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74678353 Soft Computing Note

74678353 Soft Computing Note

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Published by: Pankaj Kumar on Feb 27, 2012
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Mamdani fuzzy inference system was proposed as the first attempt to control a
system engine and boiler combination by a set of linguistic control rules obtained
from experience human operators.

Two rule Mamdani inference system:

Two crisp input x, y overall output z.
Let min and max be adapted as T-norm (fuzzy intersection) and T-conorm (fuzzy
union) operator.
For finding relation Max min composition is used.

Soft Computing

For a two input system:

1. The inputs of the system are crisp values and we use max min inference


2. The inputs to the system are crisp value and we use max product inference


3. Inputs to the system are represented by fuzzy set and we use max min
inference method.

4. Inputs to the system are represented by fuzzy set and we use max product


Case 1: R input x1 and x2 are crisp value.
Rule based system.
If x1 is A1k

and x2 is A2k

Then yk

is Bk
Membership function for input x1 and x2 will be described by.

{ { = δ { – pu { {{ = = pu { {

{ { = δ { – pu {j{{ = = pu {j{

k{ { = { { { { k{ k{{ k= , …

Soft Computing

Case 2: Max Product (co-relation product)

{ { = { input(i) ∘ k input(j))


Case 3: Input (i) and input (j) are fuzzy variables described by fuzzy
membership function. The aggregated output by Mamdani implication will
be given by:

k { { = { { { k { {∧ { {{, { k { {∧ { {{{{

Case 4: Input (i) and input (j) are fuzzy variable function and the inference
method is a correlation product method.

{ { = { { k{ {∧ { {{ { k{ {∧ { {{{

Soft Computing

In mechanics the energy of a moving body is called kinetic energy. If an object of
mass m (kilograms) is moving with a velocity v (miles/second) then the kinetic
energy K(in joules) is given by the equation K = #

$ mv2

.Model the mass and the
velocity as input to a system and the energy as output then observe the system for a
while and deduce the following two disjunctive rules by inference.

Rule 1:

If x1

is A11

(small mass) and x2

Is A21

(high velocity) THEN
Y is B'(medium energy)

Rule 2:

If x1

is A12

(large mass) OR

x2 A22

(medium velocity)

THEN Y is B2

(high energy)\

Soft Computing

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