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‘Sy Singer ng 19 * ‘The Structure of Space-Time Transformations qripeastascoraman rs Sinn oe aee weal ERS peta te te Se 1, ntrtucton Let A denote mensional scene (Minkonshi apse is a Ming space of mtuples == Payor sh WBE yet. We dete BY Ea oy ‘Zeman 1) has shown for im 23 that a mapping T of A ono "athochroous Lovet trataarmaton? tesa ésabon ptt (amalaton dT and T"* preserve the eton (y= a8>0 and xe} rey (y-aF=0 and secret us Since the deo of tine ply no parts len quantum ed ‘hou drop time order preseaton ehh, fact ge rong entity conditon” Thus, ited of Es (L2} or (13) we tke #8 Biel a os ny mee yi >gay, ots tne sae ose pr rm. sod pm te ‘SS op eee ib ree i xe ‘pe oa me reserved elations oly boyso “4 -weo. “sy ‘The ler js expenses constany fight veo In Section 2 we wil thereon (== 0. The go ofa ach maps oe By (i the fl Lovent group (inching time reversal (i) tration of (i) aco atipliatin bya eae Preservation of (=! =0 by 7 and 7! simply sean that et ons fe sapped onto ght cones. Ths conan of iit eos & ‘lone peste Potscar group apf dilatations? "Tne ain staenent of Theorem Itt lie aca”, and one wonders whether eat) albo hos a the noneatviste ease OF Suse c sn longer constant inal reference ame I ight cones ae ‘mapped ato ht cones thea gh les” ate mapped ont phe Ting sine any sic ine the iteration of to ight cone. tn the reatiintic a wel as sonelatisic case the wolines of tight ays photos shoul be mapped onto tap nes Tu 0 Consider ig source at eto abst apy he net res ‘Theorem 2. Lat dim Mz 3, and et T Be 11 map of M ono M hick map ihe Hes nt (aburary) Sagi Tins. Then Tier Romaks ()Theote can be derived fom Theorem 2in a sright- forward wy. Out pros of bth theorens ae, howe. More oes Independent Sections and 3) For dim M =2 the theorems do mot hold. Ti) Forlineariy.therotatonl symmetry oft light coe sotony fight lacy’) not ria ie tht ts boundary suet) Snooth i sien smooth direction dependence fit soci Ti) Oar vse sercrely int the form of sy pl theory which setains straight tines or gh rs abd which as 0 distinguished ‘erence ames For thea the avs of Physics ave to be fominvariant ‘der transformations sennecting lleteteferece fame 2 Atami iat ne pry ole ay to pos ate ‘uae gg rep ‘She he ney a the nnd ape Bat set st ep ty toms ee rn Notation, Cy dens the lip cone ina, C= tx Ms(s— a ‘The inteon” Goa gh cone sonst of-ll plats timelike 10 Cr fasten a 0), €2 dente the pontine cone y= [xi (e~ a >0 SiSaqh and’ Cz the segate cone’ The image under mp wil tool byw dase, 2 Comeaney of Light Veoity Imps the Pinca Group “The rls of this section are based othe following observation. Lemma 24. Let W be a gh fine in M, Wm (xo <2 Tha} san who 0. ant comer the hyperplane He Fes (ea)=0), which conaine Tho By stage evr Ugh one wih rex and the won of al hee cones 6 My S71 Prof Let C= (e800) th cone wih vertex in + Lat yeti Then yeC, with c= —0F/B0-(9--ah NOW Bt Jey Ue, Then ont v-3 en P= — a —26qu-—a mplisye(\C=W. QED, ‘The net cooiay seduss Theoret to the result of Zeeman {1} Farther below, however, we wil ghe a dies desvation bused on Lemma 2 Coretary 22. Let i M>2 onl eT be a1 Lomaping of M ono ssl The the fling statements ae equal. (0,7 maps igh cones onto Wht comes, ey T and T-! reece com (re irr of gt ne err of at coe he, Pond Tpreseree (c= > (iy T and 1 preserve the elation y= 0. Xp) oF cary 4 oer fey ten Ti and pres Us) fs (ond reser or reer tie ore. Pron IT fil) it maps ight ine W ont a igi tne Wand ene, by Lemna 21M Bly IV) ont My. I). Henge ty e mapped oa Hy ICC 8 pve gt cone and C is ner, then U [ys WCC )= MN, since wit, w?