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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1909

(United Press Association-^Oopyrigbt.)

'United Press Association—Copyright.) Received April 18, 4.30 p.m LONDON, April 18 Admiral Colomb, in a letter to Mr Arthur Henderson, dealing with the Labour Party's communication to Australia, says the Dreadnoughts are overrated. He approves of the suggestion that the colonial contributions should be on business lines, and not be determined by waves of impulse. He fears that the Admiralty organisation is defective compared with Germany.


21, 24. Manawatu R.C. Autumn.—April 28, 29. A.vondale J. C Autumn.—April 29, May 2. Hawke> Bay J.C. Autumn.—May 5, 6. Takapuna J.C. Winter—May 22, 24.
Wellington R.C.


To the Editor.
on this question. We have always held that it would be a dangerous experiment to disturb existing trade for the sake of a holiday, in the hope that it would be "all the same in the end." Now we have the experience of Nelson to guide us, and we find it is by no means "all the same in the en\i." We sent letters to a number of Nelson shopkeepers asking for their experience of Saturday. We have replies which tell of lost trade, diminished receipts, and in one case reduction of staff. A precis of these replies will shortly be published. The advocates of Saturday always assure us in a confident manner that there will be just as much trade done as .ever, but it will be more evenly distributed through the week. That is not the Nelson experience. One of our correspondents says that his trade fell off by a half, largely owing to the loss of country trade. He says that the country people would not come to town on Friday, but got their supplies from country stores and hawkers. In th© present time of depression and scarcity of money it seems to us almost suicidal for the town to make a violent change, which must inevitably disturb existing trade for a time, whatever the ultimate result might be. The first loss would of course fall on the shopkeepers, but tlie effects would soon fall on others. We are, etc., ■H. I. JONES AND SON, LTD.

(United Press Association—^Gopyrlght.3 Received April 18, 4.30 p.m.

abolished, and are months the people of Europe will Constitution has been to Constantinople bread in famine-stricken arranging to march struggle for

:.'. The attitude of the Constantinople troops towards civilians and foreigners is irreproachable. NEW YORK, April 18. The Young Turks at Salonika are apMr Patten prophesies that before parently under the impression that the


Press Association).


A meeting convened by Mr Laurenson, M.P., and others, was held at Lyttelton on Saturday night to discuss the
ents were present.

By Telegraph

Sir,—We fully


with your leader

Dreadnought offer. Between three and four hundred were present. The proceedings were orderly, though dissentipresided.

(United Press Association.—Copyright.) Received April 18, 4.15 p.m. SYDNEY, April 17. The weather was good and there was a large attendance. Results:—



with the third army corps. Jazi Bey is expected to bring 10,000 volunteers from Salonika. ■' , THE ADVANCE ON CONSTANTINOPLE BEGUN.

The Mayor of Lyttelton (Mr C. Cook)

Received April 18, 4.30 p.m NEW YORK, April 18 LONDON, April 17. Mr Patten has engaged a detective Reuters Salonika a^ent reports that to protect him owing to the public in- two battalions lxave proceeded by rail dignation against his gambling in food- to Constantinople, while others are preparing to start. stuffs.. The Sultan's proclamation maintains the Constitution and the Sherefiat, Ipnd NON-SUCCESS OF THE CORNER urges' tranquilty.

PREDICTED. Received April .18, 4.30


Mr Wilson, Secretary of Agriculture Constantinople.) rat Washington, states that Patten is SULTAN MAKES A GIFT TO THEOreckoning supplies too low; only one LOGICAL STUDENTS. wheat corner succeded, and that was conducted by Joseph of Egypt. A PACIFYING PROCLAMATION

NEW YORK, April 18

(Salonika is on the south coast of Turkey, situated at the head of the Gulf of Salonika, an inlet of the Aegean

Sea. It is about 300 miles distant from

Received April 18, 4.30 p.m. CONSTANTINOPLE, April 18. Received April 18, 4.30 p.m The Sultan has presented the theoNEW YORK, April 18 logical students with £10,000. Mr J. J. Hill prophesies that wheat The Committee of Uuema issued a will not return to low prices for a long pacifying proclamation, declaring that time. there "was rid. fear of a return of despotic rule.f j Th;is created an* excellent ENGLISH PRESS OPINIONS impression. <!,..."'


