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in part because of financial performance. ANALYSIS FROM & SAMUEL DOMINI DATA 12· MARCH/APRIL 2000 • BusinessEthics . BYTOM KLUSMANN GRAVES & CO. community members. is attracting and retaining employees. the best companies are focusing on a host of social issues. and that allows its positive culture to thrive. serving not only stockholders. for example. with $3. This financial services firm headquartered in San Francisco. That helped get the firm a rating of 5-on a scale of 1 to 5-in service to shareholders (ratings tracked performance from 1996 to 1998)." But Schwab's bottom line is definitely healthy. Excellence in those two areas was the primary reason they scored high overall.Cqrporate II ens Celebra ose companies that excel at serving multiple stakeholders well. puts it. employees come to Schwab "for something more than just the bottom line. But Schwab also scored high in service to employees. with a 4. PROJECT DIRECTOR STATISTICAL SOCIAL MARJORIE KELLY 3{ARTICLE BY SANDRA KINDER. and stockholders. in short. total return to investors was an impressive 102 percent. As the perforrnanr-e of our 100 Best Corporate Citizens serving this new community of stakeholders is just good business. In 1998 (the latest annual figures available when the analysis was done). As Beth Sawi. Embracing goals beyond the traditional focus on earnings. chief administrative officer at Charles Schwab. They are. One benefit.9 billion in 1999 revenue. WADDOCK LYDENBERG.33 score. hopeful metamorphosis is under way in corporate America. but other stakeholders as well. And by stakeholders we mean those with a "stake" in the company: employees. is No. customers.8 on our list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens.

she waited four hours for the homeowner to arrive home and simply push a button to turn the computer off. "To us. business equipment maker with revenues of$4. employees.While it's difficult to make generalizations about how all of them operate. . flight attendants and customer service agents are encouraged to incorporate humor. customers. "It's really their success.Y. we pick out a community where we can work with people from elementary to university level. Our study found a myriad of ways America '8 best corporate citizens serve these stakeholders. it wouldn't have happened. computer firm-we see employee involvement in environmental issues. (KID).8 billion. but it doesn't have the same impact for self-sufficiency as if you partner with people.employees." said O'Brien. and the community. the company givescash awards to employees for innovative environmental ideas. a "major strength. domestic airline. elanie Jones. She has plans to become a paralegal aide. cannot ignore their employees. and community). community. N. The woman had moved here-from Guatemala twenty years earlier..000 annual college scholarships.. supplemented by Business Ethics interviews. Taking a rifle-shot rather than a shotgun approach to community service. the corporate culture has a lack of formality and a sense of humor.. taught how to conduct a job search.... director of community affairs. see page 17.2 billion. 12). n tackling the amorphous area of "education. We considered these the dual aspects of community service. the company ranking second highest is Polaroid. which empowers community residents to make decisions about the neighborhood. with the shortage of skilled staff. we used data from Kinder." Eidson said." said Polly O'Brien." Jones said..1 community service.37 largely because of lackluster financial return. it's very easy to sit and write a check. if it were that easy to operate a computer. director of corporate philanthropy.) This maker of film and other imaging products. "And yet if she had never learned to speak the language. Dallas. Calif. Today. IBM (NO. and given a paid summer internship at HP. while working as a house cleaner. This study is about good corporate citizenship. and to work with grassroots organizations to improve the community. has two committees-one for each community-staffed by employees who are overseen by professional staff. local economic development has been a part of the firm's corporate culture. not executive-driven. 11 .At almost any meeting. To put numbers to these judgments.. Lydenberg. at IBM~ the $6.. to 5. and watch that segment pass to the next level where there's no program.." she said. executive director of the foundation." said Roy Verley. 