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Women and Islam

Islam is a religion is that teaches peace and stresses on equality and fair treatment of all. This applies to all men and women young and old as we all are the same in the eyes of Allah. A woman in Islam is considered to be the backbone of her family whether it is a daughter, a wife, a mother and so on. Many women manage multiple roles of a parent, spouse, caregiver, employee yet recognition of the impact on their own and their families¶ health and economic well-being is sometimes overlooked. Mothers who work outside the home are often in the difficult position of balancing family health responsibilities with employment obligations. Women are able to identify and accept any challenge and this has been proved by our Prophets wives that they were able to make and coordinate the effect of that involvement for women who work, and women's care giving responsibilities. As a woman I would ensure that I balance all my acts although it will be difficult but we are the major coordinators of care and the link for our families. I would play the key role in coordinating and ensuring access to health care for their children. At the same time I will care for my family while maintaining employment commitments.