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Pharmaceutical incompatibility

± Interactions Before administration ± Occur as a result of chemical inactivation or physical incompatibility ± Harmful or therapeutic


Pharmaceutical incompatibility : Chemical 1. Ampicillin inactivation 2 . Oxidation stannous fluoride âõ stannic fluoride 2. Hydrolysis ‡ ZnCI2 + HOH âõ Zn[OH]Cl + HCl white ppt ‡ Aspirin (acetyl salicylic acid) + HOH Salicylic acid + acetic acid ‡ Penicillin.

salol Camphor + phenol âõ Camphophenol Camphor + parachlorophenol âõ Chlorocamphene 2. Liquefaction solid + solid õ liquid : eutectic mixture eutectic substance : camphor. menthol. thymol. Solubility ‡ Result in insoluble complexes : Tabolt s solution Iodine ö è ú Zinc iodine ‡ Intravenous precipitates 3 .Pharmaceutical incompatibility : Physical 1. phenol.

D5W) ‡ Amphotericin precipitates in saline ‡ Gentamicin is physically/chemically incompatible with most beta-lactams. resulting in loss of antibiotic effect 4 Physical incompatibility : Intravenous precipitates ‡ Phenytoin precipitates in dextrose solutions (e.

Bicarbonate Amobarbital Hydrocortisone Ref : Hand Book of injectable drug 5 .Physical incompatibility : Intravenous ö â ú Kanamycin Barbiturate Diazepam Norepinephrine Hydroxyzine Metaraminol Drug A precipitates with Drug B âõ methicillin narcotic analgesic iv. Fluid sod.

Prednisolone Lincocin .Campicillin Prednisone .Therapeutic incompatibility 1. Dosage error 2.Indocin Erythromycin .Eye ointment spray Lozenge Vaginal tablet 6 . Wrong drug or dosage from Ampicillin .PernazeneAlpha agonist pherphenazine Nasal Ointment .Erythrosine Antipsychotic Pernazine .