14). and of course cannot neglect stockholders.. we can offer a handful of interesting approaches we've observed. a social research firm in Boston. "When you see her. It looks at corporate service to four key stakeholder groups (stockholders.1 billion. she could do it.-. We define that as serving a variety of stakeholders well. We might note here that this study's evaluation of community service combines two measures from KID: community and environment. More typically. has one vote like all other members. employees. regardless of what the rules are. it lost $51 million on revenues of $1.3 billion Armonk.2 million HP Scholar program. "Because a lot of the people who live here are low-income. with revenue of $42 billion. Among them: This studv looks at service to four key stakeholders: stockholders. The Polaroid Foundation. the Woman is fluent in English and proficient in computer skills. Having community-service programs be employee-driven.83. The foundation's focus is increasing self-sufficiency among the disadvantaged by building their skills. came in NO.That's typical of companies in this study. Donna Eidson. and encourages them to pursue four years of math and science work in high school.. No company excelled in serving all four.. the company decided to keep its headquarters in a deteriorating section of Stamford's South End. she accidentally bumped a button and a computer went on. Pitney Bowes also supports the grassroots South End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Initiative." Ifat Polaroid we see employee involvement in philanthropy. cannot neglect the changing needs of their customers. like employees to express their individuality.2 on our list. Conn."The program gives these people voice. Mass. "it's not always easy for them to complain about property owners who don't keep places clean or up to code. which serves primarily Boston and New Bedford. ." HewlettPackar~'s three-year-old Diversity in Education Initiative has pinpoint focus on math and science in four minority comThis Palo Alto. a Stamford. if they're valued for who they At this $4. 3. which ranks service to stakeholders on a scale ranging from 1." "' . In some instances. BusinessEthics· MARCH/APRIL 2000' 13 .1 on our list) was virtually alone in serving three groups well: stockholders. creative manager of public relations at SouthwestAlrllnes (No. feels HP is learning as much as the students.2) excelled in serving two: community and employees.For example.-based computer company. In making public announcements. the company has purchased energy from renewable sources. at higher rates than other sources. and. and this June she and her daughter will be receiving their high school diplomas. Corporate procedures in general come from the rank and file. Cathy Lipe. customers. There's also the $1. n measuring community service. One day. which gives 40 high school seniors (ten from each community) $3. Not knowing how to turn it off. you realize this woman with the right opportunities could have done anything she wanted to. She realized. (In 1998. a "major concern". The program provides hands-on science kits for elementary and middle-school children.Tex. Mass. "Southwest is known for empowering its people to make the right decision. now in its third year. Eidson gives the example of a single mother who joined a foundation-supported program that helps Latina women assimilate. For Pitney Bowes (No. The company donated property near its headquarters for an affordable housing complex. "We're learning what it's like to be going through the HP recruiting process and where we have barriers up to the poor. and has participated in a down-payment assistance program for home ownership. Corporations today simply cannot ignore the social issues in their communities. Most fundamentally. was No.) One thing innovative at this company is that employees make the decisions on charitable contributions. which is "neutral".) KLD's research.. (Whirlpool is NO. but hadn't learned English. 0) solar power. For nearly 30 years. the targeted commitment is to its own community." (For more detail on methodology.headquartered in Cambridge. with a score of 4. for example. although the top 25 performed at least average in serving all stakeholders. Domini & Co. shows a changing corporate landscape. program manager for education relations in the government affairs department. said it best: "Individualism is cherPeople are going to work harder if they don't have somebody they're not. "Rather than work with just one segment of the school population. Hewlett-Packard (NO. Each student is assigned a mentor.

