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Aleah Woodmansee Mr. Neuburger Eng. Comp.

101-102 5 February 2012 Response Essay ³On Dumpster Diving´ ³On Dumpster Diving´ is an essay by Lars Eighner describing the process and items found when dumpster diving. There is more to dumpster diving than simply taking things people no longer want, it is a way of life where, despite seemingly dire circumstances, a person can find contentment. Eighner¶s essay describes different ways to recognize good food and the risks of eating the bad, but he also writes there are many lessons to be learned, and actual ethics while scavenging. He states, ³I avoid trying to draw conclusions about the people who dump in the Dumpsters I frequent.´ Furthermore, describing basic rules for divers Eighner writes, ³The first to take what you can use and let the rest go by«The second lesson is the transience of material being.´ Dumpster diving also provides perspectives that would seem to be the most unlikely. For example, Eighner¶s describes how he has found contentment in any circumstance when he says, ³I find my desire to grab for the gaudy bauble has been largely sated. I think this is an attitude I share with the very wealthy- we both know that there is plenty more where we have come from.´