A despatch from Salonika to the Free Presse" states that the " Neuo Turk party ordered the third "capjo manipulation. -. Young Beerbqhnr's wheat estimates,are for army corps to march to Constantinople. '*.»"' The officers replied that' it was impos'four months. sible to obey the order, as the attitude of the troops was becoming dotibtful. THE RED ROUTE

LONDON, April 18 The "Economist" states.that Patten's 'Corner is far less important to the British working classes than any of the big past manipulations. It is evident tnxtt the high prices in London must be attributed to other causes than the Chi-

Received April 13, 4.30 p.m




Received April 18, 4.30;p.m



LONDON, April 18.". VjSN iNTI-ARMENIAN MASSACRE The Coloniai Office is without inforTURKISH TROOPS PARTICIPATE -mation regarding the All Red Route Conference referred to in a Melbourne Received April 18, 4.30 p.m cablegram announcing that the ComLONDON, April 18 monwealth is appointing a representa"The Times' ". Constantinople correstive. . ■ pondent says that the officers of the Received April 19, 12.55 a.m. third army corps telegraphed threatenMELBOURNE, April 18. ing to. attack the capital, unless Hilmi Tf an All Red Route Conference is Ahmed and Rija were restored in 12 held the Federal Government will prob- hours. ■' ably ask someone in London,to repreProtests against the revolution -were sent them. received from the troops and officials in Yanirii and Moii^stir A TRANSVAAL MURDER. There is e^citejnent at Smyrna, rioting at Seres and Mersina.' MAN ARRESTED FOR MURDER Five thousand, including several COMMITTED 14 YEARS AGO. heads of religious communities, met at "(United Press Association.—Copyright.) Salonika and appointed a central committee to replace the dissolved ConstanReceived April 19, 12,55 a.m. tinople Committee. BRISBANE, April 18. ~,-,/An anti-Armenian outbreak occurred An elderly man, named McLaughlin, 4iaes been .arrested, charged with the at Adana, 60 being killed and many murder of two men—Stevenson and house* burnt.—The- troops were unable Mustaffa —at Johannesburg in January, to stop-the massacre, and added to the horrors themselves by pillaging. 1895. He has been remanded pending the THE SULTAN AT THE BOTTOM OF arrival of a Transvaal officer. THE BROOK. Accuseii -he and some of his mate? were shelved from their billets Received April 18, 4.45 p.m ""by deceased, but declares that he had LONDON, April 18 nothing to do with the murder; though "The Times' " correspondent says blamed for it. that the avowed reactionaries have retired. PERILS OF THE SEA. The Sultan reiterated his assurance A P. AND O. LINER IN COLLISION that he intends to maintain the constitution. Viennese reports credit him with be "(United Press A.ssociationTT-Copyright.) ing the prime niover in the trouble; Received April-18, 4.45 p.m. It ..has been;; discovered that several IiONDON, April 18 Ortonaj when 20 mil& south of military officer's0; connected wi^, The Eddystone, collided with the small Committee of the Union were murdered early in the week. steamer Tryst, which struck the Ortona amidships on the port side. The " The Times" states that seven bat■Ortona's screw was twisted, but no ma- talions have left Salonika for Constantinople, but without Artillery. They terial damage was done. The captain of the Ortona states that will probably be met by the Parliamentwhen she collided no one was at the ary Committee and Ulema and dissuaded from continuing. Tryst's bridge wheel; The Ortona proceeded to Plymouth. The Tryst foundered shortly after, but THOUSANDS OF INFANTRY WITHIN STRIKING DISTANCE OF the crew was rescued. CONSTANTINOPLE.

'(United Press Association—Copyright.r Received April 18, 4.30 p.m. y~









Received''April 19, 12.55 a.m.

'United Press Association—Copyright.;
Received April 18, 4.45 p.m. The East Edinburgh election resulted: —Gibson (Free Trader) 4527, Ford (Tariff Reformer) 4069.

Constantinople agent states that two military trains, conveying 1600 infantry from Salonika, arrived at



LONDON, April 18.


LONDON, April 18.'

A somewhat sensational incident occurred at CastlecJiff on Saturday evening. About .8 p.m. the barquentine St.

Kiida, timber laden, wa staken in tow by tho lighter Thistle, on her retura 1 rcm taking a load of meat, to the Indralema. All went well till the bar had been crossed, when the Thistle took the ground and came to a stancU still. The St. Kilda continued on her way and things became exciting, as a collision seemed imminent. Fortunately, however, this did not occur, but the barquentine went ashore on the South Spit. Efforts to pull her off proved unsuccessful yesterday, but it is hoped that she will bo refloated to-day. At time-of the accident three steamers were cominsc down the river, and the sound of their sirens and the sight of bine lights shown by the St. Kilda created considerable excitement.

WHY is SANDER AND SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT superior to any -other Eucalyptus produce? Because it is always safe, reliable, and effective, and the. dangers attending the use of a special and careful manufacture. It is the result of full experience, and of crude preparations which are now palmed off as " Extracts " are avoided. A death was recently reported from the internal use of such a concoction, and in an action at law a sworn witness testified that he suffered the most cruel irritation from the application to ulcer of a product which was sold as "just /&s cood na SANDER'S EUCAI.YPTT -/EXTRACT." Therefore beware of such "deception. Insist upon the prepraration which was proved by experts at the Supreme Court of Victoria and by numerous authorities during the past So years, to be a preparation of genuine merit, viz., THE GENUINE SANDER AND SONS' PURE VOLATILE EUCALYPTI EXTRACT.


