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Employees of public banks are less extroverts as compared to private bank employees. Some seem to be less social while others are cooperative and help their colleagues in solving their problems at work place. Therefore, a mixture of extroverts and introverts are found in public banks. Also, some employees possess agreeableness as a trai Also, these employees do not prefer strict routines at jobs as compared to private bank employees. This shows less conscientiousness when compared to private bank employees. In terms of emotional stability, these employees keep thinking on the lost opportunities which show less emotional stability. But if compared to private bank employees they do not express their anger quickly which is a positive aspect. But, they get upset quickly when they are criticized and keep pondering about it. In terms of openness to new avenues, they are less active as they are generally satisfied with their jobs and do not have urge to better themselves and they do not compare their performance with their colleagues rather they try better their performance in their own ways.