which tied for the highest score in the employee cat(The other two highest were Hewlett-Packard and Corp.4) allows them to work reduced time schedules. Tellabs has an outside company survey customers periodically and provide a report card. For example. To keep the pulse of the market. has had a quality management program since the 1980s.---. It's also worth noting not all of Wall Street's darlings made our list. also allows all employees to take a personal leave of absence without pay. for example. for three months. a telecommunications equipment manufacturer in Lisle. That's partially due to the company's role in widespread polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contamination in Pittsfield.67. Schwab also offers a no-restrictions sabbatical program. with a score of 4. ' And of course. or all its strengths in the quality area. Motorola has lost a number of'rnaior contracts since 1995 due to service quality issues.2 billion in revenue in 1998. but with benefits. The process is called product realiza14' MARCH/APRIL 2000 • BusinessEthics . maker of cellular phones and electronic equipment.. and elsewhere. manufacturing. that not even the best corporate citizens are perfect. Ill. came in first in serving customer stakeholders. and found an impressive $312 million to spend on employee training-including a retraining program that helps employees find new positions within the company. General Electric-Fortune's NO. Intel (No. but was tied for fourth place in providing for employee stakeholders. "They really look at the whole-person. in 1999 revenue. which makes the company particularly focused on health and wellness. it's no accidentTellabs takes approach to product development that involves all departments in the company. then passes through gates representing all departtnents involved in a project's development: sales. ranked No. When the company announced changes in its pension plan last year. offering classes on topics from aerobics to spinning. Thou Shalt Not Steal." said Catherine Hartnett. or gate. the $1. Ill. "Hey Lou. your eating habits. and so forth. takes the unusual step of paying social workers to visit elderly relatives of employees and arrange services. and your exercise habits. At most of its major locations.1 Most Admired Company=-failed to make our tOP 100 because of very low ratings in community and customer areas. Starbucks (No. "If you're experiencing any kind of physical difficulty at work. 46) scored an admirable 4. That's due in part to accusations from community groups-some of whom staged protests at store openings-that Starbucks undermines local businesses and destroys the uniqueness of neighborhoods. dragging a banner that read.33 score in service to employees. In a slightly different approach to sabbaticals. being on the list is no guarantee of strength in all areas. Every product begins as a customer requirement. ~ Taking a team-based approach to developing products apd servicing customers. Maine. Charles Schwab (No. One program that came from employee ideas. Ibis Schaumburg. Many of these firms have both strengths and weaknesses in the same area. 27 overall. UNUM Provident in Portland.000 lifetime amount employees can use for things like child care. in community service. employees from ramp agents to vice presidents have an equal voice in ideas generated. CEO Louis Gerstner found himself confronted at the firm's Austin plant in July with a plane circling overhead. a quality improvement effort. Its Six Sigma program. after all. first-time home buying. Fitness professionals are also available for consultations.) Among the innovations at the $19. but came in neutral. Even our NO. in 1998 revenues. this firm has both strengths and weaknesses in the same area. it has on-site fitness facilities. Ibis Santa Clara.1 company. design. restoring many of the benefits that would have been lost. This $38. maker of Pentium microprocessors and other computer parts had $26. Finding creative ways to relieve the pressures in employees' lives. quality control. For Chief Administrative Officer Beth Sawi. notes that throughout the life-cycle of a product or service.4 billion Xerox is a life-cycle assistance program which.67. and has traditionally sought to reduce defects tenfold every two years. but your health habits. Herman Miller (N0. where she wrote Coming Up for Air: How to Build a Balanced Life in a Workaholic World. in 1998 Starbucks partnered with former pro basketball player Magic Johnson to develop stores in