Spartskulch, 76 kilometres from Constantinople, while 7000 more were expected to day (Sunday), including the Adrianople sympathisers. Early in the week the Committee expect 20,000 fighting men to be within striking distance of Constantinople. The Chamber sent a deputation, including two Pashas, three Ulemas, ana MEYNELL AND GUNN CO three Deputies, to meet, the Salonika On Tuesday evening next, April 20th, troops, buij they failed to Convince them tiiat the revoluticsn did not mean the the above favourite company will coma four-nights' season in the disturbance of the constitution. 'Opera House, when they will stage in 'all its completeness Mr Jo. Smith's great sensational mining drama, "A Miner's Trust." The. Auckland "ObOBITUARY. server" of March 20th says: The manner of presenting the play is worthy of THE ARCHBISHOP OF SYDNEY high praise. The setting of the pro(United Press Association.—Copyright.) logue, a mining camp scene of the old style, with mullock tips, windlasses, Received April 19; 12.45 a.m. miners' huts, and that sort of thing—" is SYDNEY, April 18. very picturesquely done, and a nightObituary.—The Archbishop of Sydfall effect is well contrived. Then there ney. is a shipwreck scene, in which a vessel (The Most Rev William Saumarez is wrecked on the English coast. Here Smith, Archbishop of Sydney, Metro- the heaving waves and the disappearance of tho brightly-lighted liner are politan of New South Wales* and Pri"A Miner's Trust" was mate of Australia and Tasmania, was well devised appointed in 1890 and entitled Arch- witnessed by a very large audience. The bishop in 1897. He was born at St. season being of four nights, "Two Little HelicrS',on January 14th, 1836V and was, Sailor Boys," "The Little Breadwineducated at Marlborough and Trinity' ner," and "The Stepmother" will also College, Cambridge. A distinguished be staged. The box plan is now on scholastic career was followed by the I view at H. I. Jones and Soil's.

