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Neuburger ENG Comp 101 22 February 2012 One Paragraph Essay ³A Case of Assisted Suicide´ by Jack Kevorkian In ³A Case of Assisted Suicide´ by Jack Kevorkian, though many support his campaign, they refuse to encourage it because of public dismay. To support a cause, what you believe in should not compel fear. Kevorkian wants to ³practice above-board to avert the harassment or vindictiveness of litigation´ (318) implying the difficulty of finding a safe, legal place to go ahead with his campaign. The trouble he faces is finding a suitable place to take the life of an individual without it causing a legal debate or demise of anyone whom aided or assisted this process. Kevorkian is extremely respectful and detailed. As he said, ³I always explained that I planned to assist a suffering patient to commit suicide.´ (319) Kevorkian knows what he is doing and had many advocates supporting his campaign. Fear of public dismay over-powered supporter¶s belief that what Kevorkian is doing for his patients is good. For full support of Dr. Kevorkian¶s campaign, his advocates should have never given into fear of public humiliation or prosecution. This fear does not say what is right or wrong, it only amounts to allegations held against a belief. Works Cited Kevorkian, Jack. "A Case of Assisted Suicide." Power of Language - Language of Power. Vol. Second Custom Edition for Ozarks Technical Community College. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions, 2011. 317-23. Print. Word Count : 189

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