By Rommel K. Manwong, Ph.D

Policing is the most obvious and apparent aspect of the criminal justice system Police Systems around the world varied in terms of approach and practices in achieving police goals due to diversity of culture however similarities are placed on the purpose of their existence ² law enforcement, peace and order, crime prevention


Country - Canada Name: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Role - Federal, National & Paramilitary Police Force Size 15 divisions Nickname The Mounties Motto Maintiens le droit (Defend the law) Highest Rank ² Commissioner Lowest Rank ² Gendarme (Constable)


net 4 .rkmfiles.Kempeitai www.Country ² JAPAN Name ² NATIONAL POLICE AGENCY (NPA) Oversight Agency ² NATIONAL PUBLIC SAFETY COMMISSION (NPSC) Local Police ² KOBAN SYSTEM ² Police box (Koban) Police Rank ² 9 divisions Highest Rank ² Superintendent General Lowest Rank ² Police Officer Military Police .

Special Police Forces ² selected duties 3.regulars 2. Ireland.rkmfiles.England Robert Peel ² Father of Modern Policing Lowest Rank. Territorial Police Forces .Country ² United Kingdom (England & 5 . Miscellaneous Police Forces ² for local activities www. Scotland) Historic Police Mandate ² Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 . Non-Police Law Enforcement Agencies ² auxiliaries 4.Constable Highest Rank ² Commissioner Four Types of Law Enforcement 1. 6 .WORLDWIDE POLICE RANKS Australia Commissioned Ranks y Deputy Commissioner (two crossed batons below a pip) y Assistant Commissioner (two crossed batons) y Commander (three pips in a triangular pattern below a crown) y Superintendent (one pip below a crown) y Inspector (three pips) Senior Non-Commissioned Ranks y Senior Sergeant (three chevrons and laurel wreath) y Sergeant (three chevrons) Non-Commissioned Ranks y Senior Constable (two chevrons) y Constable (one chevron) y Probationary Constable (blank epaulette) Recruit www.

net 7 . Belgium Highest commissioned rank y Hoofdcommissaris / commisaire divisionnaire (Chief Commissioner) Commissioned rank y Commissaris / Commisaire (Commissioner) Senior non commissioned rank y Hoofdinspecteur / Inspecteur principal (Chief Inspector/Superintendent) Non commissioned rank y Inspecteur / Inspecteur (Inspector.rkmfiles. equivalent to Constable or Officer) Auxiliary rank y Agent van Politie / Agent de Police (Auxiliary Officer)ba www.

net 8 . CANADA Ranks of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Assistant Commissioner Chief Superintendent Superintendent Inspector Corps Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Staff Sergeant Major Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Police Constable 1st Class (Gendarme) Police Constable 2nd Class (Gendarme) Police Constable 3rd Class (Gendarme) Police Constable 4th Class (Gendarme) Cadet www.rkmfiles.

China Commissioner General Deputy Commissioner General Commissioner 1st Class Commissioner 2nd Class Commissioner 3rd Class Supervisor 1st Class Supervisor 2nd Class Supervisor 3rd Class Superintendent 1st Class Superintendent 2nd Class Superintendent 3rd Class Constable 1st Class Constable 2nd Class 9 .

net .rkmfiles. Hong Kong Commissioner of Police (CP) Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Superintendent of Police (SP) Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) (insignia of a Captain) Senior Inspector of Police (SIP) Inspector of Police (IP) Probationary Inspector of Police (PI) Station Sergeant (SSGT) Sergeant (SGT) Senior Constable (SPC) Police Constable (PC) 10 www.

Headmaster of the National Police School Vice Police Chief of Reykjavík. Deputy Police Chief Chief Constable Vice Chief Constable Chief Sergeant. Assistance Chief Constable Sergeant. Police chief. Iceland National Commissioner Vice National Commissioner. Inquisitor Policeman Police Intern. Temporary Replacement . District Police Officer 11 www.rkmfiles.

not a rank) Commissioner of Police (State) or Director General of Police Special Commissioner of Police or Additional Director General of Police Joint Commissioner of Police or Inspector General of Police Additional Commissioner of Police or Deputy Inspector General of Police Deputy Commissioner of Police or Senior Superintendent of Police Deputy Commissioner of Police or Superintendent of Police Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police or Additional Superintendent of Police Assistant Commissioner of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police Assistant Superintendent of Police (IPS Probationary Rank: 2 years of service) Assistant Superintendent of Police (IPS Probationary Rank: 1 year of service) Ranks of Non-Gazetted Officers Inspector of Police Sub-Inspector of Police Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police Police Head Constable Senior Police Constable Police Constable 12 . India Ranks of Gazetted Officers Director Intelligence Bureau (post held by senior most Indian Police Service officer.rkmfiles.

