ' C1to !tip consumer dISPUI" n!soluhon cnlfna notlC"d by Kof'l!.llton M nulact So-U r Co.lbie "'SIn.a Spe. Ltd • H Ippycal Co . 82-55-341>-7037 MADE IN KOREA .lld CQUflI1y of or'!!". Staln~s st.