urban areas-where its shops may actually improve neighborhoods. Calif. Everything emanates from the customer. or eight weeks after ten years. This list. On the other hand.p. She returned in August 1999 from a sabbatical in Florence. For Motorola." Other companies take different approaches to relieving employee stress. with $29. And all employees must attend a course called Protecting Our Environment. according to a May 1998 Business Week article. where entry-level employees are rotated to various parts of the company and can apply for jobs in the area they find most interesting. Mass."The company later reversed itself. Sign-off is required at each gate before development can move to the next step.3 bi!. which helps employees assess whether they're on the right career path.. IBM.1 billion household products company in Cincinnati. Given performance like that. Its business is disability insurance.3) offers eight weeks for every seven years of employment. the document processing products company in Stamford. the dream was writing a book. Ohio. is not without controversy."This means a product must pass through a number of gates in development. customer service. offers a $10.of strategic quality atTellabs. with a 4. It's the 100 Best Corporate Citizens. director of public relations and issues management.7).5). is the career development service group. Tenn. Italy.8) helps new employees find their right path with a program called Wings. and Chattanooga. Every employee at Schwab performing at or above expectations is entitled to a four-week paid sabbatical after five years of service. 33 overall. Team leaders are trained to analyze processesand identify where defects can be reduced. so a company must continually adapt. but came in second in service to the customer. Procter & Gamble (No. For all its strengths in the area of employee relations and diverwhere the company scored an impressive 4.Motorola has no women among senior line executives (though it has two women on its board). ne of the best companies at serving employees is Xerox (No. It ranked No. v.7 billion Michigan furniture maker. Showing. with a score of 5. teams throughout the company evaluate ways to improve environmental performance. the needs of the customer may change. with $2. 6). aims for defectfree performance in all areas. Jim Lauretig. in addition to standard benefits. in the end. which would have cut pensions up to 40 percent for long-time employees. is not the -100 Perfect Corporate Citizens. with a score of 3. and health care for dependents.4 bil.5 in service to employees.. pleasing the customer means going the extra mile for quality products. As part of the quality program. To help employees ease into retirement. training. ellabs (NO. allowing employees to pursue their dreams. tion and it uses "q-gates. The focus on quality at Motorola extends to the environment as well. there's a thorough analysis done not only of your work environment. Like others.

17 3.00 3.00 3.0 23.00 3.72000 Dollar General UNUMProvident Tennant Company Ecolab 3.67 4.0 139.65000 New York Times Company Polaroid Corporation Sun Microsystems Dime Bancorp Quaker Oats ! 2.00 3.33 4.430.50 4.50 3.83 4.0 1.78000 Compaq Computer Walt Disney Company Ben & jerry's Homemade Whole The Foods Market 31.00 • 15 J BusinessEthics .9 4.81% 53.6 182.00 5.60833 4? (Tie) 3.0 363.83 4.33 4.80% 20.00 4.00 4.Business Ethics' 100 Best Corporate Citizens Rank Overall rating Company name i '98 revenues* (millions) '98 net income (millions) '96-'98 Average ** Total Return to Community Shareholders Relations Employee Relations Customer Relations J f7 .8 9 .17 3.11% 31.50 3.79000 3.17 3.660.533.60333 50 3.15% 61.00 4.0 40.0 6.93667 Xerox Tellabs Charles Schwab Fannie Mae 19.65% (18.68500 3.01833 3.418.50 3. .845.83 4.66667 3.94% 57.0 398.4 1.17 3.60833 49 3.67 4.QO 3.7 1.0 46.091.67333 3.00 4.221.96000 3.99% 3.2 42.50 4.50 4.00 3.20% 61.1 4.226.9 (51.00 J 26 27 28 3.86% 86~51% 4.86% 40.79333 3.5 3.34% 3.59250 Coca Cola Wal·Mart Fifth Third Bancorp Granite Construction 3.169.0 1.00 1 47 (Tie) 3.9 (2.2 64.17 4.67833 3.2 1.0) 1.67 4.00 3.0 1.402.0 209.25 MARCH/APRIL 2000 3.912.00 3.0) 1.208.00 16 17 18 3.68% 3.00 4.00 3.50 3.2 395.00 3.9 284.17 3.00 4.0 4.3 348.33 3.4 25.1 2.300.17 4.0 668.936.449.33 3.22% 23.83 4.641.64% 21.00 5.736.3 68.33 3.33 3.65% 17.9 10.031.67 36 37 38 39 40 3.5 24.5 37.00 4.00 4.4 389.67 3.00 3.50 4.13%) 60.50 4.17 4.79% 72.72667 3.3 19.79167 3.00 3.00 4.t 6 4.842.596.46% 4.5 278.0 133.73333 3.567. .743.1 58.17 3.

