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First of all we would like to bow our heads before almighty ALLAH,

the omnipotent, the merciful, the beneficent that blessed us with such a lucid intelligence as we could endeavor our services towards this project. This project could not have been completed without the generous cooperation of many individuals. The most special thanks of all go to our worthy teacher

Mr. Khalid Saeeq

for his kind attitude, keen

interest, and valuable comments throughout the course of the studies and guidance in the preparation of this project.

neither as a whole nor as a part thereof has been copied from any source. In case. It is further declared that we have prepared this project report entirely on the basis of our own efforts made under the sincere guidance of our supervisor Mr. wherever references have been provided. and the supervisor/university will take no responsibility.DECLARATION We hereby declare that this project. PROECT DONE BY: Signature: Kamran Shahzad Nosheen Khaild( Wajeeha Faran Shahzad Hanif (MBE093020) . we will stand by the consequences.Khalid Sadeeq. any part of this project is proved to be copied from any source or found to be a reproduction of some other.