=0 and wo4x—a)=0 Tibia ab of una, te de oC, * sry pa i tn eee ee it ut are bere om an ce ME IY Imma ? 5cmehi gn x wi c— 0 the always igblike WF ths fea) dim S3. Hence MSC ismappd onto MC, and ths Cento. Hence i= o show ffi, we es assume tae there an we Mand be sath tat bes. Then Gy 3G. and Cy Cs Now la yee W yy ten y'¢6,3C7 and ts ye, yey te a 22 CNG sac that "99, Than C32 5s and 2 CCE imps 1 €6.20). Thary' eC Heme C2 mapped inn Co Hoye the Iba cecs wih ceC. and te cme apament pre MC)CCe Hence Cis mapped ono Cs, nd Cn ota Cr soe two Hit sons leays nines one ges the sme foal C= tees wo wand with the above propery, then TICs} fy alle se hers thee Would te ance M and De C, ihe Cand bythe sume argent Nez jece,contadiing Me) i) sey SiMe Flows drcy fo Lem of (1 sine iF denotes tine fetta ther Td Tons and (oT) Preserve (=) t9)4). vi tal QED: ‘ew pow git a ey simple pot of Thea 1 without wig ‘Zeeman rest We ist nate some sme popes ttn ‘yprlane Me ‘amma 23H contains ony sacle and pie iy, athe ler areal poral ‘Prof Wee the notation ofthe pro of Lema 2. Let fy, Wyzlenim th: nse kee) Afra pan placement, weet sume b= Wh, wi a) =0 impli by Ba (2h (SL, ta Be ()C,~ WF, women but wf >0 and w?=0; this js impossible (alternatively, My does not nun pai oC) QED, emma 24 Eur spas tne W 1s the mereston of stub Aypeplnes Hoe dim Pr. We ea Wn ch WO Than here ae nner independ gh vector wt = Hence with = (2). one has that (|, 8a se which sotaine WOE, ° By the impaton it) of Corllary 22, which can very easly lho fe shown diet sues 1 show tha CT maps ight sone ‘oto ph cones then i lar sd neopets tad Slimane Lafentstansfrmation, Then TdT"! automaticly rene ten yrs M2 8 a ys yn we ig LAL narra ets Tech ihe te Hee, by Tent 24 spite er ae nape ona suk ie, Tero Sine each plan conn} pwc ditions, ne sr mapped oto inc Sige eney sagem the tenet two plane ons That every stay ne sapped onto stag bse Hence, the ‘ula heron poste ot. the map Ts ain, Ta) = A +a ‘here Aa nar operator tat {oral se. Form > the ‘recor of Cy concede theater nat Since T aie ad ce continuous rean asap th terior ogo the enter. ence Soo thes ‘nd ethan ner {owt anstormation “OED. Romar Lt $F dot he space obs! by aining tM the hypetnlane at infinity and et F bea tamap of ono sh chat ‘oth and 7 map light nes ono ite bee Ten flows ina sar may ar bt that al straight ie af mapped at sight ince ena Tiss projecive tramaermation Sine i Teves the (erent cone var ir an ment te coral rou 2 ince fer he Goer Case ‘The proof of Theorem i bse o he ea mina een A. Le in M23 det Bea oma of M oto M wich map hie lines ont sight ne. The planes wh comet {nv diferente diet re mapped ont Plae. For dat 24 poo his sn wl be en athe end of thi secon The remaining ese will be ated esewhete (4. Lemna 3 ‘lowe a redacion of Tova 2 tothe man theo of proene Prof of Tega 2. ery ine M i the intercon of two panes entainng wo rent bite dations image the mterecton ‘thee ie planes, which tight ie Hence T maps sriht lines nto sight ines QED. sada wag ot ie