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Peter Ch¶en 1/24/12 English B3

The Song of Roland summary (verses 1 ± 42)
The story introduces a man named Marsilla, King of Saragossa, which is a city in Spain. He is consulting twenty thousand men for advice in negotiating a deal with Charlemagne, emperor of France, for Charlemagne has come to destroy them because they are Muslim and support the Greek god, Apollo. Only Blancandrin, one of his advisors, speaks up, suggesting to supposedly agree to meet Charlemagne in Aix, France, and receive the Christian law. This will keep Charlemagne in France, while Marsilla and his men will stay Saragossa. When Charlemagne hears the news, he consults his men if he should have faith in this ³promise,´ that is only being considered because they gave them hostages. After many mixed opinions, Charlemagne decides to trust Marsilla, even though his past murders were close to unforgivable. When he asks for volunteers to be his messenger, young Count Roland, nephew of Charlemagne, recommends his on step sire, Ganelon, as a choice. Infuriated, Ganelon yells to Roland how he never cared for him, and is given in return, a laugh. Charlemagne tells Ganelon to go to Marsilla to tell him he agrees to Marsilla¶s promise to become Christian. When Ganelon arrives at the Marsilla¶s camp, he meets with the King, and with great discretion, carefully retells Marsilla what Charlemagne has commanded. When Marsilla questions Ganelon when Charlemagne is going to stop waging war against everyone, Ganelon responds that he won¶t, as long as his nephew Roland lives.