To the Vancouver School Board Committee 1 Members

On February 22, the Senior Management Team of the Vancouver School Board issued its recommendations on the proposed relocation of the Main Street Adult Education Centre (MSAEC), citing diverse consultation and the balancing of educational and financial considerations, concluding that it would be the best option to relocate the MSAEC to the John Oliver 6B Building, ³The Barn´. As a result, the current educational programs and their students of the proposed new location would be displaced and relocated into the main school building. Consultation with the educational stakeholders ± students, parents and staff ± of the new proposed location has not occurred, with no details given about how facilities, expenditures, timeline or infrastructure necessary to continue the current educational program delivery of the present student users will be addressed. The only cost analysis, logistical timelines and benefits given are towards those that would affect the MSAEC ± none are mentioned with regard to the current educational stakeholders of the building or the school as a whole, nor any possible impact the relocation may have on the long-term viability of maintaining their educational programs. I the undersigned care about education and am concerned at the consultation process that has resulted in the recommendations outlined in this proposal, and request that the John Oliver 6B Building, ³The Barn´, not be used for the relocation of the Main Street Adult Education Centre.



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