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LAN Switching and Wireless CCNA Exploration Labs and Study Guide (2)

LAN Switching and Wireless CCNA Exploration Labs and Study Guide (2)

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Step 1.

Set the network name (SSID):

Click the Wirelesstab. The Basic Wireless Settings subtab is displayed by default.

In Network Name (SSID)field,rename the network from linksys to WRS_LAN.

Click Save Settings.

Step 2.

Set the security mode:

Click the Wireless Security subtab,as shown in Figure 7-5.

From the Security Mode drop-down list,choose WEP.

Use the default Encryption setting of 40/64-Bit.

Set the Key 1 field to 1234567890.

Click Save Settings.

Chapter 7: Basic Wireless Concepts and Configuration363

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Figure 7-5

Wireless Security Configuration Window

Task 5: Configure Options on the Linksys Administration Tab

Step 1.

Set the router password:

Click the Administrationtab,as shown in Figure 7-6. The Management subtab is dis-
played by default.

In the Router Access options,change the Router Password field to cisco123. Re-enter
the same password to confirm.

Step 2.

Enable remote management:

In the Remote Access options,click the Enabledradio button to enable remote man-

Click Save Settingsat the bottom of the tab.

You may be prompted to log in again using the new password,cisco123.

364LAN Switching and Wireless, CCNA Exploration Labs and Study Guide

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Figure 7-6

Management Administration Configuration Window

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