equivalent General in the army y Police Commissioner General / Komisaris Jenderal Polisi (Komjen Pol.) .net 13 .equivalent Sergeant Major y Police Brigadier / Brigadir Polisi (Brigadir) .) .equivalent Major General y Police Brigadier General / Brigadir Jenderal Polisi (Brigjen Pol.equivalent Private First Class y Second Bhayangkara / Bhayangkara Dua (Bharada) .equivalent Second Lieutenant Warrant officers y First Police Inspector Adjutant / Ajun Inspektur Polisi Satu (Aiptu) .) .rkmfiles.equivalent Brigadier General Mid rank officers y Police Great Commissioner / Komisaris Besar Polisi (Kombespol) .equivalent Chief Sergeant y First Police Brigadier / Brigadir Polisi Satu (Briptu) .equivalent Chief Corporal y First Police Brigadier Adjutant / Ajun Brigadir Polisi Satu (Abriptu) .equivalent Major Low rank officers y Police Commissioner Adjutant / Ajun Komisaris Polisi (AKP) . Indonesia High rank officers y Police General / Jenderal Polisi (Jend.equivalent Lieutenant General y Police Inspector General / Inspektur Jenderal Polisi (Irjen Pol.equivalent First Lieutenant y Second Police Inspector / Inspektur Polisi Dua (Ipda) .equivalent Second Corporal y Chief Bhayangkara / Bhayangkara Kepala (Bharaka) .equivalent Private www.equivalent Colonel y Police Great Commissioner Adjutant / Ajun Komisaris Besar Polisi (AKBP) .equivalent Lieutenant Colonel y Police Commissioner / Komisaris Polisi (Kompol) .equivalent Chief Private y First Bhayangkara / Bhayangkara Satu (Bharatu) .equivalent First Corporal y Second Police Brigadier Adjutant / Ajun Brigadir Polisi Dua (Abripda) .equivalent Second Sergeant Enlisted y Police Brigadier Adjutant / Ajun Brigadir Polisi (Abrip) .) . Pol.equivalent Chief Warrant Officer y Second Police Inspector Adjutant / Ajun Inspektur Polisi Dua (Aipda) .equivalent First Sergeant y Second Police Brigadier / Brigadir Polisi Dua (Bripda) .equivalent Warrant Officer Non-commissioned officers y Chief Police Brigadier / Brigadir Polisi Kepala (Bripka) .equivalent Captain y First Police Inspector / Inspektur Polisi Satu (Iptu) .

and one star) Captain (Two stars) Lieutenant (One star) Sergeant (Four bars) Patrolman (One bar) 14 www. and two stars) Inspector ( .Iraq Chief of Police (single bar.rkmfiles. Crossed wreath & Star) Chief Superintendent (Crossed wreath & Star) Superintendent (Three stars) Chief Inspector (Bar. .Ireland Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Assistant Commissioner Chief Superintendent Superintendent Inspector Sergeant Garda (equivalent to constable or police officer) Student Garda (a trainee who is not yet sworn) Reserve Garda (a sworn volunteer reservist with limited powers) 15 www.

1 capacity.rkmfiles. Chief Superintendent (Keishi-ch ?): The Chief of Prefectural Police Headquarters. 38 capacity. Deputy Superintendent General. Superintendent (Keishi?): The Chief of Police . old Patrolman (Junsa?) 16 www. Police Inspector or Captain (Keibu?) Assistant Police Inspector or Lieutenant (Keibu-ho?) Police Sergeant (Junsa-buch ?) Senior Police Officer or Corporal (Junsa-ch ?): Honorary rank. others. 1 capacity. Superintendent Supervisor (Keishi-kan?): Deputy Commissioner General. The Chief of Prefectural Police Headquarters. The Chief of Regional Police Bureau. Superintendent General (Keishi-s kan?): The Chief of Metropolitan Police Department. Japan Commissioner General (Japanese: Keisatsu-ch Ch kan?): The Chief of National Police Agency. The rank outside. Police officer. Senior Superintendent (Keishi-sei?): The Chief of Police Station.

net .rkmfiles. South Korea Commissioner General : 1 capacity Chief Superintendent General : 5 capacity Senior Superintendent General Superintendent General Senior Superintendent Superintendent Senior Inspector Inspector Assistant Inspector Senior Police Officer Police Officer y Newly commissioned officer is appointed as Policeman Assistant for two years in probationship. The uniform and insignia of an assistant is identical to those of Policeman. 17 www.

net .rkmfiles. Macau Supterintendent General Supterintendent Intendent Sub-Intendent Commissioner Sub-Commissioner Chief Sub-Chief 1st Class Guard 2nd Class Guard Guard 18 www.

