ome times it is necessary to come out of our enclosed spaces in to the abundance of the Nature. So we started our trip to Mamalakkandam during the waxing moon phase of the February...



Journey thorough the jungle track, is tough, but thrilling.

It was the beginning of the summer, trees were shedding leaves

Sky was clear, and was spreading a kind of tranquility in my mind

Each tree looked different, just like human faces

Mr Ouseph, our guide, friend and companion A man who never uses foot ware Who walked though almost all the forests in Kerala Tamilnadu and Karnataka

Remains of a bridge which was constructed during British era

Muduvan - The Aadivasi clan, lives in make shift huts

Seriously engaged in making wooden nails, used for climbing big trees - to collect honey

Can see dogs with every muduvan family. Adivasis has now access to some of the modern luxuries like a plastic bucket

This is where we camped

Getting settled

A walk though the forest

Young fisherman

He travels through the rocks like spider man

Sunset day 1

Just after Sunrise-day 2

River, reflections and reverberating chatter of birds

Wild forest in its true sense

A medicinal plant and a snake skin

It looked like a crocodile to me

No words to explain this experience, swimming through this lukewarm waters was just rejuvenating

A son of jungle

Let me try to share only a part of what I had experienced

I had seen the light rays passing, can you see it?

Sorting the bounty of early morning fishing

Caught for a meal

Yin and Yan

Trekking though the forest, every thing is in abundance here

Flowing water is symbol of strength and purity

There is serenity, just before the fall...

Remains of a blissful life

Eyes and nose

Forest is colourful

Not only greens

When will you come next time ?

Thank You

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