give him freedom and authority and his task becomes a personal mission:' tltM• .Our Vision To be the most admired and competitive company in our industry Our Mission .create value for all Delighted customers Inspired employees Enlightened partners Energised society Loyal shareholders Healthy environment The spirit Of' ~tf. But let him set his own targets. GIVE A MAN ORDERS and he will do the task reasonably well.

He had a keen desire to adopt new technologies to a traditional way of doing things. As one of India's leading cement companies. You could say that an entrepreneurial spirit and belief in "technovation" (innovation for technological advancement) shaped the Company and is Onne van der Weijde Managing Director propelling its growth even today. It has proved to be a powerful engine of growth for the Company.Ambuja Cements L m ted Ambuja Cements Limited (ACL) was Contribution to Nation Building The cement industry is literally the building block of a nation. The Company follows the unique homegrown philosophy of giving people the authority to set their own targets and the freedom to achieve their goals. . A country's cement output is one of the primary indicators of its level of economic development. Mr. a chemical engineer who came from a family of cotton traders in Gujarat. Suresh ChairmanEmeritus Suresh Neotia Neotia. formerly known as Gujarat Ambuja Cements Limited. had a sharp business mind and an Chairman N. Sekhsaria ability to get the best out of people. Ambuja Cements plays a key role in India's development and its blueprintfor the future. no limits to efficiency. This simple vision has created an environment where there are no limits to excellence. Sekhsaria. It was founded by Narotam Sekhsaria in 1983 with his partner.

3 Total 4. 7.8 1. and bulk cement terminals at Surat. ACL's main activity is to manufacture and market cement and clinker for both domestic and export markets. The current manufacturing capacity is 25 million tonnes. Gujarat. Gujarat. Sea transport resulted in speedier movement of the bulk. The Company has a strategic relationship with Holcim.8 1.Business Overview Ambuja Cements Limited started cement production in 1986. the second-largest cement manufacturer in the world.0 Total 10. The Company has 13 manufacturing plants in India (5 integrated units).5 1.5 1. and Kochi.5 0.6 East Bhatapara Sankrail Farakka 1. The Company's cement capacity is expected to increase to 27 million tonnes by 201 O. ACL is one of the largest cement companies in India. Maharashtra.5 1.077 crores (for the year ending Dec. Kerala. Panvel.5 1.2 3. besides bringing many coastal markets within easy reach. Plant (million tonnes) North Darlaghat Ropar Bhatinda Roorkee Rabriyawas Dadri Nalagarh Total 1. Ambuja Cements was the first company to move bulk cement by sea in India. The Company has a port at Muldwarka.4 West Ambujanagar Surat Maratha 5. With a turnover of over Rs.0 1.3 .5 10.6 2. 2009). Headquartered in Mumbai.

increasing power generation capacity significantly. The Company has achieved significant energy efficiency in its kilns. 1994-1995: Sustains the blistering pace of growth. plant at Ambujanagar. with 0. thereby close-circuiting the operation of 1988-1989: Ambuja Cements undertakes the Van-Vihar projectto convert a mined area into a scenic location. commences 1987-1988: A milestone for the industry: ACL installs a new-generation. Sets up a new 12-MW captive power plant at Darlaghat. 1996-1997: Achieves highest-ever export by an Indian cement company. Gujarat) for its all-round development. Introduces the cutting-edge concept of transportation of bulk cement by sea.331akh tonnes of cement and clinker. 1997-1998: Puts up a 40-MW power plant at low cost in Ambujanagar. Exports 5. Continues to commit to good corporate citizenship as major environment protection measures are announced at Kashlog mines in Himachal Pradesh.4-lakh tonne plant at Ambujanagar.7 million tonnes capacity. high-efficiency air separator. Power constitutes over 40% of cement production costs. Gujarat. Sets up the ambitious 1 million tonne cement plant at Darlaghat in Himachal Pradesh. Sets up the third 1 million tonne plant at Ambujanagar. Commissions clinkerisation facility in Darlaghat and the power plant at Ropar. Outstanding energy efficiency with increased productivity has been achieved even in the Ambujanagar plant. the Company's oldest.Milestones 1986: Ambuja Cements' first cement manufacturing production. . 1992-1993: ACL extends operations at Ambujanagarsets up a 9. Its Himachal Pradesh plant pushes up productivity while bringing down power costs and also cuts stabilizing time (which is critical in cement plants) from upto 18 months to a mere 3 months. the cement mill. Adopts KodinarTaluka (Junagadh district.