Inspector Grade y Chief Inspector [C/INSP] y Inspector [INSP] y Probationary Inspector [P/INSP] Enlisted Grade y Sub-Inspector [S/INSP] y Sergeant Major [SM] y Sergeant [SGT] y Corporal [CPL] y Lance Corporal [L/CPL] y Constable Bukit Aman .net 19 .HQ www. Malaysia (Royal Malaysian Police) Inspector General Grade y Inspector General of Police [IGP]: National Chief Police.rkmfiles. y Deputy Inspector General of Police [DIG]: Deputy National Chief Police. Superintendent Grade y Superintendent of Police [SUPT] y Deputy Superintendent of Police [DSP]: District Division Chief y Assistant Superintendent of Police [ASP]: Station Chief Police. y Commissioner of Police [CP] Department Chief Police y Deputy Commissioner of Police [DCP] : State Chief Police Officer [CPO] y Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police I [SAC I] y Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police II [SAC II]: State Division Chief y Assistant Commissioner of Police [ACP]: District Chief Police.

net .Netherlands Chief Constable (Hoofdcommissaris) Commissioner (Commissaris) Superintendent (Hoofdinspecteur) Inspector (Inspecteur) Sergeant (Brigadier) Constable First Class (Hoofdagent) Constable (Agent) Police Patrol Officer (Surveillant) Police Trainee (Aspirant) 20 www.rkmfiles.

There is no Second Lieutenant rank-equivalent in the PNP.Corporal Police Officer I (PO1) .Staff Sergeant Police Officer III (PO3) .) .Private First Class Note: Rank in Italics is the Army equivalent.rkmfiles. Non-commissioned officers Senior Police Officer IV (SPO4) .Major Senior Inspector (S/Insp.Senior Master Sergeant / Chief Master Sergeant Senior Police Officer III (SPO3) .Lieutenant General www.Colonel Superintendent (Supt.Sergeant Police Officer II (PO2) .) .Major General Chief Superintendent (C/Supt. There is no Private rank-equivalent in the PNP.) .Brigadier General Senior Superintendent (S/Supt. 21 .net Director (Dir.Technical Sergeant Senior Police Officer I (SPO1) .) . Philippines Commissioned officers Director General (DGen.Captain Inspector (Insp.) .Lieutenant Note: Rank in Italics is the Army equivalent.Lieutenant Colonel Chief Inspector (C/Insp.) .) .) .General Deputy Director General (DDG) .Master Sergeant Senior Police Officer II (SPO2) .

Police Agents Corps) y Senior Sergeant (Agent. Quaestor) y Chief Superintendent (Comisar. Chief Commissioner) y Superintendent (Comisar. Principal Agent) y Constable (Agent) 22 www. Police Officers Corps) y General-Commissioner ( . Deputy Chief Agent) y Senior Constable (Agent principal. Chief Agent) y Sergeant (Agent. Principal Inspector) y Inspector (Inspector) y Sub-Inspector (Subinspector) Non-commissioned ranks (Corpul agen ilor de poli ie.ef adjunct. Sub-Commissioner) y Chief Inspector (Inspector principal. Principal Quaestor) y Commissioner (Chestor. Romania Commissioned ranks (Corpul ofi erilor de poli ie. Quaestor-General) y Chief-Commissioner (Chestor.ef. Commissioner) y Assistant Superintendent (Subcomisar.ef. Chief-Quaestor) y Principal Commissioner (Chestor principal.ef principal. Principal Chief Agent) y Senior Sergeant (Agent. . Singapore Senior police officers y Commissioner of Police [CP] y Deputy Commissioner of Police [DCP] y Senior Assistant Commissioner [SAC] y Assistant Commissioner [AC] y Deputy Assistant Commissioner [DAC] y Superintendent of Police [SUPT] y Deputy Superintendent of Police [DSP] y Assistant Superintendent of Police [ASP] y Inspector of Police [INSP] Police officers y Senior Station Inspector (2) of Police [SSI2] y Senior Station Inspector of Police [SSI] y Station Inspector of Police [SI] y Senior Staff Sergeant [SSSGT] y Staff Sergeant [SSGT] y Sergeant [SGT] y Corporal [CPL] y Lance Corporal [LC]: Gurkha rank y Special constable [SC]: non regulars y Police Constable [PC]: obsolete regular rank 23 www.