fences with the Admiralty, and the Aus- macy of the British people. tralian Ministry's request for the AdMrs Newell, wife of Dr. Newel}, secmiralty's views. "The Times" says onded the motion in an eloquent adthese repeat Lord Milner's dictum that dress, and was supported by Mr Lauco-operation is not a question of shifting renson, who dealt witjf^variom phases Referring to quesof the burdens, but of developing fresh centres tion of subject. expenditure the how the would be of strength. Though the Mediterranean met, he suggested that loan and taxes is the natural station for the donated to meet the interest and sinking fund Dreadnought, "The Times" advises that be ear-marked; that taxes be in the the Admiralty shall so apply the money direction of reducing the income, tax exemption from £300 -ftp £250, and infrom Australia and New Zealand that creasing the probate duties. ;t, His the-vessels may at least visit the colo- speech was logical, convincing, and: well nies. It would be still better to permit received. v Speeches were .also ma,de by the Rev. the contributed ships to co-operate with the. Commonwealth's fleet of destroyers. E. Elliott, Messrs Chambersv W. Rad* and others. As possibly the Dreadnoughts are not cliffe, motion was! agrteed to almost The considered the best type, the station unanimously, only four or five hands money be devoted to two or three crui- being held up against it. The meeting closed with the National sers of the hest sort for the purpose. r "The Times" approves of Mr Fisher's Anthem and cheers. Gympie speech regarding policing the DRAUGHTS CHAMPIONSHIP. Western Pacific. Renter has published a synopsis of WON BY BOREHAM. the Commonwealth naVal despatch. (Per Press Association.) WHAT SIR JOHN FISHER HAS GG&E, April 18. DONE. W'ns/ L's. D'ws. Pts. 19 9 2 Boreham 23* The case for the present naval regime Brodie 0 16 .14 23 i:. admirably pjit by a writer in are-, Gardiner '.Vls 0 22| 15 cent ttumber of the London "Daily Hilliker 12 3 15 19£ Mail.". Ha says: "Nominally, the First Scott II" 15 4 18£ Sea Lord is 67. Practically, if vital Campbell 15 6 9 16£ spirits are any index to a man's real E>avis 11 8 11 15 nge, he is the youngest Admiral in this Boswell :i7 ...:.. C 7 14i or any other service. His great op- Morris 10 9 11 14* portunity did not come until he was Hutton 6 13 14 11 over 60. Then came a day where there Matheson 7 -13 10 13£ was offered to him the highest prize Murdoch 12 7 10 13 of a sailor's ambition in time of peace— Cullen 5 14 11 12' position of First Sea Lord. But tho 5 10 15 10 even that honour he would only take Rea 22 5 '3 6$ on terms. He carried in his brain a Duncan 4 24 4 2 : full scheme of reorganisation. Ho be- Gillies tfeved the training and distribution of tho Navy to be perilously out of date. NEW ZEALAND EXPORTS. He had watched the change from -wooden walls to iron citadels packed with (Per Press Association.) tremendo s and' exquisite machinery. WELLINGftfH, April 18 Yet there had been no fundamental The New Zealand exports for the change since Nelson's time, in our TO'ethod of training officers for their year ended March 31 st last amounted to £15,3443,633 in value, compared with profession. There had been a revolution in our political relations, and it £16,603,280 for the previous twelve was clear that the struggle for life and months. There; were increases in but-* death in the future would be fought ter, cheese, beef, lamb, oats, and tim.in the North Sea and nowhere else. ber, and decreases hi wool, tallow, mutYet our fleets were still organised as ton, kauri.gum, hides, skins, rabbits, though the Mediterranean would be, as hemp, arid gold. in the eighteenth century, the chicf1 scone of- the crisi*. Our ships were Stationed anywhere but where we would probably have to fight. Sir John FishA MAN KNOCKED OVER, er clearly stated his intentions. They were approved, He came *'ta~tbe~Ad(Per Press Association.) miralty to carry them, out. That is CHRISTCHURCH, April 18. what he has done. His activities have A man named Jame^r^^mart was heen revolutionary though constructive. Ho has been denounced for the sheci' knocked over by a "ijjow fear at Richdaring: and resolution of the changes mond on Saturday nigli#,~"fin"d received he has introduced. But he was commis- injuries necessitating hisJJremoval to the sioned from the' outset to effect them. Hospital. 'I That is what he was there for. To the foreign mind, as has been said, he has THE MORTGAGE TAX. appeared like nothing so much -as an incarnated ' torpedo waiting for its;warMR MASSEY'S VIEWS head to fixed on it. And what has he done? At Osborne he is training the [Per Press Association.) officers of the future to handle the grim machines which have- superseded AUCKLAND, April 18. for ever the old vision of masts and Mr jVfassey, the Leadejr of the Oppo-, vastly increased efficiency stion, stated'yestejiday^liatihe consider-' sails. He while reducing: expense. He struck out ed the mortgage tax should be done of the-, estimates every penny which away with, as it tended to make money did not yield real fighting value. He dearer. to the borrpver,; and not only scrapped scores of that, but it had the most, of preventweak;vessels that couM neither attack ing money from being effect to the counsent nor. run. He transferred thfc men to fry for investment. t! I have often wonreal fighting ships. He. created with dered, " he added, "thht, liusness men the inspiration of nothing less than took this matter so qtii^tly,, and I am genius tho system of nucleus crews, by' glad to see attention is at last being which every ship in the reserve—as the called to it." silence and swiftness of last week's object lesson showed—can be mobilised for war in a few hours. Above all, he THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE. swung the whole fleet,.as it were, clean future. (Per Press Association) round to face the tasks of the Ho recognised that in the twentieth INVERCARGILL, April 18. seventeenth, the Emcentury, as in the At a meeting on Saturday night the or lost, not in the Southland pire will be saved Trades Mediterranean, but in the North Sea. unanimously carried and Labour Council' the.f,ollo\ving resolu.Quietly he massed our strength in the tion:—"That the Council .strongly pronarrows as until, in Admiral Mahan's test against the unwarrantable and un.word-- 'Eighty-six per cent, of the democratic action of the Premier in British battleship strength is concen- removing from the House of Representrated* in or near home waters. That tatives and giving to a member of the settles it for the vast majority of Sir the important John Fisher's countrymen. They know Upper HouseJustice, being portfolio of Minister of decidedly of that battleships are gun-platforms; opinion that-in an enlightened and deand not only are the vessels most where wo ought to have them, but the gun- mocratic community the-control and administration of the Justice and Police nery efficiency of our fleet has risen almost by leaiis and bounds, and never Departments should be held by aman who has been elected by, and- responsble has been so' formidable as to-day." to, the electors of the'Dominion, rand; that copies of this resolution, heftiforh-i warded to other Trades and Laboxir AMUSEMENTS. Councils and organisations, who'Hshall be asked to make similar protests."

