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Great oakS School 2 pm (Sun) reSpect drumminG r1

john hanSard Gallery 6 pm (Sat) improViSed muSic


Venue addresses
Bargate Monument Gallery
High Street SO14 1HF
turner SimS

City Centre
mayFloWer theatre 7 pm (Sat) juSt in time- laSt perFormance oF SiSter act

E Park Terrace


dP rlan be

city art Gallery 4 pm (Sat) GeoloGy 12 pm (Sun) perFormance poetry 3 pm (Sun) Silent Film claSSicS
G1 p2 S1

(Saturday) 1 pm daytime concerto 7 pm jazz- Free jazz 8 pm keyboard jazz maSterjulian joSeph trio (Sunday) 1 pm quartet- brodSky quartet beVoiS toWn primary School 11 am (Sun) orcheStral play day

Bargate Shopping Centre

d1 j1

City Centre SO14 1HF

17-19 Lodge Road SO14 6RP

The Bent Brief


Bevois Town Primary School

Cedar Road SO14 6RU

Guildhall Square (Saturday) 10 am alphabet FanFare 10 am aFrican muSic 11 am marchinG band 12 pm ceilidh- jiGFoot 1 pm dhol drummerS 2 pm eclectic elephantS
a1 a2 b5 c2 d2 e2

q1 V1 W2 X1

New Road
Palmerston Rd
Solent uniVerSity StudentS union (Saturday) 8 pm karaoke 10 pm muSic quiz
k2 m1

6 pm Virtual VoiceS 7 pm WoodWind 8 pm Xylophone


Cobden Avenue, Bitterne Park SO18 1FZ Civic Centre, Commercial Road SO14 7LP

Church of the Ascension

City Art Gallery

the bent brieF 5 pm (Sun) ukulele jam la baronia 9 pm (Sat) latin niGht

The Hub, City College

St Mary Street SO14 1AR


35 High Street SO14 2HN

Dolphin Hotel Eastpoint

barGate monument Gallery 2 pm (Sat) early muSic


Bursledon Road SO19 8BR

church oF the aScenSion, bitterne park 11 am (Sat) bell rinGinG WorkShop the Guide doG 3 pm (Sat) Folk hour
r3 F2 b4

WeSt quay

barGate ShoppinG centre 1 pm (Sat) diScoVer Great bandS d4

ay tl e W Cas

(Saturday) 10 am americana 11 am barberShop 12 pm chineSe muSic 1 pm dolce Voce 3 pm FlautiSSimo 5 pm hip hop orcheStra (Sunday) 11 am openinG dance 1 pm quickStep 2 pm rumba 4 pm tanGo reGentS park community colleGe 11 am (Sat) bSo and SycS orcheStral rehearSal

City Centre SO14 7FP Vermont Close, Winchester Road SO16 7LT 38 Earls Road SO14 6SF High Street SO14 2NS

Guildhall Square

a3 b1 c3 d3 F1 h1 o2 q3 r2 t1

Great Oaks School

the hub, city colleGe (Sunday) 2 pm rejoice- SinG alonG 5 pm u join intabla WorkShop

The Guide Dog


St maryS church 11 am (Sat) bell rinGinG


Holyrood Church

7 pm World muSic- art aSia W1 perFormance

Univ. of Southampton, Highfield, SO17 1BJ 29-31 Portswood Road SO17 2ET

John Hansard Gallery La Baronia

dolphin hotel 12 pm (Sat) chamber concert c1 holyrood church 11 am (Sat) brazilian drumminG- bat2k

22-26 Commercial Road SO15 1GE

Mayflower Theatre

Regents Park Community College

King Edward Avenue SO16 4GW

Solent University Students Union

East Park Terrace SO14 0YN
tudor houSe 1 pm (Sun) quartet

City Centre venues

(see enlargement)
eaStpoint 10 am (Sun) nurSery rhymeS, n1 jiGGy WriGGlerS 2012 Google - Map data 2012 Google -

135 St Mary Street SO14 1NX 48 Bugle Street SO14 2AH Bugle Street SO14 2AD Highfield Campus, University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

St Marys Church

St Michaels Church

out of town

Tudor House

St michaelS church 7 pm (Sat) johanneS brahmS- city oF Southampton orcheStra 12 pm (Sun) SinG alonG a pSalm
j3 p1

Turner Sims West Quay

2012 Google - Map data 2012 Google -

8-10 Portland Terrace SO14 7EG