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Superiority Superiority Muscleback Superiority Racerback Superiority Aquashort Black/White ± 30´ ± 40´ Black/Mineral Green ± 30´ ± 40´ Superiority Jammer Black/White ± 26´ ± 40´ Black/Mineral Green ± 26´ ± 40´ .

Sleek Splice Powerback Sleek Splice Powerback Sleek Splice Racerback´ Sleek Splice Jammer Sleek Splice Aquashort .

Effort Splice Effort Splice Powerback Effort Splice Aquashort Effort Splice Jammer .

Essentials Frame Splice Jammer Lane Runner Glideback EvenPace 32cm Aquashort Alexandro Aquashort Reversible Drag Short .


Contrast Splice Contrast Splice Kneesuit Contrast Splice Legsuit .

Classic Classic Kneesuit ´ Male Bodysuit Classic Racerback Legsuit .


FEMALE Female Hydrasuit Female Racerback Female Powerback ( Female Endurance+ Powerback ( Female Endurance+ Turbosuit Female Fullback Kneesuit .

Male Male Lycra Brief 5cm Male Sportsbrief 8cm Male Hydroshort´ Male Endurance+ Sportsbrief 8cm Male Endurance+ Brief 5cm Male Classic Active Short Male Endurance+ Active Short´ Male Endurance+ Aquahort V-front Male Jammer Male Endurance+ Jammer Male Endurance+ Jammer V-front .



5cm Brief Superiority Legsuit Superiority Crop Top Boyleg .Superiority Superiority Aquashort Superiority Muscleback Superiority Jammer Superiority 6.

Effort Splice Effort Splice Aquashort Effort Splice Splashback Effort Splice Jammer .

Essentials Alexandro Aquashort Endurance+ Pulseback 2 .


Boys Brief Girls Splashback Boys Jammer Boys Active Short Boys Endurance+ Brief 5cm Endurance+ Girls Splashback( Boys Endurance+ Jammer ( Boys Endurance+ Active Short .

Styles For Female and Girls ` Muscleback ` Racerback ` Glideback ` Powerback ` Kneesuit ` Bodysuit ` Splice Legsuit ` Hydrasuit For men and Boys ` Jammer ` Aquashort ` Brief ` Shorts .

Swim Longer .` ` ` Purpose Maintaining a total fitness Moving well and relaxed Swim harder.

Features and Benefits ` Bonded ` Xtra Life ` Control bust support ` Comfort Straps ` Reversible drawstring waist .

4 way stretch ensures and excellent fit. the ultimate in durability.Fabric used: ` Endurance+ . ` Nylon Lycra-A soft.A quick drying fabric with 100% chlorine resistance. Also benefits from improved snagging resistance and excellent comfort and fit properties. . smooth but strong knitted swimwear fabric.

Market Analysis: ` Consumer looks for: -figure enhancement. -coverage amount armwhole. tummy control and cups. -confidence and feeling good in the swim suit. back and legs. .

Female Powerback ( Superiority Muscleback Effort Splice Powerback .