Justin Lyman Mr. Neuburger English 102.

102 15 February 2012 Essay Response ³A Case of Assisted Suicide´ by Jack Kevorkian In ³A Case of Assisted Suicide,´ Kevorkian writes about a case where he assists a woman named Janet Adkins who is suffering from Alzheimer¶s disease. Through this essay Kevorkian proves how assisted suicides help end people¶s suffering. One example of Janet suffering from her disease is when she had to have her husband show her ³«on another piece of paper how to form the cursive µA¶«´ (321) for a required signature. The patients of Kevorkian are happy that their lives are ending without suffering. A perfect example of this is when Janet is committing suicide and her dying words are, ³Thank you, thank you.´ (323) This essay proves that Kevorkian is committing assisted suicides to help end other peoples¶ suffering. Works Cited Kevorkian, Jack. "A Case of Assisted Suicide." Power of Language - Language of Power. Vol. Second Custom Edition for Ozarks Technical Community College. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions, 2011. 317-23. Print.

Word Count: 120

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