50 3.00 4.54167 3.50 3.08% 32. 16· MARCH/APRIL Revenue: corporate taken from the most financial information Total Return: capital gains recendy published annual from Compustat.722.9 5.83 3.245.67 97 98 99 100 Glossary 3.3 6.67 3.4 11.50 4.43% 28.00 2.110.00 76 77 78 79 3.4 6.223.9 417.37% 4.00 2.7 127.8 I (41.3 1.398.3 74.00 3.00 2.0 5. BusinessEthics .94% 3.0 534.33 3.50 3.00 3.233.17 5.41660 3.50 3.087.50 3.111.599.5 4.00 3.8 47.37% 3.018.56000 3.67 3.17 3.83 4.33 3.58% 59.00 2.00 4.61% 18.47667 3.50167 3.54833 3.0 15.00 3.0) 73.37"1i.292.1 38.17 3.46833 Dionex Progressive Corporation Baxter International Whirlpool EMC 172.34% 3.2 14.323.98% 21.0 432.00 4.42500 90 3.4 2.766.20% 29.67 2.42667 89 3.825.65% 3.897.00 2.00 3.246.67 5.50000 Lucent Technologies 6.68% 53.annual average.17 3.5 509.00 3.67 3.0 403.Rank Overall rating '98 revenues Company name (millions) '98 net income (millions) '96-'98 Average Total Return to Shareholders Community Relations Employee Relations Customer Relations 56 57 58 59 3.53833 AT&T 3Com Graco MBNA Corporation 53.3 24.5 456.00 3.07% 100.41661 3.00 4.00 67 68 3. 1996-1998.00 3. 2000 • plus dividends.67% 62. Employee relations: combination of three-year average KLD employee relations and diversity measures.67 3.00 3.2 3.00 3.00 3.0 28.83 3.24% 20.42167 5PX Corporation Modine Manufacturing Washington Post Company Anheuser-Busch 1.4 24.67 Rank: overall ranking.8 124.6 6.00 3.43500 88 3.303.0 10.83 3. Customer relations: three-year averageKLD product rating.0 384.50 4.50 3.02% 29.00 86 (Tie) 3.50 3.50 3.0 874.00 4.0 37.41659 American Waterworks CV5 Corporation Lincoln National Alaska Airgroup 1.67 4. Overall Rating: average of stakeholder categories.33 3.47000 3.00 3.82% 42.4 1. Community relations: combination of three-year average KLD community relations and environmental measures.0 325. 11.47500 3.971.7 315.273.1 1.

next 20 percent. CEO pay. Domini & Co. through a neutral ranking (3). both 'at Carroll School of Manaeemeni-Boston Colkge. and Walt Disney--have been accused of buying from overseas sweatshops. How do you measure corporate impact?The last time we did this survey-in our Mayl}une 1996 issue-we did it by gathering data on measures like layoffs. Financial data were collapsed into quintiles (the top 20 percent.AND MARJORIE KELLY ust what does it mean to be a good corporate citizen today? To our minds. so we researched the 100 using Lexisl Nexis and other press sources. is broad-based. we used a three-year average (1996-98) of total returns to shareholders.While other research often suggests employees or the community should be served in order to serve stockholders better. It even goes beyond the social mission companies like Ben & Jerry's (No. we turned to an existing social database: the Socrates database compiled by Kinder. and Steve Lydenberg at KLD). it really represents a bit of new thinking in corporate citizenship. in this new view. BusinessEthics . ~ Sandra Waddock is Professorof. a sociallyscreened counterpart to Standard & Poor's 500. Russell Mokhiber at Corporate Crime Reporter. While all of this may sound like dry statistics. This time around. But in our judgment. For the societal category. 