Sri Lanka Gazetted Officers Inspector General of Police (IGP) Senior Deputy Inspector General of police (SDIG) Deputy Inspector General of police (DIG) Senior Superintendent of police (SSP) Superintendent of police (SP) Assistant Superintendent of police (ASP) Chief Inspector of police (CIP) Inspector of police (IP) Sub Inspector of police (SI) Non-Gazetted Officers Police Sergeant Major (PSM) Police Sergeant Class 1 (PS) Police Sergeant Class 2 (PS) Police Constable Class 1 (PC) Police Constable Class 2 (PC) Police Constable Class 3 (PC) 24 .

South Africa (South African Police Service .net .rkmfiles.SAPS) National Commissioner Deputy National Commissioner Divisional Commissioner or Provincial Commissioner Assistant Commissioner Director Senior Superintendent Superintendent Captain Inspector Sergeant Constable Student 25 www.

net .Civil Guard Lieutenant General (Teniente General) Division General (General de División) Brigade General (General de Brigada) Colonel (Coronel) Lieutenant Colonel (Teniente Coronel) Major (Comandante) Captain (Capitán) Lieutenant (Teniente) Second Lieutenant (Alférez) Senior Warrant Officer (Suboficial Mayor) Junior Warrant Officer (Subteniente) Sergeant first class (Brigada) Staff Sergeant (Sargento Primero) Sergeant (Sargento) Master Corporal (Cabo Mayor) Corporal (Cabo Primero) Lance Corporal (Cabo) Constable first class (Agente de 1ª) Constable (Agente) 26 www. Spain Cuerpo Nacional de Policía Chief Superintendent (Spanish: Comisario Principal) Superintendent (Comisario) Chief Inspector (Inspector Jefe) Inspector Sergeant (Subinspector) Corporal (Official) Constable (Agente) Guardia Civil .rkmfiles.

Taiwan (The Republic of China) Police Supervisor General Police Supervisor Rank One Police Supervisor Rank Two Police Supervisor Rank Three Police Supervisor Rank Four Police Officer Rank One Police Officer Rank Two Police Officer Rank Three Police Officer Rank Four Police Rank One Police Rank Two Police Rank Three Police Rank Four 27 .

Thailand (Royal Thai Police) Commissioned officers Police General (phon tamruat ek) Police Lieutenant General (phon tamruat tho) Police Major General (phon tamruat tri) Police Brigadier General (not in use now) (phon tamruat jattawa) Police Senior Colonel (equivalent to Police Brigadier General) (phan tamruat ek phiset) Police Colonel (phan tamruat ek) Police Lieutenant Colonel (phan tamruat tho) Police Major (phan tamruat tri) Police Captain (roi tamruat ek) Police Lieutenant (roi tamruat tho) Police Sub-Lieutenant (roi tamruat tri) Non-commissioned officers Police Senior Sergeant Major (dap tamruat) Police Sergeant Major (ja sip tamruat) Police Sergeant (sip tamruat ek) Police Corporal (sip tamruat tho) Police Lance Corporal (sip tamruat tri) Policeman/Constable (phon tamruat) 28 .rkmfiles.

Sinif Emniyet Muduru) Superintendent (Emniyet Amiri) Chief Inspector (Baskomiser) Inspector (Komiser) Sub-Inspector (Komiser Yardimcisi) Police Officer (Turkish: Polis Memuru) 29 www. Turkey (Emniyet Genel Müdürlü ü .net . Sinif Emniyet Muduru) 4th Degree Police Chief (4. Sinif Emniyet Muduru) 2nd Degree Police Chief (2.rkmfiles. Sinif Emniyet Muduru) 3rd Degree Police Chief (3.Turkish Police) Director General (Emniyet Genel Muduru) 1st Degree Police Chief (1.

net Inspector Chief Inspector Superintendent Chief Superintendent United Kingdom police ranks (chief officers) County police force rank Assistant Chief Constable Deputy Chief Constable Chief Constable City of London Police rank Commander Assistant Commissioner Commissioner Metropolitan Police rank Commander Deputy Assistant Commissioner Assistant Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Commissioner 30 .rkmfiles. United Kingdom United Kingdom police ranks (up to Chief Superintendent) Rank Police Constable Sergeant www.

United States Chief of police/police commissioner/superintendent/sheriff Deputy Chief of police/Deputy Commissioner/Deputy Superintendent/undersheriff Inspector/commander/colonel Major/deputy inspector Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Detective/Inspector/Investigator Officer/Deputy Sheriff/corporal 31 .rkmfiles.

net .rkmfiles. Columbia Chief of Police (4 Star General) Executive Assistant Chief 3 star Assistant Chief Commander Inspector Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Master Patrol Officer Patrol Officer First Class Patrol Officer / Detective 32 www. 33 . Cambodia ² HQ ² Phnom Phen www. 34 . Brazil ² Meaning of ´Provostµ ² Military Police www.

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