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Level 3 International Connectivity

Seattle Westin Building 2001 6th Ave Occupancy*: Allstream, Bell Nexxia, Rogers, Telus Chicago 600 S. Federal St. Occupancy*: Allstream, Rogers, Telus Toronto 151 Front Street Occupancy*: Allstream, Bell Nexxia, Hydro One, Rogers, Telus Buffalo 350 Main St. Occupancy*: Bell Nexxia, Hydro One, Rogers, Shaw/Big Pipe, Telus

Tyco Transpacific TPC 5 China-U.S.

Meet at Portland, 921 SW Washington Bandon

Detroit 1965 Porter St.

Albany 11 N Pearl

Meet at 1 Summer St., Boston

Hibernia Atlantic

New York 60 Hudson St. Occupancy*: Allstream, Bell Nexxia, Rogers Shirley Brookhaven Bellport



AC-1 Mid-Atlantic Crossing / LayerOne Yellow / AC-2 Apollo TAT-14 Globenet TAT-14

Manasquan Tuckerton

Japan-U.S. Southern Cross China-U.S. TPC 5 Pacific Crossing-1 (PC-1) Pan-American Crossing (PAC) Tyco Transpacific
Los Angeles One Wilshire San Diego 8923 Complex Drive Laredo 520 Matamoros Occupancy*: Bestel, Grande, GRCI, Maxcom, MetroRed, Protel, Telmex McAllen 200 S. 10th Occupancy*: Alestra, Alpheus, Bestel, Grande, GRCI, Lusacell, Marcatel, Maxcom, Telmex Houston 12001 NW Freeway 36 NE 2nd, Hollywood 460 NE 215th St., North Miami 15950 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Meet at One Wilshire, L.A. El Paso 501 W. Overland Ave. Morro Bay San Luis Obispo Grover Beach Dallas (two sites) 2323 Bryan or 1950 Stemmons Occupancy*: Alpheus, Bestel, Telmex 6503 West Rogers Circle, Boca Raton 500 SE Dixie Highway, Boca Raton

SAM-1 / Emergia (Telefonica) Globenet

Mid-Atlantic Crossing / LayerOne Maya 1 ARCOS
Miami, NAP of the Americas, 50 NE 9th

Americas II

Columbus III

International Gateway for Level 3 Cable landing station with Level 3 access Access point Transoceanic cable

* Carriers listed are representative of service providers active at the carrier hotel associated with the addressed location, as disclosed on the| publicly-available website for the hotel as of May 5, 2006

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