18) exemplify. and ecological practices. diversity. NO. we mean those who have a "stake" in the firm-because they have risked financial.Wal-Mart. human. It covers the 500 S&P companies. Lydenberg. ChestnutHiO. plus another 150 or so public firms chosen for industry balance and social strength. SAMUEL GRAVES. to "strength" (4) and "major strength" (5) on the positive side. we focus on four groups: emcustomers. Alcohol companies like Coors and Anheuser Busch are considered "sin" companies by some. these issues did not override the companies' other strengths.1 here. That's the conceptual frame around this new listing of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens. community relations. pushing the envelope on what represents good citizenship practice. and knowledge capital in the corporation. charitable donations. It's evident in employee relations. presence of an ethics officer. despite evidence a subsidiary sold satellite dishes at exorbitant prices to unsophisticated customers. financial performance. Its database provides the research for the Domini 400 Social Index (DSI). For stockholders. environmental fines. to be consistent with the other measures. And it's measured not by reputation but by impact. It is toward these goals that we publish this ranking. But it was a cumbersome process.(KLD)in Boston. customer relations. volunteer. Performance in each stakeholder category was ranked on a five-point scale-which meant putting numerals to KLD's ratings. Neil Smith at SmithOBrien.On the' Trail of the Best Corporate Citizens The methodology and theory behind this new listing BY SANDRA WADDOCK. social. employee stock ownership. and so forth. we averaged the four groups together equally. Second. and companies who failed to respond were cut-which led to unfortunate omissions: like IBM. Being a good citizen means attending to the company's impact on all these groups. a company's philanthropic activities. At least three-the Gap. While lists of stakeholders be long. stockholders. anagement M and Samuel Graves is Associate Professorof Management.We also passed the list by experts (jonathan Hickman at the Council on Economic Priorities. which goes considerably beyond. Other problematic companies stayed on the list-like Microsoft. Our employee category likewise combined two KLD measures: "diver- This new picture of corporate citizenship goes beyond a company's philanthropic activities. It's a relatively new picture of corporate citizenship. Simon Billenness at Trillium Asset Management. it means simply this: treating a mix of stakeholders well. we wanted to assure that no company had experienced a major scandal in the past year. sity" (treatment of women and minorities). and "employee relations" (assessing issues like safety and benefits). KLD ratings were also averaged over these three years. though it includes. despite the ongoing trial regarding monopolistic behavior. This list is not about perfection. a firm that's been gathering corporate social data for nearly a decade. and community activities) and "environment" (which looks at measures like pollution. with all its flaws. moving corporations toward ever-better practices. It's all of these combined. and lawsuits). and the community. Citizenship. and Whirlpool. MA 02467. For an overall score. Because of the time lag built into data availability. so we did some adapting: Treatment of customers uses the KLD "product" category (covering issues like marketing controversies and price-fixing). Several companies=-including Freddie Mac and Providian---were dropped as a result. or because they are impacted its activities. KLD's categories do not precisely correspond to our stakeholder groups. provided by Compustat. most of the companies on the list are flawed. MARCH/APRIL 2000' 17 . We are interested here in doing two things: First. Phone 6171552-0477. and so on). Indeed. ranging from "major concern" (1) and "concern" (2) on the low side. And by stakeholders. our research repositions stockholders as simply one group among four. And all four are equal. we combined two KLD measures: "community relations" (which assesses philanthropic.