the Ambuja Knowledge Center . Provides technical support in building rural infrastructure and imparting training skills to enable industry professionals get a first-hand feel of the world of cement and concrete. The rehabilitation campaign becomes a model for social relevance and community involvement. 1999-2000: Wins industry applause by setting up a cement terminal in Sri Lanka. 2000-2001: Cranks up the pace of growth again. The Company begins work on a 2 million tonne plant in Chandrapur district. 2002-2003: Achieves 100% capacity utilisation in the very first year of production at Chandrapur plant. . The Government of India confers the Padma Bhushan award to Company Chairman Suresh K. Makes the Company a reference pointforthe industry. ACL demonstrates exemplary caring and concern for the earthquake-affected in Gujarat.5 million tonnes: one at Dadri. Plans a greenfield cement plant at Kutch. Marks its deep commitment to be a responsive organisation. Sets up the Corporate Communications department. Himachal Pradesh. answerable and accountable to key internal and external stakeholders.1998-1999: Unveils plans for a new greenfield plant at Guntur. Gujarat. Puts in place procedures and programmes to ensure a "zero harm" working environment. Andhra Pradesh. 2010: Inaugurates two new plants. Ahmedabad and Kolkata. 2009: Launches its knowledge initiative . Maharashtra. Neotia for his contribution to Indian business and industry. each with a capacity of 1. 2008: Undertakes yet another far-sighted initiative: Allocates resources to strengthen the Occupational Health and Safety Management system. and the other at Nalagarh. Three centers operational in Jaipur. 2007: Initiates a sustainable rural marketing model. Himachal Pradesh.

Often taking the lead in management. Through the Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF) . on all three Ambuja Cement Foundation The Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF). The Company views CSR as a need more than a responsibility. It has invested in technology. . women's improvement of health and education.. :--" -- . Ambuja Cements Limited has posted achievements facets of the triple bottom line: people.. . t-: . which has a network of committed people. bringing in several innovations in cement manufacture for the first time in the Its commitment to the environment shows in many projects. ACF's initiatives in 10 states across the country focus on programmes empowerment. ACF is the CSR organisation supported and funded by Ambuja Cements. national and international development agencies. environmental and social performance. livelihood.Sustainability . ACL has helped transform lives and ensure a better future forthe communities around its plants.. Ambuja Cements has shown dynamic growth . planet and profits.:) .. It has some of the most efficient cement plants in the world and has adopted environment protection measures on par with global standards. formed in 1993.. Since its inception. By creating a new rural and social infrastructure shape on the rural landscape. It works with communities surrounding the Company's manufacturing sites. ACL has instituted procedures and practices that are industry benchmarks today...FOUNDATION- ~ " . such as natural resource management. ~: ~~. . With the support of the Foundation. . is an NGO working in collaboration with local. especially those close to the mines. Investing in ACF (in terms of both financial and emotional commitment). ACF is seeing amazing transformations take Cement Ambuja ..the way of life Ambuja Cements has pledged to adopt environmentally safe and sound technologies for optimum utilisation and conservation of natural resources and to strive for sustainable development focusing on economic..the growth of decades in years. local communities are reaching within themselves and feeling the pride of taking their destinies in their own hands. People power and the spirit of I CAN are making a difference.. Both through passion and perseverance. Ambuja Cements has found that giving is indeed receiving.. Greening and beautification have changed the face of the countryside.. in these regions. agricultural development..

1 Terminal 1-0-1 Corporate Office 1-0-1 Regional Office .Our Presence '-~ Maratha Cement Works Cement Plant [!] Grinding Station 1 ....

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