convincing speech, proposed *hat this representative meeting of Lyttelton electors desires to express its hearty approval of the offer of the New Zealand Government to supply a battleship to the British navy, and it desires to leave discusson of the constitutional aspect of this offer to the representatives of the WHAT "THE TIMES" SAYS. people in Parliament to consider, being convinced that they will settle that Received April 18, 4.45 p.m question in a manner which will uphold, LONDON, April 18 the absolute right of Parliament to the "The Times" comments on Canada's control of public expenditure, and will proposal to discuss the Empire's de- at the same time be in consonance with the upholding of the dignity and supre-

ftlr Claude Ferrier, in

forceful and



apoointment to the chaplaincy to the Bishop of Madras (1861-1865). D.r Smith afterwards becoming Vicar of MODERN MUSICAL ADVANTAGES. Trumpington_ (1867-69) and then Prinr It is curious to remember that,' up cipal of St. Aidan's College and examtill a. very few years ago, musical instruino; chaplain to the Bishop of Norwich 1869-90). Dr Smith was the nuthor of ments in the home were a monopoly of several ecclesiastical works,- inc'udinr* people of means. They were defective "Obstacles ,to Missionary Success" instruments enoiigh at that. When the (which gained for him while at College melodious Campion wrote his charming there was the Maitlaml Prisw), "Christian Faith," airs and lyricsTo-day no not a piano in England houae is com"Lessons ok the Book of Genesis," and pletely homely unless there is a piano articles on "Epistles to the Corinthians in it. The Dresden Piano Company, and the. Colossians" in the "'EncycloLimited, stocks only excellent instrupoedia Brittanica." ments, and supplies them on such terms as brings them easily within the reach of everyone... Local representative. Mr Twp and tjixpenee will, paly a' yenrs, L. W. >V. Brown, Salek's Buildings, subscription to "GooiJ Cheer." Guyton Street.