realizing that we are the stewards of our business and the environment in which we operate/Through an innovative"Performance Leadership" program. The program has also awarded more than $270. In service to the community. The company's family-friendly policies include flex-time. "generating value for our employees by givingthem a positive work environment in which to grow." aiming to integrate academics with athletic excellence. 38 percent of Brady's executives are women and minorities. In ratings for the 100 Best list (provided by Kinder.As employees all work together to continuously improve. vision. such as the President's Value Awards. life and disability insurance and pension plans-are available from the first day of employment. product developments. Evidence shows that it works. software and data-collection systems. social research firm in Boston).The company benefits by maintaininga strong competitive position and creating value for shareholders. Customer Focus.and tuition reimbursement. by and large. dental. Overall. Here. as well as precision die-cut materials for high-tech devices such as cellular phones and personal digital assistants. "It's all about value:' said Hudson. with 3. Brady assists in curriculum and strategic planningthat pinpoints the skills required in the workplace. employees at all levels are evaluated.000 high-performance identification products-including labels. up to doctoral level.and recognize that they are valued. Its workforce spans the globe. a global program which recognizes activities that enhance employee value. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of wide-format printers have been donated to area schools. but also on how well they are livingthese values in their daily work. empowering them to generate value for our customers by providing complete solutions that help companies become more profitable.250 high school senior scholar athletes as "Bradystars. 44 on the list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens.She is the only female president and CEO of a major public company inWisconsin. in explaining the principle of honesty. science and graphic arts equipment. headquartered in Milwaukee. who has held the top spot at Brady since coming from Eastman Kodak Company in 1994. was earned in the area of service to employees. to a positive atmosphere for employees.67 or above. 00 Best Corporate Citizens l~t·iGI Brady Corporation orporate citizenship at Brady Corporation. The company also donates computers. while team members benefit through financial rewards. positive and motivated workforce that Brady has become the global leader in identification solutions. Other cost-saving improvements.i.people want to do well and take pride in their work.Latin America. which has helped lead to a more motivated and higher-performing student body.The company reimburses 90 percent of employee education. AsiaJPacific.and reaching out from there to include broad-based commitments to diversity. as customer satisfaction and continuous improvement translates into superior financialperformance. Brady demonstrates a commitment to building a positive culture to attract the best people. and shareowner value.Value. "We are honest in our dealings with our customers. on a scale of I to 5-in service to three stakeholder groups: employees. vacation-buy program. which the 100 Best listwas created to honor. Brady inApril 2000 received a Governor's Diamond Award. Brady hosts an annual Math Challenge event. Gathered around Hudson is a diverse executive management team.Growth. Its highest score. When everyone in an organization can apply their creativity.and it offers 100 percent reimbursement for . not only on how well they accomplish business-related goals. including those that participated in Brady's Academic All-Stars program. runs deep and wide-starting with the company's gUiding principles that emphasize teamwork and honesty. Also notable at Brady are its diversity efforts. Through its All-Stars program-begun in I990---Brady has honored more than I. and and talents in taking a company forward. What focuses the company are its five guiding principles. Brady helps companies enhance performance and productivity through identification and tracking in a complex and fast-changingworld. everybody wins:' MARCH/APRIL 2000 • Business Ethics custom feature . and North America. from Wisconsin Governor TommyThompson. Brady maintains educational partnerships and outreach actlvitles aimed at assisting area schools.At Brady.000 employees in 20 countries in Europe. For its broad-based and effective diversity efforts.and customers. casual dress. and resulting in real value for our shareholders.. Brady's policies reflect its core beliefthat. Its suecess in fulfillingthese commitments earned Brady Corporation a spot at No. talented. which are global and deep-rooted:Teamwork.With its products and services. the community. Brady scored admirably high-3.Lydenberg Domini & Co. employees are empowered and challenged. and to community service. printing systems.Wis. Brady Corporation exemplifies the notion of company service to multiple stakeholders.the company and allteam members share in the success."It is through our diverse. for progress in shattering the glass ceiling. Hudson said. seminars and professional development conferences. our communities and ourselves. "Integrity is never compromised:' President and CEO Katherine·M.5. Founded in 1914. an impressive 4. and innovations that increase shareowner value also bring rewards and recognition.000 in college scholarships. The commitment here starts with President and CEO Hudson. customer value.The I. as well as business and career fairs. and mentoring and job-shadowing opportunities. adoption and dependent-care assistance. These benefits-in addition to health.she has driven a culture of "going for it.'Where employees can grow the company while having fun along the way.this company with about $500 million in sales has more than 30. workshops. Through a self-directed team approach.and has funded classroom renovations and science lab projects.' she said. BY SKIP KALTENHEUSER C Successful achievement of company goals brings employees financial benefits through gainsharing and bonus programs.