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Project Devt. Methods Tools

Project Devt. Methods Tools

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Published by: Joyce Ann Jarabelo Juyo on Feb 27, 2012
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last from 1 day to 2 weeks(avg. 1 week)

participants selected to represent all

interest groups

basic premise: main interest groups must

be represented from all levels

exercise requires a facilitator with a high

degree of experience and skill


and Tools

WS Content and Methodology

Based on a series of analysisand

planning exercises comprising:


Participant analysis: (interests, motives, attitudes

and implications for project)

Problem analysis: major problems grouped into a

problem-tree with cause and effect and identification

of the core problem

Objectives analysis: a restatement of the problems

into realistically achievable goals;

Alternatives analysis: assessment of alternative

objectives according to resources, feasibility, cost-

benefit ratio, social risks, sustainability and other

factors as decided by group. Prepared on charts.


and Tools

ZOPP¶s Project Planning Matrix (PPM)

The PPM is a Logframe Matrix. It is central to ZOPP-based

project work because the process of building it relies on

repeated, collaborative stakeholder input. The PPM It is a

one-page summary of:

why the project is carried out,

what the project is expected to achieve,

how the project is going to achieve these results,

factors crucial for the success of the project,

how can success be measured,

where data is needed to assess project success,

what the project will cost.


and Tools

ZOPP¶s Iterative Workshops

ZOPP is not a oneshot exercise;

Each plannng phase has a specific goal

Each goal is the subject of a workshop

Each workshop comprised of different


Participants analyse key issues throughout

the project cycle.

No set formula for successful workshop.

All need to create common language and

understand one another divergent views

ZOPP¶s Iterative Process


and Tools

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