Second Nursery.—Lantoka 1, Maltchester 2, Giclvea 3. Wo nby a neck. Time, 1.14. Final Handicap—Baivbee 1, Togo 2, Kyeadgerie 3. Won by half a length. ness of stallions should be supported by Time, 2.6*. the Marton delegates at the conference at Eketahuna. WELLINGTON R.C. MEETING. Mr W. J. Birch was re-elected chairACCEPTANCES man, and, addressing the meeting, stated -that eight years had passed since (Per Press Association.) the first formation of the Farmers' Union in the district. Like most things WELLINGTON, April 18. Following arc the acceptances for it started with great enthusiasm, and LONDON STREET wonders were immediately expected. the first day's handicaps at the forthAlthough not easily wrought, real works coming antumn r meeting of the WellTo the Editor and reforms were wrought by steady per- ington, Racing Club:— Thompson Handicap (one mile).-r-AH sistence and perseverance in th.c objects Sir,->-In reply to the letter in Saturaimed at. He claimed without hesita- Red 9:10, Mastor Soult 9.5, Aboriginal day m&rning's paper with regard to the tion that the Farmers' Union had been 8.5, Fliitaway 8.3, Los Angelos 8,1, want of kerbing in London Street, I of great service to the farming com- Czftr Kolohol and Waipaku 7.13, Sun- would point out that it is not Mr Macbonnet 7.12, Ballarat and Sir Tristram kay's munity. It had established their pofault. His predecessor obtained sition as the mouthpiece fo rthe farm- 78, Sandstream 7.6, Maiora, Merrie- a loan for the purpose of kerbing the Rose, Effort. and-Roosevglt 6.13, Abori- whole of the footpaths, including. Loners, which commanded attention and respect. It only needed the farmers to ginal and Consolation 6.11, Perolina don Street, but by the time Mr Mackay continue to support the Union and nd Aberbrothock 6.9, Euclid and Whis- became Mayor all this money had been express their desires in order that they tlecrait6.7: llailM'ay Handicap (6 furtongs).— spent, and London Street had not got might have due weight and the fullest Flitaway its kerb. After his election Mr Mackay and Ballar&t 8.5, Mon -consideration. No one could deny that and Gipsy Belle 7.13, Diamond Ami proposed to raise a further loan for1 Sta* their representations had had consider- 7.10, Advantage 7.6, Wim- Street improvements, including kerbs able effect on the Government of the niera 7.2, Sir Ant imCourier 7.4, Ferry and asphalt, but the Council rejected 6.11, Rock day. The fight for the freehold was on his proposal. I am. sure, however, that the" verge of success. He went on-to Mr Mackay has done remarkably well Waimetu Handicap (7 furlongs) mention what the Union had obtained, Martyrium S3, Probability and Maiora considering that instead of him having and said that without party bias the M.Q, San Fernando 7.11, First Mate 7.8, large sums of loan moneys to work Union could be fairly congratulated on IVhistlecraft 7.0, Moscow and Toa Tula upon *he has had to carry out these the result of the general election re- "6.12. -.V works but of bank overdraft■;. and also ,7 ~;^ turning so many Union men and sup Plunket Nursery Handicap (o fur- considering that Mr Mackay has done porters of the freehold in Parliament. longs).—Nautiform 9.3, Perle DOr 8.7, more for the upper end of the town, Mr Edward Newman, M.P., who Kilwinhing and Boanerges 8.6, Xylo- including London Street, than any other came out and was successful as a Farphone 8.5. Glissade Bi2, Aema 7.4. Am- Mayor. Therefore, I hope that he will mers' Union candidate at the last elec- bola 7.0, Masterful, Undecided,, .Chau- be again returned and given a chance to tion, also addressed the meeting. He velin, and Lace Collar 6.7. complete that urgent work.—I am, etc., did not Relieve the Farmers' Union had P'irst Hurdle Handiicap (If miles)— LONDON STREET RESIDENT. lost its influence; on the contrary, ,it Exmoor 11.2, Anrangi 10.13, Master had a stronger hold than ever. Look Douglas 1.0.9. Kairoma 10.1, Eurus at last election. Right, down the West 9-13, Paparaehi and AVhatakura 9.11, BOWLING. Coast they had Farmers' Union men re- Narcotic 9.3. WANGANUI CLUB turned. It would be disastrous to the Silverstream Hack Handicap (7 furOn Friday afternoon a close and incountry if the Farmers' Union failed to longs).—Miss Mischief 9.3, Illustrious exist. They were not working in favand Waiwareware 7.13, Knight Com- teresting match was played between-*- a our of large land owners, as had been mander 7.10, Vinco 610, Togo and rink from the Post'and Telegraph Destated; the Union was an organisation Black Pearl 6.JL, ' partment and one of commercial. gentlefor the benefit of the small farmers. Tinakori Hack Handicap (6 furlqngs). men. The Post Office1 w*as represented 8.9, Teiii by Messrs T. Rankin, Bates, Wilding, Personally, he did not care which party —Miss Mischief 9.4, Nyland they got the freehold from, but he was 8.7, Illustrious 8.0, Conqueror 7,9, Mis- and Miller {skip),.and the commercials going to support the party that adopted cast;..) 7.5, Ukraine 7.4, Hilnrwjra and by Hoggard, Saphir, Harrison, and W. the freehold policy. It was his great Swallow 7.3, Merring and Vinco ,6*lo. Kankin (skip). The Commercials had ambition to give the option of the freeNorth Island Challenge Stakes .(7 "three points to the good when the last hold. He thought they had got men in furlongs) Bobrlkoff 9.11, Husband- head was played. The Post Office put the House now who would not talk one man 9.8. Gipsy Belle 3.9. Diabolo 8.8, in four on the last head, and if they way and vote the other. He anticipated Provocation 8.1, Maori King 7.11, Ely- had not been disturbed would have won. a desperate fight for the" freehold when sian and Kilwinning 7.6, Xylophone The Commercials' skip, however, had to the question was ventilated, and he be- 7.4, Aema 7.2, Taskmaster. 