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‡ Dr. K.

Suthindhiran, Assistant Professor, SBST

Genetic drift and bottleneck effect .

reduced genetic diversity can affect the overall survival of the population. ± Demographic bottleneck ± occurs when only a few member of a population survive a catastrophic die-off. occurs more often in small populations. of defective genes.Genetic Diversity Can Affect the Size of Small Populations ‡ When a population becomes so reduced.e.. allele) frequencies in a population that can lead to unequal reproductive success. ‡ Minimum viable population size ± the number of individuals a population needs for long-term survival. ‡ Inbreeding ± occurs when individuals of small population mate with each other   increase in the freq. ‡ Genetic drift ± random changes in gene (i. ± Founder effect ± when a few members of a population colonize a new area and become geographically isolated. .

Random Effects on Allele Frequency in Small Populations .

Genetic Bottleneck .

Founder Effect .