Psychoanalytic Therapy

Dr. Arra

Psychoanalytic Therapy
GOALS: Make the unconscious conscious Strengthen ego Analyze childhood and person¶s history and see how past behaviors are effecting present behaviors

and play are important for people . work.Psychoanalytic Therapy Freud believed love.

Psychoanalytic Therapy THERAPIST ROLE AND FUNCTION Become involved in unresolved conflicts of client Little self-disclosure (fosters transference) selfMaintain neutrality Help client understand historical roots of problem Much analysis around these projections .

does.Psychoanalytic Therapy Help client learn and achieve insights Therapists interpret what client says. and does not do .

talk Commit to interventions Terminate when problem is resolved Gain insight into self and environment .Psychoanalytic Therapy CLIENTS EXPERIENCE Meet several times a week for years Agree to be active.

unresolved feelings and attitudes onto the therapist EX: stern father old lover mother excellent father .Psychoanalytic Therapy TRANSFERENCE ± Core of psychoanalytical therapy Unconsciously projecting old.

and repressed material Interpret client behavior Help client make new choices Help client see how past experiences are effecting their current behaviors . defenses.Psychoanalytic Therapy Goal of therapy is to work through transferences Explore unconscious.

Psychoanalytic Therapy Help clients see how problems are effecting client in their daily lives Reveals childhood motivations Counselor: all powerful Client/child: please. angry. acceptance .

Psychoanalytic Therapy COUNTERTRANSFERENCE Therapist projects unconscious material onto client Therapist responds irrationally and subjectively to client Therapists own conflicts are triggered .

ethnic group JMU/client example/house .Psychoanalytic Therapy EX: Unresolved issues with father>when counseling an old man Dislike of adolescents.

get supervision .Psychoanalytic Therapy Therapist loses objectivity. and becomes emotional Serious detriment to therapeutic relationship Refer client.

Psychoanalytic Therapy MODERN PSYCHOANALYTICALLY ORIENTED THERAPISTS No couch Fewer sessions More self-disclosure by therapist selfMore work with µreal¶ issues than projected material and dreams .

therapist neutrality .consistency of sessions .frequent sessions .Psychoanalytic Therapy TECHNIQUES: 1) Maintain analytical framework .

Psychoanalytic Therapy 2) Free Association Say what comes to mind Free flow of thoughts and emotions Helps get at unconscious wishes and thoughts Therapists job is to identify repressed material Therapist interprets material and provides insights Therapist listen for hidden meanings EX: slip of tongue (can express conflicting affect) .

Psychoanalytic Therapy INTERPRETATION Analyst explains behaviors in dreams. and then interpret emotion or underlying conflict . free association Translate clients material Interpret material client is unaware of and can tolerate Point out resistant behavior.

Psychoanalytic Therapy EX: young female client projects very negatively onto an older male therapist. is also afraid of being hurt . while wanting acceptance and love from father. father left at an early age. so female. does not trust or like therapist and is afraid of becoming attached to therapist INTERPRETATION: young female has repressed negative events in childhood.

Psychoanalytic Therapy DREAM ANALYSIS Repressed feelings/thoughts surface during sleep Content of dreams can symbolic (snakes. decaying teeth) or apparent (dream as it appears to you) Analyst studies content of dreams and interprets symbols Dream work is a process of transforming symbols into meaningful material with which to work with .

Psychoanalytic Therapy ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF TRANSFERENCE Clients react to therapist as though they were a significant other Clients re-experience a variety of feelings they rehad with that person Clients see how past effects present functioning Effects of past relationships are counteracted by working through a similar emotional conflict with the therapist .

Psychoanalytic Therapy STRENGTHS Transference Counter transference Repression/defense mechanisms Client gains insight Learn from personal past Comprehensive personality theory .

Psychoanalytic Therapy LIMITATIONS Takes too long Expensive No therapist self-disclosure selfRequires much therapist training Therapist in control/charge of session Not much focus on behavior/cognition .

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