7.1,; Thistle^ be reckone&.with. t ; His last shot yemov*' t lieved the policy in favour of the;frefef down 613, Perle' Down (1| miles);— ed two of the en©m^'an3 s*«i^ryt'wa^ hold with small areas would be the "New Zealand St. I^ger snatched at the -eleventh <ih6itr by Hie Master Soiilt, Diabol<> Coiilmercials. accepted policy of the Government of Husbandman.Aberbrothock 8.10, Whistlecraft the day. To achieve this it was almost and On Saturday Gilbert and Campbell played off the final in the Class B Sinnecessary to have a freehold party in 8.7. the House. They had a large number gles. Both played well, Gilbert securl WANGANUI TROTTING CLUB. of farmers in,Parliament, but what was. ing the championship by, 22 points to the good if,-on such an important quesCampbell's 16. tion, they did not vote together? They The Wanganui Trotting Club are to It is probable that a three-rink aside be highly complimented on the excelv match will be played: at Wanganui' on should sink party differences when the lent acceptances they have received^for Wednesday next between Martdn and freehold question came before the House. These were his views, and lie their second annual meting, which is Wanganui. and was going to be faithful to them. He to take.place on Thursday days' SnbarOn Saturday afternoon full rink raeethad already seen a number, of members, day next. To have a two matches were played with the following already speaks volumes for the en- ing results :— and there was unanimity amongst them with regard to the freehold and other terprise of the committee, and athe fact Rink 1.—Battle, Griffiths, Fountain, permit main planks of the Farmers' Union that the Club have received and W. Rankin'(skip) 29, against Skeen, platform. They had experienced a for a totaifisator should lend addition- Muir Nairn, and. Young 18. period of depression, brought about to al attraction to the public. Some bf Ririk 2.—J. 'McFai-lane, MiifVa:^, D. iii -a large extent by causes outside of New the best known trotters and pacersdif- McFarlane," and Ross (skip) 24; Brobfethe Dominion are engaged in the Zealand. The depression had affected man, Kinmorit, Saphir, arid* Towspy them mostly by raising the price of ferent events,, and it will be somewhat (skip) 13. reducing the market for of an education to the majority of the money; and Rink 3.—This was a match game .ps-.. some of their exports. The whole coun- public of Wanganui to see how the tween S~b'. John's and* WHnjjaritn^ and looking to the farmers of New horses are hobbled and geared-up when' try was a It only remains 'did allyell-coniestedrfe**^6-'' StT .John's Zealand to lift them out of the present contesting a race. the scoring j.n; the. earlier heads. difficulty. They should double their- now lor the weather to keep fine, and Then Wanganui equalised. The last" exports, but to do this bush and native no doubt the Club will have a record few Jieads again gave St. Jphn',B, the lands should be speedily-developed, and attendance.. " represented by J. lead. St. John's was every facility offered to settlers. Parand filler, Ball, Simpson? WANGANUI JOCKEY CLUB. liament should devote its energies to (skip), who scored. 22 points j against bringing into profit the waste lands of Wanganui—T. Rankin, Gilbert, Milne, WINTER MEETING. the Dominion. They had had enough of and Cohen.(skip) 17, On the last head experimental and socialistic legislation. lying four, which, Owners should bear in mind that all Wanganui was game a draw, but would In fighting for^the Union platform he Miller Wanganui Jockey Club's have made the felt sure they were doing a good service entries for the close on with his last bowl drew the shot and to town and country alike, as their in- approaching Winter Meeting of £2500 secured the victory. Friday, April 23rd. The sum terests were identical. Stewart, Bryce, Rink is to be given in stake money includ- and A. 4.—Thomson,(skip) scored"' 13, McFarlane ing the Wanganui Steeplechase Handicap (400 soys), Century Hurdle Race against CressAvell, Mathieson, Bates, A VOTER'S QUALIFICATIONS. (300 soys). and Grandstand Steeple- and Dickson 27. TRink o.—Ryan, Palmer, Peake, and chase (250 soys). (Per Press Association.) First forfeits for-the Jackson Stakes Hoggard (skip) scored 25 to Parsons,. V. CHRISTCHURCH April 18. for 3910 are also due on Friday33rd Jonesj Trotter, and McPhail (skip) 13. A. H. Anderson appealed on Saturday April. The tournaments have all been conagainst the decision of the City Council' cluded except Class A Singles and Class B Pairs. to strike out his name from the muniBY "MULTIFORM." cipal roll on the ground that he was only a lodger. In the meantime AnderAlbert Jackson left on Saturday ROWING. son has been put on the roll in respec,t morning for Wellington, taking liooseof a property qualification. The solicithe Thompson Handicap. velt down for WANGANUI CLUB tor of the City Council did not call evi- The little colt has 6st I3ib :n th» piloted by dence. mile race, and will be CLUB FOURS yr The Magistrate allowed the appeal, "Bronco" Coieman. The various heats of thi sevent were1 and in doing so said: " This matter has Lind% has had Burton placed -rowed off on Saturday afternoon, and Frank received a great deal of public attention under his charge to prepare for future Banks succeeded in winning the final recentlyj and in anticipating that it engagements. It was only last month heat. The winning crew consisted of F. would come before me in some form I that Overtime and Burton were D. Banks (stroke), A. Woon, A. Langhave looked carefully into the matter matched to run over five fifrlongs for and have formed a very definite opin- a decent stake, but owing to the forni- ridge, and S. Morgan. was A DIPHTHERIA AT KAITANGATA. ion on the sxibject. My views are no tr being sore, the race was declared rowedstratch race in "the eights" Laroff during the afternoon, doubt more liberal than most in inter- off. sen's crew being the winners. ~ (Per Press Association). preting clauses as to qualifications, and It is not often that a mare am! ona Quite a number of ladies were preI would certainly not strain the wording of hiv progeny carry silk at the suina sent, and afternoon tea was dispensed DUNEDIN, April 18. Such, however, v.as Hits by Mrs H. F. Tilley. Mr