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OK, here is a quick update of my ZRF collection!

New games Booster Chess Commando Pawn Chess Pawn Pusher Chess Rogue Pawn Chess Teamster Chess Hydrant Chess Perimeter Chess These all are MODEST chess variants. Other variants: Dead Square Demi Chess Diagonal Chess Diagonal Quadrant Chess Diana Dodl-schach (plus 1 variant) Do-or-die Chazz Do-or-die Chess Doublekingchess (with my own brand-new algorithm which allows proper checking!) Drawless Chess Dutch Chess Dynamic Chess (plus 4 variants) Elena Eric's 40-square Fiasco Eric's Great Chess Euchess Extended Half-Chess and my great pride FANTASY GRAND CHESS with 35 variants... You may distribute these games as you wish. You may modify them if you think you have a good reason to do it. You should give me a credit at least for Double Ki ng Chess, Fantasy Grand Chess and Tempochess which I invented. These files do not contain viruses - mainly because nobody has written virus for ZoG yet ;-) If you find an error in these files, let somebody (me, for example) know. If you are an author of some of these games, feel free to add your own credit to the file... If you add a better graphics to the files - I will only be glad! Marek 14, 4. 6. 2000