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Planning and Organizing the Upcoming 2012 Event

Our First Class Reunion at the Shangrila Hotel in Mactan (1995)

Ellen and Family Nelia and Family

Evelyn and Friends

Miss Rhoda vs. Miss Southwestern

Hilda and Linda

Deling and hubby with Ruth and Elsa having a good time!

Capping Time Ellen and family

Congratulations on a Successful 1975 Southwestern Nursing Reunion!!!

Ariel, Christmas -2011

With Zenaida at Our First Group Meeting in California, 2009

Chit with family

In Vegas March 2011-2nd Reunion Meeting

Hilda and Family

Still having fun at Ofelias place in 2010

Thelma and Ruth with Virgie August 2011

Narcie, Joy, Mai Mai , Naida and Ruth 2010 Irma with Yaning, Josette and Joy

Judith and Family

Celebrating the New Year with Old Friends!

Judy, Vangie, Hilda and Fe

Boie and Thetas 25th Wedding Anniversary

The Awesome Southwestern Nursing Class of 1975!

Judith and Lucille

Linda and Tetet

Christmas 2010 at the Cimacios

With Pepen, Lucille and Gemma 1980 in Vienna

Tetet and Family

Helen and hubby

Well, do we know all these faces way back in 1974?

Yaning and Eva

Babettes family

Wow! Those were the days, my friends.

Board Exam in 1975, Manila

Judy and her grand baby

BFFs ?

Irma and hubby

Now and Then

Rhoda, Ellen and Inday

Neneng and Family

Letty and Family Vangie with hubby Again????? BFFs!

Fe Aguinalde Calipayan

Edith and grand kid Tessie with Friend

Lynda and sons


Emma and Family

Yosemite Trip with Virgie h August 2011

Mina Cabatay
Fe Gamolo and Family Carina Salma

Josette having FUN!

Having fun in the Park after the Board!


Mila and Family

We are the BEST CLASS! Southwestern Nursing Class of 1975

Thelma and Family

Emma and grandkids!

All dressed up for Edings daughters wedding! November 2011

Debbie and hubby

Santa Monica, California Strolling on the Pier November 2011