My Attic Treasure Trove

26/2/2012 By Sashi Prabhu (zeauoxian) Contest: treasure trove

Austerely laid my eyes firmly on my garden far side Tattered page piles, from my attic treasure trove, littered outside.

I picked up a dog eared page of the days of sitting together, In this garden, cuddling and smooching in cold weather.

On such a glorious winter day, I scribbled on this page love notes, A long time ago, by the way, in double quotes

Nostalgic now the dismal, Melancholy tenors that fill in, Memories of ³au revoir´, replete my poignant heart to its brim.

A wind now blows this dog eared page & it flies by the old gum tree Dully chase it with some rage &as I see the page begin to read all about me«««««..

For the last two lines the paper is vacant void & bare, Heart¶s healed wounds to open with quinine drenched text I would not dare.

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