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IBB22203 MICROCONTROLLER Chapter 1 Review Questions and Problems



A microcontroller normally has which of the following devices on-chip? a) RAM b) ROM c) I/O d) All of the above 4. 6. 7. A general purpose microprocessor normally needs which of the following devices to be attached to it? a) RAM b) ROM c) I/O d) All of the above 5. An embedded system is also called a dedicate system. True 2. Microcontrollers are normally less expensive than microprocessors. Why does having multiple sources of a given product matter? . True or false. Why? It is dedicated because it is dedicated to doing one type of job. What does the term embedded system mean? Embedded system means that the application and processor are combined into a single system. When comparing a system board based on a microcontroller and a general a purpose microprocessor.Review Questions 1. which one is cheaper? A microcontroller-based system 3.

competition among suppliers brings about lower cost for that product. . More importantly.Having multiple sources for a given part which means you are not hostage to one supplier.

what is the most important factor in choosing a microcontroller? Power consumption 12. which one has the most manufactures sources? 8051 11. True or False. how important is it to have a multiple source for that chip? Very. RAM.Intel. 13. 68HC11 – Freescale Semiconductor (Motorola) 10. Give the name and the manufacturer of some of the most widely used 8bits microcontrollers. True or False. Why would someone want to use an X86 as an embedded processor? Computing power and compatibility with millions and millions of PCs 9. A microcontroller has a fixed amount of RAM on the chip. Z8 – Zilog. Intel's Pentium chips used in Windows PCs need external RAM and ROM chips to store data and code. printer 8. 7. FALSE 2.In choosing a microcontroller. TRUE 4. in case there is a shortage by one supplier. Keyboard. a microcontroller has on-chip ROM. ADC 6. EEPROM. TRUE 5.1: MICROCONTROLLERS AND EMBEDDED PROCESSORS 1. ROM.In a battery-based embedded product. . mouse.In an embedded controller with on-chip ROM. AVR – Atmel. List three embedded products attached to a PC.PROBLEMS SECTION 1. What components are usually put together with the microcontroller onto a single chip? CPU. A general-purpose microprocessor has on-chip ROM. I/O.In Question 9. True or False. Generally. 8051 . PIC 16x – Microchip Technology. why does the size of the ROM matter? The ROM area is where the executable code is stored. Serial COM port. A microcontroller has on-chip I/O ports. TRUE 3. True or False. Timer.

The PIC16C432 on-chip program ROM is of type OTP. PIC18C801 21.The PIC18F2420 has 1536 bytes of on-chip data RAM. (see the letter 'F') 24.Of the PIC18 family.The PIC18F8772 on-chip program ROM is of type Flash.Give the amount of program ROM and data RAM for the following chips: a) PIC18F2420 b) PIC18F458 c) PIC18F8772 16K ROM.The PIC18F452 has 4 timers’ on-chip timer(s).2: OVERVIEW OF THE 8051 FAMILY 16. 19. 768 Bytes RAM 32K ROM.The PIC18F458 has 32 Kbytes of on-chip program ROM.The PIC18F458 has 36 pins for I/O. 3936 Bytes RAM 28. 23. which memory type is the most cost effective if you are using a million of them in an embedded product? The OTP version of the PIC 29. 20.14.The PIC18F458 has 1536 bytes of on-chip data RAM.What are the main differences between the PIC18F2420 and PIC18F2220? . (see the letter 'F') 27. PIC18C601. Give the part number if there is one. (a) The 8-bit software will run on the 16-bit system. 16 bit software cannot run on an 8 bit system due to special instructions and registers.The PIC18F458 on-chip program ROM is of type Flash. 18. But A can be true (in the case of software compatibility) SECTION 1.The PIC16F452 on-chip program ROM is of type Flash. which of the following statements is true. 17. (see the letter 'F') 26. B is absolutely wrong. (b) The 16-bit software will run on the system.Suppose that microcontroller architecture has both 8-bit and 16-bit versions.The PIC18Fxxx has circuitry to support 1 serial port.What does the term "third-party support" mean? Suppliers other than the manufacturer of the chip 15. 1536 Bytes RAM 128K ROM. (see the letter 'C') 25.Check the Microchip web site to see if we have a ROMless version of the PIC18. 22.

and 512 bytes of data RAM. 30.The PIC18F2420 has 16Kbytes of Flash. 256 bytes of EEPROM.The PIC18F458/4580 has 256 bytes of data EEPROM. no EEPROM. The PIC18F2220 has 4Kbytes of Flash. . and 768 bytes of data RAM.