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 Message Sender Encoding Channel  Receiver Decoding Feedback      .

which is to be sent from one person to another. . Message Message is an information. written or spoken.

spreads or communicates a message is the one who conceives and initiates the message with the purpose of informing.` Sender The person who transmits. .

The communication symbols are used by the sender. . i.e. patterns of words/ gestures/pictorial forms or signs of a specific visual/ oral language.` Encoding It is changing the message into symbol. keeping in mind the receiver's ability to understand and interpret them correctly.

audiovisual. . The medium of communication can be written.x Channel This is the vehicle which facilitates the sender to convey the message to the receiver. or live projections. oral.

interprets. and tries to perceive the total meaning of the message as transmitted by the sender. . The receiver gets the message. understands.` Receiver He is the targeted audience of the message.

. However.` Decoding This is the act of translating symbols of communication into their ordinary meanings. the total meaning would consists of meanings of the words together with the tone and the attitude of the sender as reflected by the structure of the message and the choice of the words used by the sender.

` Feedback Feedback plays an important role in communication. It helps the communicator know if there are any corrections or any changes to be made in the proposed action. It also ensures that the receiver has received the message and understood it as intended by the sender. .


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