J. H. Walker, chairman of the of the Act to oppose the application. gathering. Charitable Aid and Hospital Boards, So far as this application is concerned case oh Easter Monday at Waipuknreceived word from the Health Depart- it. all rests on the facts brought before rau, "when Hopeful and her sou Muisment yesterday of an outbreak of me. Witness has made certain state- die both faced the man at the turner. OUR VOLUNTEERS. diphtheria at Kaitangaia;Seven cases ments, and they are uncontradicted. I Perle dOr, the youngster full s'stor have been reported, one patient is dead, am quite satisfied, and shall allow the to Golden Slipper, who brought 2000 HIGHLAND RIFLES and three others are in a serious con- appeal, and order the Town Clerk to guineas when the. late Mr G. G. Steal's The members of the above "are notified dition. Mr Walker at once got into alter the existing roll by^ inserting the thoroughbreds went up under the ham that the parade to-night is a Governtelephonic comimmication with Dr. name of Alexander Henry Anderson in mer last August, won her fit si race ment one. A full attendance is requestFitzgerald, and finding that the isola- respect of his residential qualifications." at Riccarton on Easter Monday. Utr ed. .At the conclusion of the parade tion of the cases was imperative gave owner, Mr G. D. Greenwood also h;i«i payments earned in connection with the instructions for a temporary erection another life along in the winning list recent Easter manoeuvres will be .paid YOUR EYES. to be put up at Kaitangata. Sooner or later you will require spec- by the victories of Armlet at «iie :iu-a out, and arrangements- made for the distribution of prizes already won. The tacles. Remember, WE TEST SIGHT turan venture of the C.J.C Withy.it and guarantee satisfaction. Our best doubt Armlet at 500 guineas *vas the Council and Shooting Committee will advertisements are those we have fitted cheapest horse sold at the Ster.d dis- also meet after parade. FOOTBALL. with lenses. Largest and most up-to- persal sale. date optical stock between Auckland OPENING OF WELLINGTON and Wellington. No fancy p-ices. WHERE TO BE PHOTOGRAPHER. BUSINESS NOTES. SEASON Davies Pharmacy. Go to the "Tesla" Studios, opposite PLAYER BREAKS HIS SHOULDER J- H. Koesing advertises to hold the Postan Office, Wanganui, when Midi wanting MUSCLES IN KNOTS. artistic portrait together a two, days' sale at the residence- of JOINTS ALL STIFFENED AND a faithful (Por Press Association.) Mr Walter Empson at the College. The withprepared to likeness. The firm are copy old photos to the SWOLLEN. also WELLINGTON, April 18.. Lance-like pains torture and torment household furniture will be sold lir&t, same size as the original, or enlarge The football season opened yesterday the victim of after which the splendid, collection of Rheumatism, and you books, including works in every depart- them to any size. with a seven-a-side tournament under M. LAMPE, procrietor. ' the auspices of the Wellington Rugby don't think you will ever get rid of the ment of literature, will Ixv disposed of. Perhaps you have tried all disease. 'Phone 381. Union. About 2000 persons were m-e- kinds of so-called cures and much-adver- The catalogue includes a fine Bechstein grand piano and many other unusual ---sent, and most of the leading footballers tised "quack remedies all to no purpose. The books will be cata- TO TOWN AND COUNTRY TRADERS took part in the games. The senior Well, don't despair. There is a medicine attractions. arranged for inspection.' This proposition should interest you. logued and competition was Avon by the Old Boys. that can and will cure you. Take The salo will commence en Friday, the You have goods arriving from Home? : ( Abercrombie. of the Wellina;ton- RHEUMO. It is a positive antidote for 30th April. Then why now get us to clear them at Club's team, in attempting to throw juric acid poisoning. It relieves pain, the Customs for you on arrival? We himself on the ball to prevent St. removes the swelling, and clears the have an experienced staff at all shipping IF YOUR EYES. James scoring, had the misfortune to system of excess uric acid—the cause of Trouble you come and let us test them. points, arid can do the work quickly break his shoulder. all the trouble. RHEUMO is neither a You will find our rates for extremely and satisfactorily. We pass entries, pay liniment nor a pill, but a liquid medi- painstaking work very much less than in dues, take delivery, and forward goods cine of marvellous therapeutic value. you without delay. Dominion. We guarus a trial For Influenza take Woods' Great other RHEUMO conquers Rheumatism. Sold antee parts of theevery time. Resident, to your next imports Give experience with and satisfaction Peppermint Cure. Never fails. by all chemists and storekeepers at "s relinble, and rjcpexienced. Davios Pha^ the benefit of our service. The NessIs Od and 2s 6d 6d oad 4s Gd per bottle. wttcy. Zealand Express Co., Ltd.


MARTON, April 18. At the annual meeting of the Marton branch of the Farmers' Union on Saturday resolutions were passed disapproving of a cow tax being imposed on dairy farmers, and agreeing with the regulations so far as keeping sheds and yards in proper condition are con9erned; that the mortgage tax tends to keep capital out of the country and is therefore opposed to the interests of the farming community and should be repealed; that the branch was of opinion that the time has arrived when Maori. lands should be individualised and placed on the same footing as those of Europeans as regards sales on lease; that the resolutions adopted by the Palmerston branch regarding unsound-


Rons Handicap.—Hoax 1, Five Crown 2 Black Brick 3. Won by a length. Time, 2,20^. ; Place Handicap.—Blue Garments 1, Elkhorn 2. Footpad 3. Won by 1£ lengths. Time, 2.33^. Steeplechase—Kuala Rumpar 1, Postboy 2. Lyrist 3. Won by 20 lengths. Time 7.1. Plate.—Trafalgar 1, Neith 2, Lord Nolan 3.. Won by 2 lengths. Time,










, .. '












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