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Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología.

English III. Teacher: Krissia Cantillano Prado. 17-2001 ICO 2012. Group 4.

Essay #2 Animals in zoos.

Student: Guido Mora Vargas.

Wednesday, February 22th, 2012.

humans die and the earth eats us. All of us are inside our chain food. Today many people and zoos. if you lived in jail? Think in your own space. If you have resources. to eat and to love. animals can eat real food. and stressed. What would you do? Like us.The animals are like us. Animals are part of our life cycle with a beginning and end. Can you do anything alone? Never. sharks eat little fish. What is your favorite meal? When you eat good food. and the cycle starts again. mal nourished. to learn. In wildlife. to hunt. you are healthy and happy person. to rest. there are millions of free animals. Sleep with other strange people in a small place. How big is your house? How would you feel. no zoos« Around the world. in zoos animals can¶t eat enough and food is not correct kind. humans eat sharks. They are ill. But. . sad. We need help to live and other people need our skills for them. to sleep. to play. animals need space to move. because they need big natural areas. to eat real food and to be part of life cycle. such as the lion that eats a zebra or the alligator that eats a cow. put animals in little cages. is the answer. Animals should not be kept to live in zoos. you could eat any time. Animals have thousands of miles of land.

animals eat specific food. Humans eat any kind of food.Finally. Treating animals with respect is treating ourselves with respect. animals and humans stay together in the same planet. . Animals are endangered inside zoos. We need to share space with animals instead of lock in the cages. a unique planet. it is time to make changes. let¶s work.