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 The world s most widespread chicken restaurant  Provided services to more than 12 million customers  Founded by Harland Sanders in 1930 s  Business expanded by 1964  KFC has been a brand & operating segment of Yum brands since 1997

KFC s entry in India  1st fast food multinational to enter India  30 outlets in country  1st outlet in Bangalore in 1995  Pepsico planned to open 60 KFC .

Background of the ethical issue  Accusation from NGO s like PETA & Greenpeace regarding unethical practices from KFC .

PETA PERSPECTIVE  PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)  PETA s investigation in Pilgrim s Pride poultry farm brought to light the inappropriate practices that prevailed in KFC s supplier operations  Protest by play card readings by PETA activists Quit India & Stop Playing Fowl .

 Implementation of PETA s new animal welfare plan in Canada  CAK(  PETA do not intend to overhaul KFC s overall manufacturing process  Support of celebrities in against KFC(Pamela Anderson) .Continued .

Continued .  As per PETA. the chicken suffered  Overcrowded farm environment  Improper breeding  Cruelty in the slaughter house  Frustrated workers ..

Greenpeace perspective .